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the name is luke and this is my story before anyone wants to know this is the story on how i became a vampire...the first that could control all the elements at his finger tips but you know what they say ...when you have that power....you have alot of enemies......and being torn between two guys....one that ive known since birth and one ive known all my time at the acadmey .......what to do what to do ???? View table of contents...


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Chapter 1 Why me ?

The shadows moved along my walls I stood there ready for what was to come then a symbol began to glow in the shadow dark and crimson it almost looked like blood had been used to make the symbol I stood there and bowed as a male walked through the shadows his cape gently flowing behind him a sword in its scabbard his hair flowed perfectly along his face framing it perfectly it gently flowed down onto his pale chest that was masculine and firm it almost look as if he had worked out for a thousand years to look so good and personally I wouldn't put it past him if he had as vampires always seemed to have the best bodies and it really annoyed me how they seemed to get the best bodies but us humans always had to do all the hard work but then again I could be wrong.

"Aldon why do you come here on the night of a full moon you know what it will bring " I hissed when my soft ocean blue eyes met his dark blood red eyes that looked as if you could gaze into the depths of his soul and it annoyed me greatly that he was here in the first place , "now ..now luke is that any way to speak to your master " he said with a cold tone as he grinned at me I could see the saliva gently glitter off his fangs it told me that he was hungry as normal vampires always seemed to be all high and mighty when they wanted something and well it seemed Aldon wanted blood and if that is what he wanted I would never give him that I would if I was is human slave but I would never give him my blood willingly " you are not my master " I growled softly I hated how he always spoke of himself as my master like I was some kind of toy to him which I wouldn't be amazed that he bragged to all his friends that reaches back to the first ever witch that could harness the powers of spirit .

"Luke now just calm down I have a letter that may concern your well being ….would you like to have it ?" he asked with his usual mocking grin it annoyed me how he acted like that as well god was there anything that didn't annoy me that was him and that screamed ALDON , " yes I would " was all I said calmly trying to act like I was perfectly calm but it was clear to him already that he was annoying me and it was clear to me that he didn't really care then again vampires have a turn off button pretty much to there emotions which I wished so badly that I had at times it would make things so much easier but then again when I look at it if it did some people would be dead ….which in a way we did not need even if I wanted them dead so badly .

He slipped his hand into his pocket and retrieved a letter with he slipped it out perfectly and held it out for me to take I eyed it for some split moments as I looked to the wax seal that had been broken I could work out what it had been of it was the symbol of the wolfs and that was what sent my heart beating I hadn't told aldon about the new guy at school and I wanted it to stay that way the last time I told him about a werewolf being in town he ended up killing him and this guy I loved even though he said he didn't see me that way in a way I was glad he didn't as it made things that much easier for me that really if I needed to I could turn off my emotions towards him and leave but if I was with him then that would be another story, I toke to the letter and opened it slipping two fingers into the envelope and pulled out a pieace of parchment paper and unfolded it to read .

Dear Convel

It comes to my attention that you have changed where you live , did we scare you off or something and yes I know I'm not suppose to be contacting you but I need to make sure your safe in that new town I have scouted around it and the smell of vampires come from within it and I just want to make sure you haven't been made into some vampires meal….or should I say last meal because if your creator found out a vampire killed you oh god she would tear that town apart and anyone who got in her way would be better off dead .

Yours from the start


I couldn't believe it and it didn't feel right how would this werewolf know of convel or whatever he is I didn't really understand the whole werewolf side of things sure I understood the movie werewolfs where they shape shift only on a full moon and that could be right all what movies say might be true really I couldn't say it isn't for sure since I am a witch my well friend aldon is a vampire and well if he found out then oh god there would be a war in it all and I couldn't let this stay unseen I would have to see what this all ment by spying on convel …..great then now I remember I have class "aldon I must leave and I don't care what you have to say come by tomorrow night and we can talk over what you want in return " I grabbed my bag that already had my laptop in it and headed for the door and I could swear I saw in the mirror a look of shock in Aldons eyes but really right now I didn't care so much on his feelings .

