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Tags: Rape, Bi, Nine, Year, Old, Gay, Lesbian

"My mother had always thought I was a trouble child. I think she was the cause, I was the effect."

Seth Gray has had a terrible childhood and his life just doesn't seem to get any better. He's experienced rape,death of his loved ones,sorrow, lots of pain, and much more. So how does he keep living? Company of course.
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Note: This chapter and probably 1-3 more chapters will just be showing what happened during his childhood, he's looking back to where his troubles began. Then It'll basically fall into current time which puts Seth at age 16. Also although it isn't mentioned, his mother is 25 as of this chapter.

Chapter One

My mother had always thought I was a trouble child. I think she was the cause, I was the effect. What about my father, you may be wondering. I have no idea who he is. My mother had slept around with so many men, as well as women, at the time that she couldn't even remember the names of them. Of course women couldn't cause me but I must mention that just to prove my point. I'm bi, and she seems to think that she had no part in that.

Even now she sleeps around with women and men. I guess from a young age I had just figured it natural. Of course I may also have grown out of it had I grown up normally. Between the constant moves, never really having any friends or other adults to tell me it's wrong, and my mother constantly changing fuck buddies I could never have learned a thing. But I guess it doesn't matter as of right now. I'm fine with how I am and I know that had I learned better I would never have experienced some of the things I have. Of course almost every single one of those things is awful and no one would want to live life with that in their head.

One of those things is of course, rape. When I was only eight my mother's partner of the week had come while she was gone. He was drunk, or so I thought, as they almost always are and was looking for some fun. He also enjoyed male company so when he found out that my mother was off to look for a job; he took the opportunity he had been waiting for since he had met me.

He grabbed me and dragged the screaming and scared me to the bedroom which my mother and I both shared. He slid his belt out of his pants and threw me onto the bed. Without giving me even a chance to sit up he was on top of me. I was pinned and there was no way a starving forty two pound nine year old could get out from underneath a one hundred and seventy pound twenty two year old. Of course that didn't stop me from moving as much as possible, trying to free myself. He grabbed my hands and pulled them above my head, using his belt to tie them to the headboard. He then sat back on his knees.

"Where shall I begin?" He asked, with a smirk. He grabbed the bottom of my stained shirt and lifted it up to where my hands were tied. "There, that doesn't need to be in the way. He said and then lowered his lips to my barely visible nipples. His tongue slowly wound its around them and they as well as my lower region began to get hard. Her boyfriend, his name being Jeremy, then chuckled.

"I barely do anything and you're already like this? What a naughty boy!" He laughed and pulled his own shirt off as well. Then his jeans and boxers followed. He forced me into standing up, my hands still tied up behind my back. He then stood as well.

"Let's see if you are as good as your mother is." He said and grabbed me by my hair. He pulled me down onto my knees and shoved his dick towards my face. "Suck it, now Seth!" He yelled at me. I slowly opened my mouth and before I could even do a thing he slammed his fully erect cock into my mouth. It caused me to gag a bit but he pulled it after a second or so.

"No teeth! You got that?" He asked. I nodded slowly, tears beginning to sting my eyes. I leaned my head forward and took it into my mouth. Of course I could only take about an inch and a half but that didn't stop anything. I had tried so hard to figure out what to do and that's when I realized that I could just do what I had seen mother do before. My tongue slowly began to swish around him, causing him to groan.

"You really are good, kid." He mumbled. This went on for a minute or so before he grabbed my head and held it where it was. Then I felt it, his cum exploded out of his cock and down my throat. I once again began to gag but he would not release my head.

"Swallow it all down and I'll release your head." He said and I did as he told, wanting nothing more than to be free from him. Just as he let me fall back against the headboard I felt pain down below. I looked down but nothing had appeared to have happened. Jeremy looked down and he smiled.

"You want me to do it to you as well?" He asked and ripped my shorts and boxers off before I could answer. That showed that the white stuff which would always cover my mother after she was with a man was all over my cock.

