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Once There, Now Gone

Novel By: LunarEclipse
Gay and lesbian

Dustin, an 11 year old child, has nothing to live for anymore. His sister has been auctioned away and now so has he. Will this new owner turn out to be a pedophile/pervert or will he be the older sibling or father that Dustin has always wanted. View table of contents...



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The room was dark and cold and it smelled of mold and puke. It made him want to gag. A child shouldn't be living in this kind of conditions. That was what Dustin thought at least. The eleven year old boy sat with his knees pulled up to his chest in a corner of the room. He wanted nothing more than to see his mother again, or even his always busy father.
He heard a creak outside the door and knew what was coming. He held his breath hoping today wouldn't be his day. He knew that the other kids did the same, however he never acknowledged it. The man stepped into the room, his grimy hands reached out and Dustin's breath caught. The girl who had been resting against him was pulled up and away.
The door slammed shut and everyone let out a silent sigh. The kids never mourned those who were taken because they were too young to think of others when comparing life, then again no one really thinks of others in that situation. Siblings silently mourned but never allowed tears. They lived on for another day sometimes even weeks so the cost of a relative was a small price to pay.
They were never really gone anyways. Most of the time their blood was what painted the walls. Well that and the waste of the kids. Dustin looked around the overly dark room, barely being able to see the outline of the others. A boy who was four years older than Dustin stood up and walked over to him.
"I'm so sorry about your sister." He whispered and patted Dustin's head. He sat down next to him, wrapping his arms around him. "She was what kept you alive, I know because you always protected her. Don't worry, she'll do better now. She'll be in better conditions and she'll never starve again." The boy said hoping to make Dustin come back from where he had just fallen to… oblivion.
Dustin shook his head without saying a word. He knew it was useless. There was nothing he could do to bring Amber back to his side. His loving sister, sweet little Amber, was now relying on luck to save her. That's all that you could do when facing the auctions.
Sometimes it was families looking for a child because they couldn't have one; sometimes it was a pervert or pedophile waiting to get their hands on young flesh. There was only one auction a week and only three kids were put up. Kids also came on a regular basis so many of the kids had been here for so long.
From what we could tell, an auction lasted around five to fifteen minutes. However the kids that were taken supposedly were cleaned up and fed before the auction which was why the kids were taken every other hour until all three had been sold.
"She'll be fine. There will be a nice family with a huge house, large backyard, and loving dog that will welcome her. She'll get an education and she'll be well-fed. She'll be tucked in at night and have a loving sister or brother that will protect her like I never could. Amber will soon forget me, and I think that is how it needs to be. When she forgets me she will also forget this place." Dustin whispered and a single tear fell from his eyes.
What seemed like hours that seemed like minutes passed and another creak was heard. Dustin sat there; he didn't care anymore and didn't even hold his breath. He was sprawled out on the floor staring with a lifeless stare at the wall.
When he was grabbed by that grimy hand he didn't respond. He just let himself be taken, no fight and no words spoken.

The light burned his eyes. He was never in the light for this long so it really hurt him. He did in fact get a shower and was put in cleaner clothes. He wore very, very short black shorts and was deprived of a shirt. All that lay beneath his shorts was himself. He had cat ears stuck on his head and wore a belt which had a black cat's tail attached.
He was brought into a room and handcuffed to a chair in the middle of a stage. When the dirty man walked off stage the curtains pulled aside and there lay the perverted people. One would be his new owner.

A/N:Well this is a shorter chapter than normal if you couldn't tell. But I think I need some shorter chaptered books xD


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