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ive been a slave to vampires
been beaten till i passed out
then he came and save me ...who is he ..and what does he want ...and that is what i plan to find out View table of contents...


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This all began when I had been sitting here acting like everything was fine when really I knew it wasn't even near fine everything was fading …all I can see is black ….theres nothing else … I can smell smoke and alcohol god it smelt foul ….would my life be the same after this…he had said after this I get to return home ….where is home…. I don't even know …. How is it possible that my home was no longer my home…. I can hear foot steps … then I heard yells..screams ..thumps …what the hell was happening up there …what where they doing …up there …god they made a noise …I struggled against my chains…wait theres chains….god where was i…and why the hell was I here…this wasn't the bar where I had been only moments ago….the door had open and how I could tell is because light spilled down the stairs causing me to see what was infront of me.

I was defiantly underground..everything in this room was stone ..and there is many symbols on the walls…guess they put them there to stop me from using magick..guess it would help seeming that I would be able to bring the walls down upon this …where ever the hell I was…god next time a stranger buys me a drink I need to not accept it….then foot steps where heard…..then silence…deadly …dark silence…and then there he stood…looking down at me …he had blood coating his shirt … his eyes where glowing a soft golden color his hair short and dark brown .. his lips a soft pink colour.

He wore black jeans and I could tell that his he had been able to get fit because those abs where not born with …he knealed down infront of me he slid a hand from his pockets and touched my right cheek and tilted my head up his eyes searched mine and then he spoke " how long has it been since you have eaten " I gently gasped at the coldness of the palm of his hand when he cupped my cheek god they where cold but welcoming " months…maybe less " I whispered the last part as I was starving for food .

He gently nodded and then he pulled out his left hand gently bit into his wrist and held my head as he pressed his now bloody wrist to my lips …god what …no he was turning me…or was he giving me the blood because the blood would help me stay alive while we travelled it was clear he wasn't from around the town because I had never seen him .

But was he new because clearly he was a vampire…..god why was I attracting vampires ..then again this town was home to a lot of vampires and I had grown up around them without even knowing it and my parents had been killed for me being alive as they where both vampires but I was born human and I had to raise myself from then on which was when I was ten and now I was sixteen …what the hell am I going to do .

Once he had felt that I had enough he pulled his wrist away and smiled I heard chains break and then I was lifted into the air he was holding me …god he felt warm and there was nothing better then to snuggle to im that is what my body was demanding me to do and that is just what I was doing .

Why do I feel so safe with him ..why do I feel so fine when im around him and why was it so natural..had he just made me into his human slave or something …this wasn't normal and I don't even know why I cared so much about him because nothing even told me that I could trust him seeming he and me had only just met but there was something in me saying to trust him …and this is where everything began .


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