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Breath Your Name*BoyxBoy*

Novel By: MisfitZaNdRejectZ
Gay and lesbian

Falling for your best friend is one thing but when he's the same sex that's a whole 'nother thing! ***This is boy on boy deliciousness if you don't like it I suggest you scram. Main Characters: Jonathan Carmichael, Anthony Marsiati....to be added to. View table of contents...


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*Jonathan's POV*
Ever since that day Tony kicked me out he's been avoiding me. He even moved his seat in art and social studies AWAY from me (since those are the only classes we have together where we can sit where ever we want). He even ignored my texts, my call, my IM messages. Everything.
It seem like days we haven't talked then those days turned into months and those months turned into a year. By then my family and I moved to another neighborhood. It was really hard leaving everyone but it wasn't my decision. I tried not to cry but I couldn't hold it, I cried like a baby.
It's been three months since we moved and I lost feelings for Tony. I knew I couldn't be gay, like I said it's just a phase. But I heard...Once gay always gay. I don't believe it, though. I haven't looked at another guy like that since we moved.
I wonder if Tony misses me...Probably not. I miss him, I miss football practice with him, I miss our gaming nights or what girls might call a 'slumber party' or 'sleepover', we just call it game night. Well, at least we DID call it that.
I have a girlfriend now, her name is Natalia. She's Trinidadian, very pretty might I add. Her skin is ebony but very light like Tony's so sometimes I find myself thinking of him when I'm with her. I try not to but....it's hard when you're missing you're best friend.
"Hey, Jonathan! We're having a party tonight! You should come. My sister and I would appreciate your company! Oh, there will be no alchohol so I suggest you not try to bring any. What do you say? Huh?" one of the Fredson twins asked me, I'm not very good with telling them apart. But I'm good friends with them both.
"Yeah! You actually got it!"
"Ha! Yeah. What time?"
"8:00, 8:30. Around then...so can you come? It'll only be for a few hours, I swear!"
I thought about it for a minute. It has been awhile since I've been invited to a party and I do have some free time. "Sure! I'll be there!" I hugged her. Why? Because this is just what I needed to get away from all my worries...and Tony.
I watched as the abnormally short brunette ran down the hall screaming "PARTY AT THE FREDSONS PLACE! WHOOOOOO! COME ONE, COME ALL! YOU KNOW YOU WANNA! STARTS AT 8:00!" Why can't she be like her sister, quiet, calm, and sensible?
At 6/7 period I was called down to the office for early dismissal. It startled me because usually Mom or Arnold would tell me if I had a doctors appointment or whatever. I brushed it off, maybe they forgot.
I raised my hand, "Mrs. Santell, is it okay for me to leave?" I whispered, everyone was reading. She nodded and handed me tonights homework, smiled then motioned me out. I walked to the office slowly until I heard another announcement calling me to the office. Do I walk that slow?
When I got there I saw Jonas, my older sister, sitting in a chair with her head down.
"Hey! Jonas, haven't seen you in awhile. Started to think you walked off the earth. You never call, text...nothing!"
She looked up, I expected to see a hyper energetic Jonas but all I got was a bitter-sweet smile and a simple "Hey, lil bro." What is her damage!? I looked at the secretary as her hands made pitter-pattering sounds on the keyboard that was quite annoying.
My sister got up and walked to the desk, sighing depressingly. She looked at the secretary annoyed. "Okay...Erm. Ms...." she looked at my sister cluelessly. I watched as she smacked and popped her gum. My sister grunted, "Ms. Carmichael." she said blandly.
I understand my sister's pain, I hate that secretary and her annoying raspy voice...Don't even get me started on the gum that she seems to chew 24 hours a day! She must go through at least 5 packs of gum each day!
"Alright, Ms, Carmichael. You just sign here and you're good to go. Kay. You have a nice day now." She went back to talking to one of the teachers on break. Ugh! What is wrong with her!?
My sister rolled her eyes, before pulling me on. "So sis...you see what I have to go through everyday?" she chuckled a bit, she didn't seem like herself. "So what happened? You out of ALL people come to pick me up from school. Spill it." She bit her lip, I can tell she's searching for an answer.
"Look, JC..."
"No, you look. I'm tired of people beating around the bush with me, so just say what you need to say."
She searched my face hard, I don't what she was looking for but she sured didn't find it. "Well, if that's how you feel. Her voice all of sudden sounded cheerful and giddy. "Mom was working the front desk at the bank and some lunatic with a gun barged in demanding money and threatening to shoot if he wasn't provided with his desired amount. Well, at least that's what I was told."
I looked at her confused, "Whoa, and what does this have to do with you and me or anything for that matter?" She twisted her face in an ugly and unpleasant expression. "Mom's in the hospital, Jonny." she whispered. I stare at her, complete terror and rage taking over my body.
I wanted to just die right there, in that exact spot. How could...and...I just saw her...How?
"I-I-Is she-she...ALRIGHT? I mean, will she live? What are we gonna do without her? Will you come home? What will happen to Arnold? Will you take care of us? How are we going to make it? Will the Children&Youth take us? Don't let them take us!" I literally blurted, wow so many questions, so many possibilities.
"I-I don't know, Jonny. I don't know. The only thing we can do is be there for her. Arnold is at the hospital. Ms. Rochelle and the kids are there, too. I know how much you miss Tony so you can see mom and him. We gotta go, kay. It'll be fine. I promise."
I grab her hand and headed out the door...Ms. Rochelle and Tony are there. I'm going to see Tony!
I'm going to see Tony! I just had the biggest epiphany ever! Tony is going to be there and last time I checked he is disgusted with me. Great, my mother may be on the verge of dying and I'm worried about Tony.
This is going to be a depressing day...I know it.
A/N: Well there yuh go! Probably will be uploading another chapter very soon....but uh yeah. Tony is such a douche....why would JC wanna see him. Only I know that. TONY YOU SON OF A BARREL! Oh geez now I'm quoting PewDiePie. I LOVE YOU PEWDIEPIE! ANY-Hoozie! PEACE OUT BE BREEZY!


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