Once I had closed the door behind me I closed my eyes and reached back into my room with my room trying to sense if aldon was still in there ….nothing..good that was all I needed for him to be snooping around in my private things and if he ever tried that then I would sure as hell give him a broken nose and nothing would stop me as I knew a few tricks to stop him from hurting me and I could swear that was one of many things that he hated about me and how I knew all these things without even mentioning that I had learnt it before my grandmother had died by a demon that had possessed her and in the end made her slit her own throat which was horrible and disgusting in all ways shapes and meanings .

I made my way down and out of the dorms and checked the time on my phone " shit " I muttered to myself it was eight am and the sun was just rising over the horizon and the day classes where just beginning I raced across campass not stopping to chat with anyone I couldn't afford it today when there was a massive exam in fighting classes and once I got there I saw the class was only just walking in I quickly put my bag down and walked into the gym , there was groups of girls talking some of the jocks where there too I didn't understand why they had to be here most of them I wouldn't mind if they got themselves bashed or something it would save me a hell of a lot of trouble I smirked at that thought and then my eyes fell upon him the new teacher he was cute and his hair flowed perfectly to his shoulders it was long and black that the light shimmered off without a trouble his eyes a perfect emerald green he wore a black t-shirt that clung to his perfect chest and tight jeans …wow just….wow … was all I could think of when looking at him .

"hey luke" a females voice sung behind him he smiled to turn and see his little sister lexi she was very beautiful and charming all the boys watched her and I wasn't amazed because she always seemed to have that way with boys ,she walked up to me and wrapped her soft yet strong arms around my neck and I slipped my arms around her waist and we hugged each other with a thought they spoke to one another ~ you ok~ she said through the bond ~ yes …I will explain later ok…whats the new teachers name ? ~ I sent back she flashed me a faint smile at that which told me she was happy about it ~ Vincent ~ was all she said and I nodded as he began his lecture .

Once he was done he got us into pairs of course he decided to chose me as his own partner because I wanted to speak while he was and that was something I soon learnt not to do as it did end up normally me in pain after 30 minutes pathetic but its true , he stood before me in a crotched stance stake at the ready his eyes locked on me he nodded as I flicked my wrist sending two stakes at him his body suddenly tensed but then he ducked and dodged and was running for me sweat gently running down his body and I could see he was ready to try and give me a world of pain but for what he didn't know I was ready for him this time I stood at the ready and when he got close I brought my right foot around in a round house kick my foot slamming straight into his face I smiled to see him being shot forward a few good meters but it didn't keep him down he just stood with a smile as I noticed that the whole class was looking at us he wiped away the blood from his busted lip " well seems you've improved " said Klaus as he placed a hand onto my shoulder and smiled at me .

As we walked towards the next class it was the one class that I hated science but then again we got to use fire my favourite element which always made me feel better in my day but it annoyed me slightly that I had to put up with people that only use it because they think they can do nothing and have kids like me do all the work , as I entered the science lab I could see a spare seat beside Klaus I stood there for a moment and blinked how the hell did he get in here before me he was right beside me a moment ago but then again he always seemed to pop up anyway without me noticing .

" so class add one drop of acid to the water and with that we will turn on the Bunsen burners " the teacher said as he wrote down the method of doing all this work I sat there as Klaus did all the work , he was kind to me and to believe I once had a crush on him but he did have his times when he would say something to hurt me and end up having a fight but we always

The lesson went on normally as I thought to myself looking down at my papers where I had wrote down all the notes my hand would let me do something just told me that something was going to happen then suddenly just as Klaus was about to get a match to light the bunsen burner the cold liquid began to boil I blinked at first till I turned around to see him.

Jeremy the class reject his hair was short and a golden colour his eyes where warm and kind towards me even though at times I had hurt him and made him cry I tried to make it look less like I had a crush on him and more like I hated him but truth was I loved him so damn much but I just didn't know if he loved me the same and I really was getting close to asking him out…it was just that I was slightly nervous to ask him he winked at me and glanced at the Bunsen and then suddenly the flame appeared I jumped slightly and he just chuckled lightly ….he …he could use magic….what the hell ….that…no..no…I didn't know what to do I just turned around to see Klaus looking at me funny " whats wrong with you prince " I just shook my head spoke looking down at the papers to find the method " nothing…just .." then I was cut off to hear her voice .

