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Asher of Calvanti is a prince who has been sleeping in a deep slumber for years only to awaken decades later to see his whole world changed. And Escanor- a knight who finds himself bonded with prince the day he awakens. When Asher is in danger by a mysterious force, Escanor takes Asher away on the journey that deepens the bond between the two.
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_~Chapter One~_

"Asher of Calvanti"

Memories of bells. A celebration raging amongst the servants, the peasents, and the royals. Today the celebration of the Prince Asher's 19th brihday commences. From the silver bacony decorated with roses and bells, The Prince peered from below watchful. The sight of the people celebrating made him somewhat happy. The spring air could bring no wrong, and the flowers being rustled from the same air had swayed with joy. Nonetheless, the royals were just as happy as the people. The King himself had ordered a giant white cake for the wonderous event. He planned on sharing the large vanilla with the people, The King in a state of tranquility. The Queen participated in planning the party. She hustled up and down the stairs all morning checking and unchecking the invites and the decorations.

The Prince himself stayed outside sitting in the rocking chair, keeping his wistful glance below the balacony. Instruments blasting with all force, laughter and the sound of people singing and praising. Smoke from the food cook rising from the chimney house, the smoke dissolved in the crisp mountain air without a trace. The sun was peeking over the green hills behind the city of happiness. Blasting it's morning light down on the people and the castle of glass in which the prince resides in. The outside of the castle made entirely of glimmering glass. Reflecting the brilliant light of the sun back towards the giant star.

"Today is the day," The Prince mumbles. While today was the day he turned 19, it was also the last day he had to find a bond with his chosen knight. Slumping in the chair, The Prince releases a sigh. He had been looking for his knight for the past twelve months but to no avail. His own personal knight that is destined to share the same "soul" could not be located. It was written that every King must have a Knight who shares the same soul. His father had found his early in life- His childhood friend whom some may say he loves him as he loves his wife. The Prince could not shake the worry feeling off of his shoulders unfortunely. While he was happy at the sight of the celebration- he still looked back at the troublesome situation he have been thrown into.

Probably the only problem that was blocking his happiness on such a tremendous day. He slouched even further.

"Why, there you are!" A shrill high pitched voice cried from behind Asher. He slowly turns his head towards the voice but he already knew who it was inside his head. Facing the young woman having an appreance of a woman a few years younger then himself with colored silver eyes, bouncing black hair spilt into twin pony tail tied with a red ribbon, a long red robe sketched silver roses and boardered wth silver.

"Yes, Madame Jestine." The Prince bowed his head lightly yet the cloud in his eyes showing his dissapointment.

"Oh, Whatever is the matter, Your Majesty," Jestine wondered. "Today is a wonderful day. The ninteenth year of your birth. You should be celebrating." The young woman bursted in giggles of laughter as she rose her hands. Her fingers glew a faint silver light at the tips of her fingers then silver stars replace the faint glow with shimmers of light. Madame Jestine, the apperentince witch, summoned a silver rose to place in the Prince's lap. He picked up the rose then twirled it around his fingers without amusement. His face glum.

"I know i should Madame Jestine, however, i have yet to find my knight. It is quite depressing. If my father would to pass in a few days, I will not be allowed to take his throne and my younger brother would steal the seat instead." The Prince explained in a fits of deep sighs. "A failure i would be. And i will decrease in my rank."

"Ah, that is what eating you," The young witch replied as she summoned up a silver rocking chair to sit besides the depressed Prince. "Your Majesty, you know i am not that high leveled of a witch. I am still trying. But i know there is a knight for you whom you will love."

The Prince kept his sad gaze out towards the mountains. "You think so.."

"I know so," Jestine reassured. "Trust me. He is there...what if i give you a riddle?"

"A riddle," The Prince exclaimed snapping his head towards the young woman. His eyes now filled with high spirts.

"Yes, A riddle. Now listen closely as i will only say this once," Madame Jestine replied. She crossed her legs and set her folded hands into her lap where she closed her eyes rocking back and forth in the chair.

