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"To start off, it’s a government facility that uses humans as test subjects for many different things....Beware of the doctors, they may seem not too bad but beware if you get taken to their sleeping quarters. You may feel special; you may think that you’re just going for different testing. It’s not testing at all.”

This is the everyday life of the patients of this hospital. View table of contents...



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Chapter One

~Hell's Child~

I am sitting off to the side of the rec room. A few of the patients of this facility are here with me, none of which I would really like to talk to. They're mostly the annoying ones who think highly of themselves and are always bragging about how their doctors are nice. I wouldn't want treatment like that though, it would make me weak.

The entrance suddenly opens which was a rare event because they only keep a certain amount of people in at a time, and we are already at the limit. A boy with long, messy blond hair is shoved inside. He falls back to the floor, landing on his butt.

His pants are loose and he struggles to keep them up once he was able to stand once again. He desperately tries to claw at the already closed door although he seems to know that it won't get him far. He turns around, looking around the room with terrified eyes. He is obviously fresh meat, his movements and actions show no sign of abuse, yet.

He finally leans back against the wall next to the door and slides down to the ground. I see the looks of some of the other patients and I can tell he's going to be in trouble if I don't get to him first and explain stuff.

I slowly begin to move in the direction of him. I finally stop in front of him and crouch down, making myself about the same height as him. He shrinks away from me, obviously scared of me.

"Hey, it's ok. You're new here right? Have they started any tests on you yet?" I ask him and he hesitantly nods and the shakes his head no.. "The patients all call me Hell's Child because I'm in room 666." I say quietly, trying not to scare the poor kid.

"Um… my name is Zaccheus." He whispers in a barely audible voice. His eyes are darting around the room, not staying on one object to long. I remain quiet for a rather long period of time and then I notice that his eyes have locked on my own. He's quiet, shy, and scared. Those qualities are what lead me to name him.

"You're really quiet and seem really nervous. The doctors don't allow real names to be used here, the patients give you your name. I think you'll be Mouse." I say and as the words sink in a smile slowly forms on his face. I smile back and I can tell that this kid is someone that will be worth being friends with.

"Ok, so you probably know nothing about this terrible facility. To start off, it's a government facility that uses humans as test subjects for many different things. In my case, I'm tested for experimental therapy methods, DNA, sanity, and drugs." I stop to let the words catch up in his mind.

"There are four doctors assigned to each room, each one specializing in a different study. Beware of the doctors, they may seem not too bad but beware if you get taken to their sleeping quarters. You may feel special; you may think that you're just going for different testing. It's not testing at all." I stop to give this a lot of time to set in but it seems he doesn't follow.

"You will be overcome by their wants, needs, and desires. Anything they want from you is theirs and they will take exactly what they want without refrain. I promise you that you will lose everything to them and it will hurt." I whisper and he just looks at me with a blank expression. It is quite obvious he has checked out completely, not understanding a word I had just said. He was just so innocent.


I stare at the boy in front of me who seems to know a lot more than you could even imagine. His words made sense at first but slowly began to drift in one ear and out the other. You still were happy though to retrieve a name that honestly wasn't that bad. This boy is really nice, a lot better than the doctors.

All of a sudden the door to the left of me opens and some of the people who had brought me to this room file in. A man grabs Hell's Child by the arm and begins to lead him out the door. "Hope to see you soon, Mouse." He says before he is shoved out the door.

Then there is a man in front of me, grabbing both arms and pulling me up to my feet. He scares me to the point where I begin to rapidly switch between what I look at. "Let's go kid." The man snarls and I begin to struggle. Another doctor comes over and grabs one arm while the first man holds the other.

Without having much else to do, tears begin to spread down my face. I just want to go home and be with my family and friends, not here! The first man sees my tears and looks to his partner.

"I'll bring him to his room later; Sital .He's busy for now. We've got some experimenting to do in the sleeping quarters." The man says and I look up to him to see a smile spread across his face.

"Ok, Hige. You go ahead and take your time. Be careful with him though. The rest of us need him too." Sital chuckles and then his hand leaves my arm. That hand is quickly replaced by Hige's and I'm being led off to another part of the facility.

It seems to take forever but we finally stop in front of a door. He releases one arm in order to pull a keycard out of his pocket. The door is then open and I'm thrown inside, landing on a soft mattress.

He smiles and the door is closed, leaving us in very pale light. "I got first dibs, lucky you kid." He says and then he's on top of me. I begin to shake, tears still forming in the corners of my eyes. I begin to wonder what is going to happen to me.

A/N: This is a story that alsrs and I are working on together. Hell's child is her character and Mouse is my character. If a chapter just has one of our characters in it we will be writing it alone, and if both our characters are in it we write it together. More should be out soon ^ ^


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