"I see you couldn't wait." Jeremy said smiling. "Amazing that a kid your age can actually produce cum." He commented. He then took my penis in his mouth and began to suck on it and swirl his tongue around it. I instantly became hard again, but it wasn't long before I lost it again and some cum slowly dripped out into his mouth. He swallowed it quickly and released my cock.

He released my hands from the head board and pulled me towards him. I had just fallen back against him when he pushed my face down into the sheets and had my ass sticking up in the air. He sat back onto his knees now and shoved a finger into my hole. Had my mouth not been full of the sheets below me my scream would have echoed throughout the entire apartment complex. I then began to struggle once more but his other hand shot out and held me there.

"Don't worry, you'll soon feel much more than pain, something much better. However, I don't understand how no one has touched you yet." He said with a chuckle. He then stuck another finger into me and began to stretch the hole. Tears which had disappeared were once again returning. Once he had thought that I was ready he pulled my ass towards his cock and I had only a moment before it was shoved in as much as possible. With that I did scream. Of course it would do me no good for the next twenty minutes as he slid in and out of me, getting faster and faster. He came multiple times, as did I, within that time.

I felt as if my ass would break, and I think it was probably pretty close to that, when my mother walked into the room. She looked from my crying face to Jeremy. She shook her head and walked forward set her purse down where she always put it.

"So now besides stealing my time you steal my boyfriends? You good for nothing son!" She yelled as Jeremy ignored her and continued to fuck me. She then looked to him. "You continuue to fuck him in my presense and you allowed him to seduce you! Get out of here now!" She screamed and threw a glass that sat on the table towards him.

"Fine I will." He said, dodging the glass. He grabbed his clothes and threw them on. He then grabbed me and a pair of my clothes. He threw them on me and picked me up, cradling me in his arms. "I'll leave but he is coming with me." He said changing from the brutal person he had just been to a careful and gentle person. "This place isn't safe for him. Youaren't safe for him." He said, anger almost completely gone.

"Fine take him! Take your new fuck buddy!" She screamed and he flinched as she stomped towards the bathroom. She slammed the door and Jeremy took this time to grab some money from the place which my mother had kept it.

"This is definitely no place for you kid. Let's get you out of here." He had said and he carried me from her room all the way to his home. "I think you'll be safer here." He mumbled as he opened a room and set me down. "This will be your room Seth. I'm... I'm so sorry for what I've done." He said quickly and hurried away. After that day he never touched me in the same way. I had assumed he had just returned to his senses after fucking me but I found out later he hadn't been drunk like I thought he had been. He had something called D.I.D or dissociative identity disorder. Which had explained why he had become a different person altogether after my mother had returned. She had triggered him to revert back to his normal caring self. Of course I never told anyone I was raped by him, because if I had my one and only safe place would be taken from me.

He left whenever he felt it necessary and would return home normal. This went on for about a month before he was shot when he picked a fight as his alternate self. The one person who actually had become a sort of friend and father was gone. I of course was returned to my mother despite my protests because she had cleaned up her act enough to keep me. Well that's what the social worker had told me at least.

After only an hour or so I was left in a corner on the floor crying. Bruises covered my legs and arms. My right eye swollen shut, my left not far behind. Blood poured from wounds all over my body and breathing was a struggle. If I tried to move pain shot all throughout my body, starting in my chest where ribs must have broke.

"That's what you get for stealing my boyfriend away from me! If you hadn't seduced him he would still be alive. It's all your fault you WHORE!" She yelled but my sobs far surpassed her voice. I was lucky because it made the neighbors next door call the police. They got there right when she lifted a knife above me.

"DIE!" She screamed and she began to bring down the knife. I moved, despite pain and the knife lodged itself in the wall. This was followed by a scream from me.

"Get her restrained now!" One of the policemen yelled drawing her attention away from me as he broke down the door. One man however was not enough to stop her. By the time they got her captured and into a police car two policemen and a policewoman was bruised up. A man told me that the ambulance was on the way as soon as he could get to me and with that I let my eyes close for now, for the second time in my life, I felt safe.


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