"Yes, Please, I am listening," The Prince smiled leaning his ear closer to her mouth. He readied him, not planning to miss a single word of the young witch riddle.

"It cannot be seen within our current world. The love of an unborn." The Young woman spoke silently. "A angel is waiting to give him to you, Yet- you are not there. Years go by, and you are still not there. A purpose. He is searching for a purpose. What is he to do? Why is he born? He wonders ever searching. Yet, you are still not there. In the darkness, you lay. Peaceful Bliss. When you awaken, you shall find it. That thing you yearn the most."

The Prince blinked. He couldn't believe his ears. "So...he will be waiting for me?"

"I can not tell anymore than i have." The young witch answered him simply. "I guess it is not a riddle. More or less a prediction, you can say."

"Yes, it does sound more like a prediction than i riddle. However, i am confused about a few things," The Prince tilted his head to the side. "Why am i in darkness. Am i dead? How do i awaken if i am dead? A love of unborn? I cannot grasp the prediction in which you tell. I understand you may not explain- but is there anything else you know that may shed any light onto?"

"Unfortunely i cannot." Madame Jestine frowned. "I can only tell you of which i saw. May you accept my prediction."

"It is confusing," Asher chuckled. "However i hold no complaints. All i need to know is that he is waiting. I shall have my Knight."

"You shall. Now let's get out of here.. Remember, your birthday party," The young woman cheered bouncing out of her chair. The Rocking chair then dissolved into a million glitters of silver falling on the ground. "Come on!"

The Prince laughed rising from his seat. "That is Madame Jestine- always in high spirts i see."

"Yes, Yes! As you may Know- my promotion is arriving. Ah, how i can taste the smile on Master's face."

"Taste?" The Prince smiled. "That is a weird way of putting it."

"Oh, you know what i mean," Jestine giggled. "Let's go, Your Majesty."

"I'm right behind you," Asher replied follwing the witch out of the balcony. He then paused and look over his shoulder with a faint smile. He walked back to the chair to scoop up the silver rose handed to him earlier. "May i give him this? A symbol. Probably. I'll give it to him one day," The Prince nodded holding the rose close to his heart. "To my chosen Knight that is awaiting for me. He should be awarded-."

"Your Majesty," Jestine cried poking her head in between the two glass door. "Your mother- The Queen- is calling for you."

"Ah, yes. Tell her i'm coming." The Prince nodded and hurried towards the glass door. He followed the young witch inside his room then closing the balcony door quietly behind him. Inside of the Prince's room was the Queen awaiting for the two young ones. The Queen had her chin held high, her chilling ice eyes gazing over his room, The river flow of her auburn hair resting at her shoulders in tight curls. Asher and Jestine halted infront of the Queen shortly after they walked in Asher's room. Golden Cylinder light hanging from a top of the white celing, the Prince's king sized bed dressed in red sating sitting in the far right of the room. Next to it was he's dresser made of brown oak and golden handles. The floor beneth them made of white marble.

"Mother," Asher spoke keeping his eyes averted at her. The Queen lowered her head, acknowledging her son.

"Asher, Are you ready for the opening feast."

"Yes, mother," The Prince responded. "If you mind, mother, who is attending?"

"Oh, some of the Knights we have found," The Queen smiled faintly. "And the family members, of course."

"...Did you invite, Mistress Harlinton." The Prince rose his eyebrows. Mistress Harlinton, a cruel woman, was Asher's aunt. To be frank, She didn't like Asher as he never like her. Harlinton always took note of his younger brother though, doting over him every chance she has to see him. Maybe, the woman had a grudge against Asher being the oldest therefor taking the throne before his younger brother, Aoi. Asher couldn't even remember why he disliked his aunt so much but all he knew that he did. And that was all he needed to know.

"Yes." His mother answered with a strained voice. "She is thrilled to come-."

"See Aoi," Jestine mumbled under her breath. Asher nudged her quiet with his elbow in her side.

"That may be, Jestine the Witch," The Queen pursed her lips. "But either way, open your arms warmly."

