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Breath Your Name*BoyxBoy*

Novel By: MisfitZaNdRejectZ
Gay and lesbian

Falling for your best friend is one thing but when he's the same sex that's a whole 'nother thing! ***This is boy on boy deliciousness if you don't like it I suggest you scram. Main Characters: Jonathan Carmichael, Anthony Marsiati....to be added to. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 26, 2013    Reads: 452    Comments: 5    Likes: 4   

Have you ever thought about dating the same gender? Is it something that crosses your mind everyday? For me it does, my name is Jonathan Carmichael but everyone calls me JC. I'm your typical 16 year old boy. I go to high school, I hang with friends, play sports, flirt with the cheerleaders...You know? The whole bippity-boppity-boo shit. I'm considered one of the popular kids in school, whatever that means. I've always been attracted to girls so dating another guy has never crossed my mind...well, atleast till now. These thoughts about dating the same sex has me losing my mental sanity, especially since they only seem to appear when I'm around my best friend. Tony has been my best friend since the 1st grade so these sexual and naughty thoughts that seem to envelope my mind when he's around aren't exactly the highlight of my day.
"J! J! Yo, dude there is this new hot chick that just moved here! I'm telling you this girl is HOT!" I chuckled at Tony's expression, I don't know any other guy who would get this excited over a new chick. I punched him in his arm, "Anthony, it's a girl. Calm yourself." Really, who gets this excited over something so stupid? I began to walk out of the locker room but something grabbed me with force making it hard for me to budge. I turn my head slightly to see Tony smirking at me. This was no ordinary smirk, it seemed to be full of lust. I started to panick as I could feel my blood rush to my cheeks. "Uh, Tony? I...I" He cut me off as his lips crashed into mine. After seconds of pure bliss he broke the kiss and stared into my eyes, "JC..." His voice seemed to fade in and out.
"JC!?" As i looked around I spotted three cheerleaders snickering. I turned to my right to see Tony and many others staring at me. "JC, Earth to JC. Dude, the teacher." I looked to the front of the class to see Ms. Raycel crossing her arms and scowling at me. What did I do!? If it's because I wasn't paying attention...all I can say is that it's not my fault this damn class is boring as hell. "Mr. Carmichael, do you have an answer? I don't have all day." Oh, man! She wants me to answer a question? I zoned out, that is uncalled for. I looked around once more, clenching my teeth. "Uh....Could you repeat the question?' I managed to squeak, this is so embarrassing. I glanced at Tony hoping and pleading with my eyes. He just shrugged, absolutely no help. It's the least he could do since this is his fault.
"Jonathan, were you not paying attention? I just explained it and I will not do so again. Either you have a answer or you don't." I could feel my heart thud rapidly in my chest, I felt everyone's piercing eyes fixed on me. I am a A+ student so this isn't normal, fore I always pay attention in class, especially in social studies. I looked at Tony once again just hoping he could give me something to work with. He looked at me with wide eyes, his eyes darting back and forth between me and a piece of paper he was writing on. Wow, his eyes are the most beautiful shade of green....what in the world am I saying? I found my self glancing at the paper as he wrote the letters I...N...D...E...P...E...N...D...E...N...C...E. I immediately felt a lightbulb ding on the top of my head. "THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE!" I screamed, damn you Tony!
After class I walked with Tony to his locker before we went to lunch. "Carmichael, what happened in there? You completely zoned out, I started to think you were dead." His voice was just so deep and sexy I could barely focus on what he was saying. "Shut up you're a blonde!" I shouted in protest. I felt my cheeks get warm so I started to rub at them. He made me so flustered now that I can't stop thinking about him. "....and you're a brunette so you shut up." I chuckled a bit before venturing off to talk to another buddy of mine...........
A/N: Well, this is my first and it is very short. I hope to continue if anyone reads it. So yeah sorry if its boring but If any one does read this I promise it will get better!


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