She stood in the door her body was slim but perfect he skin perfectly tanned and her deep ice blue could charm any male that was straight …which I wasn't one of them… her long black hair perfectly framed her face she was nervous it was clear to see " luke…may I see you for a moment " the teacher didn't even notice so I toke the chance and ducked out once I was in the hall way she looked at me with a warm smile " so hows class " I smiled back " better now that I have spoken to you " I wrapped my arms around her and she did the same hugging me tightly " god ive missed you luke " I smiled as it brought a warm and calm feeling to my stomach which right now I wasn't complaining as it seemed to be hurting .

After awhile we decided to go back to our classes even though she didn't have any today she insisted that I went back to class and I did as said which was slightly annoying when bow did that to me but she ment good, when I walked back through the door jeremys eyes locked with mine something was telling me he wanted to speak to me later and I gave a gentle nod to him to show that I knew why he was looking at me he nodded then just as I touched my bag to pick it up the bell rang a soft sigh passed my gentle lips as I waited till Jeremy got out of class and somehow he knew I was waiting as once everyone had gone off to lunch he spoke knowing we where alone " let me make this clear…you don't tell anyone how what happen in science happened…lie to them if you have too " he said his eyes showed he was very serious .

" and if I do ? " I asked not out of trying to make him angry just out of simple curiousity but he didn't take that way he stepped forward enough that my back was pressed against the wall now I was slightly afraid as he leaned down his lips gently brushing along my cheek till he was near my ear I shivered as in a way I enjoyed him being so close but i..no …he wouldn't feel that way about me. " if you tell anyone…I will have to..silence you " was all he said then he stood and gently smiled as the teacher walked out of the class room " everything ok here ? " the teacher asked with a look of concern why we where hanging around the science room no one in there right mind would do that unless they wanted to steal something from inside it other then that the only people that where in there after class where the science club and the school cleaner which mind you scared me …don't ask why he just does..

" no nothings wrong sir I was just telling luke that he needs to meet me somewhere tonight " Jeremy gave that innocent smile that teachers seemed to think him doing that is him being all kind and sweet which I thought was bullshit his hand slipped into my back pocket of my jeans and I felt him put in a note I relaxed slightly as the teacher just nodded and began to walk off Jeremy smirked at me " see you at 10pm…please don't make me wait " was all he said I began to walk but it was then lead by a full day of not being able to get Jeremy out of my mind .

Why would he want to meet with me ? and what did he mean he would silence me… it would more be that I would silence him..i knew more about magic then he ever would learn in his life time ..didnt I ? I must because what he did today was just a beginner spell..yes that must be it..he must be just starting ..i hope.

I decided to ditch the last two periods of the day not wanting to be doing maths and having people in there that I hated and they sure as hell hated me as well and the last thing I needed was to get in a fight ..well not today anyway I just wanted to go to my dorm and relax before tonight because right now I wanted to see Jeremy but I knew I couldn't I had to be good which sucked I wasn't good at being a good guy…Its more like im a bad guy but im just good at my job .

I had to sneak past the teachers lounge which was difficult when they where all near the window where they would be able to see me I just hoped none of them would look while I ran across the campass my legs carrying me to the highest speed they would my mind going a thousand miles per hour on what could happen tonight and what might not like he may want to just talk or something may happen..or he may tell me that he wanted me ..he was bisexual after all so I had some chance of being with him but the other bad things seemed to weigh my chances to none but I could always be wrong and if I was I would be amazed because its very rare for me to be wrong about something like this .

Once I got to the doors of the entry to the dorms I pushed one door open just a bit and popped my head in my eyes scanning the area for a teacher the last thing I needed was a teacher or a student that had a big mouth and would end up in getting me into trouble which nearly always happen when I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing but not today I wasn't going to get caught .

There was no one there so I saw that as my chance and slipped inside being silent as I walked along the dorms floor silently till I got to my room I looked down at the key that I had locked with magic…seemed only fair I didn't want the local wild life ( students that think they can break into your stuff and steal it ) to get inside I gently muttered under my breath " lock unlock " I heard the lock click over so I opened the door and when I closed it I gently flicked my wrist and it locked again .

I walked over to my bed and layed down my eyes going to my laptop I focused as hard as I could and it decided to turn on and started to play music…great just what I needed.


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