"Unless the hag is covered with pine needles," Jestine mumbled but hushed again with Asher's elbow.

"Let's hope this dinner is well," The Queen smiled. "So please be on your best behavior- espically you, Madam Jestine."

"Yes, ma'am," Jestine groaned and recieved a light pat on the head by the Queen whom saw the young witch as a daughter.

"Nothing shall go wrong," The Queen cheered clapping her hands. "This will become a successful birthday bash."

"Yes ma'am," Asher and Jestine both said in unison, smiling brightly.

"Wonderful," The Queen laughed throwing her hands up. "Now you two get ready- the opening feast is going to commence."

"Yes, please give me a moment," Asher smiled, waving his hand at his mother as she turned on her heel. "Hurry, my son," The Queen grinned exiting the room as graceful as she entered.

"Are you sure, your ready?" Jestine twirled around the room. She snapped her fingers allowing blossoms of silver roses growing from the trail of twirls she left. Another snap of her fingers, suddenly a bouqet of rainbow lotus spranged in Asher's hands. He laughed cheerily.

"Yes, i believe so."

"Are you ready that one of the men down there may be your Knight," Jestine wiggled her eyebrows leaving Asher pale face flushed.

"Y-You told me he is waiting for me."

"Yes down stairs," Jestine teased.

Asher gasped, "Are you serious."

Jestine shrugged and winked, "Am i? Aren't I?"

"Jestine," Asher laughed smacking her back. "don't tease me like that. I'm geninuely concerned."

"I know, I Know- i just want you to loosen up. That's all," Jestine grinned. She looped her arms with Asher's. "Now come on~ Let's party."

The two arm in arm raced down stairs in fits of laughter. Neither one expecting the approaching darkness laying in each corner of the castle.


"Asher. ASHER," Jestine wailed as she cradled his body in her arms. The sky now black and grey rains pouring outside, Jestine hair stuck to her face, she contiuned to sob. His eyes wide and wild, once a bright hue of violet now glassed over. Everything flashed before Jestine eyes. The two after the opening feast journyed down to the courtyard where the peasents and middle classed people stood waiting for the celebration to start on their part. The King, bright violet eyes, thin face but round belly and his Wife joined them cheering along with the people.

Asher had the bouqet of Lotus's and threw them out to the crowd behind the black gates. They cheered the king's, the queen's, aoi's and Asher's name in praise. Asher told the people to form a single file line- and they all obyed without question. One by one the people sang meerily once they made it inside. Asher face glowing, his violet eyes hosting warmth in every sense of the word. Jestine giggled a bit keeping her tigth grasp around her best friend's arm. She noticed how he shaked uneasily, obviously, nervous. Soon, the party commenced. Overflowing happiness struck the people. The time flew by, Cake, ice cream and dancing in the ballroom and the courtyard. Everything seemed perfect to Jestine, she very often casted spinkles of glitter all around the palace.

However, the happiness shattered a quarter till Ten. Asher standing outside with crowd around him, awaiting for his wish, collasped on his knees in fits of chokes. Jestine rushed to his side. The King and The Queen all knelt by him clutching his hand. The crowd hushed.

Crackles of lighting shot above them, and roars of thunder. Dark shadows climbed and surrounded the people. Then, the shadows blew out the candles of fire. Complete darkness alarmed the people to scream and shout. Rain poured down, beating everyone's skin like pebbles. Asher stopped moving and he faintly breathed. Yelling broke upon the people.

Overhead, Jestine heard the cackles of the shadow. The familiar voice ringing her ear, "Harlington," she sneered.

She did this. She poisoned Asher.

Closing her eyes tight, ignoring the pain she felt in her skin of the rain beating down like pebbles, Jestine pressed her fingers against his forehead.

Instead of death, put him in a sleep. Where he never ages, until the right time approaches.

Jestine prayed silently.




Sorry for the boring first chapter, it kinda starts moving the next chapter.

Also, Today is 9/11 - So please keep those effected in your hearts and minds as i will. Let's remember.

Thank you for reading & commenting


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