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I've Been Kidnapped By A Cop

Novel By: LunarEclipse
Gay and lesbian

Jace Remington was the coolest teen ever, well at least he thought so. His dad was a police chief and Jace manipulated ALL the cops he could. While out trying to get with one of the girls out patrolling, he's met with a male replacement.

Adam Turow has had his eyes on Jace, the police chief's sexy eighteen year old son. When Jace has his eyes out for the "hottest" girl at the station, he decides to act. He switches shifts with her when he finds out that Jace is off to meet her while patrolling. This is where the story begins. View table of contents...


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Chapter One


I saw the red and blue lights flash, coming up on my car quickly. The little siren and I smiled; knowing that this was either going to be lucky or I was going to get a ticket. I'll admit, I knew the cop which patrolled over in this area. Well, not really knew well but I knew that the cop was a girl. She was really interesting and I wanted to see if she was another cop I could manipulate. Her name was Emile.

I pulled off to the side and put on my innocent, cute boy face. The road was pretty empty considering it was around one in the morning but it was the time that she patrolled and I just needed to see this girl. I looked into the mirror and saw that the cop walking towards me was not a girl but in fact the guy who I had seen patrolling a couple times, it was Adam.

Oh you're probably wondering why I know who patrols, when they patrol and what their names are. My father is the uh police chief. So anyways, that's not really important to this… or well I guess it is. Anyways!

Adam walked up to my side and I rolled down the window. I'll admit, if I was into guys I would totally go for him. He wasn't that bad looking; in fact all the girls were obsessed with him. I still tried my little innocent look, hoping maybe I had a chance of getting off a bit.

"License and registration plea-." He stopped in the middle of his sentence and looked at me for a moment. "You're Ryo's son aren't you?" He asked, he seemed to be taken back by this. I nodded a small smile planted on my face.

"Yeah I'm him. I'm on my way back to my house because otherwise my dad is going to kill me. I ran a little late tonight…" I was cut off by the sound of my door opening. I looked up at him, a worried look spreading across my face. "Um, what?" I asked, confused by his actions.

"Out of the car." He ordered and I knew that I couldn't deny him; he was a cop after all. I unbelted and then slowly stepped out of my car. He smiled at me and grabbed me by the wrist pulling me forward so that his face was mere inches from my own.

"You know you were doing 65 in a 50 mph zone?" He asked, his breath spreading across my face. It was a really nice smell. I gulped and nodded a little too nervously.

"Like I said, I'm late and all. I guess I didn't really notice the speed." I stuttered a bit and that was terrible. Jace Remington did NOT stutter and he did NOT act uncool, EVER! I was freaking out a bit by now, he was creeping me out!

"Well that's a pretty big excuse. If I remember correctly your dad is staying at the office tonight because of the case he's on. There's no way that he would he known you were out so obviously you're out here for some fun. Is it for Emilie? I know you've had your eyes on her. Did you know she's living with her girlfriend?" He asked and a look of horror must have passed across my face for he smirked shortly after.

"Obviously not." He said and turned me around, pushing me against my car. I felt metal clasp around my wrists and I realized he had pulled the cuffs from somewhere on his belt. I began to panic and squirm. Sure, I was driving over the speed limit but it was the first time I had ever done so. Also, it was only fifteen miles over the speed limit.

"Get the cuffs off of me! You aren't supposed to just take me away without even inspecting anything! I'm going to go to my dad as soon as we get to the station!" I screamed. His hand, which held a white cloth, covered my mouth and nose and my vision began to blur.

"Oh, but we're not going back to the station, Jace. You're mine." He chuckled in my ear and I slumped against him, unconsciousness taking over.


He's all mine. I decided as I held his limp body in my arms. I threw the chloroform covered rag into a bag and then grabbed his unconscious body. I carefully placed him in the back seat of my car, covering him with a blanket. I then pulled on my gloves and placed the typed up note I had made in Jace's hands for a few moments. I then carefully took it to his car and set it on his front seat.

Now, they'll think he has runaway. I thought, smirking to myself. I stripped the gloves from my hands and threw them in the back with Jace. I then climbed into the front seat and drove back towards the station.

"Ryo!" I yelled at I burst through the front door of the station. He came out of his office looking at me like I better have a good reason for this. "I found your son's car out on Lee Street. The car was empty, I didn't bother to check inside because I figured you would want to. I checked around the surrounding area and I can't seem to see any sign of him anywhere." I said trying to make it sound like I was scared for him and out of breath. It definitely worked.

Ryo left almost immediately and I smiled a bit to myself. Jace Remington, you are now all mine. I thought and strolled out to my car, getting ready for the drive to my house and the wonderful treat that I would have when Jace finally woke up. I could already feel myself get hard from the thought.

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