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soulmates forever

By: love can be complicated

Chapter 2,

chapter 2

bailey still hasent answered and know im beging to think something really has happend my teacher mr.owen is in the middle of a lesson.i take out my cellphone and check my email.dam it i wonder why she hasent showed up to school yet.its been three days know.its unlike bailey to just wonder off.on less something happend to her.i decide to make a call to her phone and see if she answers.i make a stupid excuse to go to the washroom.once im there i dial baileys number and wait hopeing that she'll heart is pounding so much.

'' hey'' i say

'' please you have to come see me'' bailey says

'' your crying'' i say

'' please come quick'' bailey asks

'' okay'' i say

as i look at the clock i try to figure out a way to get out of here its going to be tricky but i have to leave baileys in trouble i can tell by her voice i hope shes alright.just thinking about her crying breaks my heart.once i get to her house i run as quickly as possiable i see cops everywhere i wonder the living room bailey is cuddled up in her favriote chair and jumps up when she sees me.i run over and hold her in my arms.shes sobbing so shirts going to be soaked but i dont give a crap right know.i run my hands in her hair to try and calm her down.

'' bailey whats going on'' i ask

'' its my mom shes dead she got into an accident with the car'' bailey says

after bailey stops explaining me what just happened i stare at her im not sure what to say im stunned it feels like a dream ive know baileys mom since kindergarten and i consedered her like my own mother after my mom left my dad for another man i felt all alone and when her mother was around it was nice to have a women to talk to when i had problems.i suddently feel tears rolling down my cheeks.bailey stares up at my face but that only makes her cry i keep holding her and slowly we both stop crying in what feels like forever.

'' im sorry that you have to go through this'' i say

'' i need you so much'' bailey says

''me too'' i say

'' i mean more then this''bailey says

'' i dont get'' i say

'' i love you anna'' bailey says

i stare at her for a mintute and smile at her my hearts pounding even more know i can feel bailey coming closer to my face and i swear our lips almost touch when i hear a loud pounding noise.its her father we both let go.and i thank god that he hasent seen what almost happend i dont know what he would think. he looks tired and gives me a weak smile when he sees me.but he looses control and starts sobbing just like bailey did.and all at once where all crying.

'' dad please dont cry''bailey says

'' oh god i thought i lost you too'' he says

'' what do you mean'' bailey asks

'' i thought you went with your mom'' he says

im know a littel bit uncomfortable and see that i need to leave them alone i see that baileys still talking to him so i make my way to the door.i can hear someone following me and realize that its bailey

'' im sorry i should go'' i say

'' wait''bailey says

''ya''i ask

'' i meant it when i said i love you i always have see you tommrow'' bailey says

'' i know and i love you too'' i say

with that i leave her to go to my house im not to keen about going back home surely my dads going to be stuck down in the lab thats all he cares about these days and i barely talk to him he just doesnt get me.when i go to my room i realize that im still crying.i wonder where my mom is.but i quiclkly brush the thought away.i dont have time to think about her its just too painfull

the day she left us my dad dident even know what to tell me so i basiclly had to learn how to greive on my own of course i wasent alone bailey was there.and that at the moment was the only person i needed.

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