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The Romance of a Lifetime

Novel By: mightydrocks
Gay and lesbian

Tags: Gay, Love, Story

Brian and Steve have lived in the same town all their lives and never met. Until the day Steve's father has a heart attack, that is. They soon realize they are destined to be together, but will they be able to endure tragedy when it strikes: an old ex, car accident and attempted murder. View table of contents...


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"Yes mom?"

"Can you run to the store and get me some milk?"

He really didn't want to go back outside after the morning's incident but he agreed and walked out the front door. The shortest way to get to the store was past the Jefferson's house. He looked through his front gate and seeing no one decided the coast was clear. Brian started down the street and hearing a car behind him instinctively turned to see. Steve sat in the passenger seat and seeing him brought color to his face.

Steve had seen the boy on the street watching. He didn't know the boy's name but he was completely and utterly gorgeous. His hair a sandy blonde, skin a little tanner than his own, blazing green eyes and his body was lean and Steve guessed just as long as his. Steve had noticed the quick flash of panic in the boy's eyes and he instantly regretted what he had said that morning. When Lara pulled into their garage Steve quickly jumped out of the car and ran down the driveway. The boy had kept walking but upped his pace a bit. "Hey!"

Brian was scared he didn't think he had done anything wrong this time. Then again he didn't know he had done anything the first time. Brian figured he had two choices. Run or fight. He wanted an up close view of Steve Jefferson so he chose fight. Brian turned to face Steve and prepared for another hateful question.

"Hey, I'm sorry about this morning. My dad had to go to the hospital and I was a little edgy. I'm Steve by the way." Steve held out his hand to Brian.

Brian looked at it then to Steve then back to the hand. "What? I totally expected another "hey what are you doing on my street" thing." Steve laughed at the almost perfect rendering of his voice. Brian smiled and thought about how beautiful his laugh was. "I'm Brian by the way." Brian took Steve's hand and a rush of heat and excitement flushed through him. Brian was caught off guard and quickly looked into Steve's eyes and saw the same shock and confusion. Brian tried to pull away but Steve tightened his grip.


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