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The Love That Never Should Have Been

By: mightydrocks

Chapter 24,

He hit the front doors and heard the emergency buzzer blaring loudly. Scientists were running towards him. Rushing past them he found the doors to the lab open and a scientist he knew as Dominic Turner manning the controls. “Scientist Turner, what’s going on?”

He looked to Keith with slight acknowledgment and mild appreciation. “The reactor is melting. We can’t stop it and the U-235 is about to explode.”

“You’re sure there is nothing we can do?”

“Well maybe. Push that blue button.” He pointed to the other end of the control panel.

Keith extended his arm and hovered over the blue button for a bit, showing his hesitation. He turned his head and looked into Dominic’s deep green eyes. He never realized how handsome Dominic was. Keith knew he was 27 years old and knew what he was talking about. Keith pushed the button while looking deep into Dominic’s eyes he heard air tanks whoosh and turned to see the internal heat monitor showing a slow decrease in temperature. Keith turned his head and saw Dominic smile. Dominic turned to the screen and changed a few numbers, set some times and turned back to exclaim, “You did it! You saved us all!”

Keith smiled sheepishly, “I only did what you told me.”

Dominic laughed and moved closer to Keith.

Keith didn’t realize what was happening until Dominic’s lips were on his and the room around them was dripping away and being replaced with red wisps of some unknown mental picture that twirled around them. The kiss enveloped every sense of his body and it took him a bit to realize that he was kissing the wrong man. Keith pulled back and looked into Dominic’s confused face. “Dominic I…”

“Keith let me explain. From the first day I saw you, when Jake died, I had feelings for you. I know you’re with Angela and that you’re not like me. But I just wanted to see what if felt like to kiss you. And it has surpassed my expectations. I’m sure you will never feel the same but just please don’t kill me. I promise I won’t do anything else.” To show his resignation Dominic moved a few steps back.

Keith was in disbelief. The man standing in front of him was telling him that he liked Keith. What? How was that possible? Yes he was kind of cute but not handsome or someone who could make people like him in one look. But now two men had told him so. John! “Dominic I have to go. Don’t sell me short. I actually am like you. Would you like to have coffee tomorrow?”

Dominic stared to Keith in sheer amazement. “You are? You want? Yes if course.” Dominic wrote his phone number on a slip of paper and handed it to Keith.

Keith smiled, took the paper and gave Dominic a goodbye hug. He didn’t want to push anything because he really didn’t know anything about what was happening in his life. He also needed gay friends so they could help him through his feelings and men.

Dominic watched as Keith walked through the main lab doors and his heart fluttered a bit. He also felt his pants grow very tight. Well he guessed it was time for a bathroom break.

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