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Shattered: Reflection of an Addiction

Novel By: MorningStarofBliss
Gay and lesbian

Michael "Rain" Dentri never figured his life would become so hectic the moment he fell in love with August "Scorpio" Edmunds. However when Hate crimes comes into play. And family, religion, sex, confusion all effect the everyday lives of the two, will they make it through? Or will their Love shatter? *Edited Summary Again*

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Chapter 1:

Being Single is the new Black..okay maybe not

Michael "Rain" Dentri

"Michael, you should so go ask him out."

"Excuse me? Ugh, look at him. He looks like he wants to devour someone-."

"Oh? Devour someone or "something"?"

"You're a pervert, I hope you know that."

I rolled my eyes at her and continued to sip on my Sprite. Jenni and i both were seated down at the table we usually go to eat lunch in the afternoon. Our school cafeteria is outside, so you get your meal and have to scurry along outside- even in the winter. Dress warmly. But right now, It's spring so the sun was nice and some of the flowers and fruits were shaking in the breeze.

"I can't believe Daniel ditched us."

"He'll be back soon."

Now I have another friend, but he's gone to make out with some chick he met in class today behind the school building. So it was just Jenni and I for right now. Jenni could be- no wait, Jenni IS a pervert. You know you have at least that one perverted friend that always say "That's what she said" every time you're trying to be serious. Well that's Jenni in a nutshell. Don't get me wrong, I love her. We've been friends for about six year's now- That's a pretty damn long time in my book- however she drives me crazy sometimes. If she isn't going on about me hooking up with some dude, then she's trying to get me to read some of her Yaoi.

If you don't know what that is- Thank the heavens you don't. (I'm going to screw with your mind now- Yaoi is basically Gay Japanese Comics. Trust me- that stuff is..Weird)

Jenni kept batting her big green at eyes at him. The boy was leaning against the tree opposite from where our table Then she looked at me to form a small smile.

"He's cute," she chuckled. "You two would make cute babies."

"I can't have a baby, Jenni. I beg of you to stop reading those things. You're forming weird ideas that are not even humanly possible. Okay, he is cute but he's just having way to much muscle and he's ten times taller than me. And it's not like i can catch a guy just on looks." I told her.

Jenni frowned in response. Her efforts on hooking me up failed once again.

"You're beating yourself down. You're hot for a bi boy. If you weren't bi and didn't have the Hot for men "equipment"- I would want you to take my virginity," She laughed and nudge me with her elbow. I couldn't help but smile back. She's an idiot, I swear.

"You have pretty blue eyes that are almost grey. And it goes great with your blond hair. You're like the poster boy for Outfitters or something. That's why everyone at school was shocked when you came out the closet in the seventh grade."

The seventh grade was a wonderful year.

J.K! No, the seventh grade was hell.

I came out to everyone that I was Bi that year. For a couple weeks, everyone was just staring at me as if I had cancer or something? I wasn't infected with a disease- I was just Bi, damn. I was awkward and timid that year seeing how I was only like 12 or something when I realized I had a sudden attraction to men. How did I find out my sexuality? Well it all started when I kissed a boy as a dare. Well this boy was my best friend Daniel who dared me to kiss him to get girls. He realized that some girls like boys who aren't afraid to kiss other boys (example: Jenni).

He's a dumbass, I know. And nothing much has changed since then except him sleeping around more.

But his lips tasted strangely addicting. And while he was sick to his stomach- I was licking my lips actually surprised on how much I enjoyed it. That's when I started noticing boys all together. How my eyes started to wonder up and down, how my mind imagined having myself wrapped around their arms. From there I just knew I was something "else". I wasn't sure if i still had a thing for women or not- I just knew I liked men.

Later on I did find I still like women when i kissed a girl on my first date. Women are still sexy just by their confidence alone.

Well, anyway. Jenni had the right description about my looks. I had blue eyes, but sometimes in the right angle in the sun it can turn into the color of rain clouds. My hair was blonde- more of a faded blonde though. It was cropped into short layered look. Something it kind just grew into over the years after i cut it.

"Hey? Let me see some of those fries!" A voice yelled from behind us. I turned around and narrowed my eyes.


"Who the hell made you King? Get your own damn fries," I scoffed. Daniel approached Jenni and me with a slight smirk on his face. After plucking three of my fries he slid in next to Jenni who giggled as we started to butt heads again.

"You're so stingy, Rain." Daniel laughed and tried sneaking another one of my fries until i slapped his hand away.

"I told you to get your own, dammit!"

"Hmm, but I want yours." Daniel whispered, he reached out and cradled my chin in his hands. He stared into my eyes and parted his lips. His eyes flickered over to Jenni and then stayed with mines. He leaned his lips closer to mine.

"If I can't have your fries then I want your body-"

Jenni choked on her drink.

"Cut it out. And stop messing with Jenni like that. You know well she isn't stable when it comes to things like that." I growled pushing his hand away. "You're such a dumbass."

"A-Ah, I'm fine," She laughed but with a slight blush rising in her pale cheeks. She brushed her long brunette bangs from her neon green eyes. Daniel rested his head on her shoulder.

"Do you forgive me, JenJen?"

"Of course I do, Danny."

"See no need to worry!" Daniel raised his eyebrow at me. Daniel was nothing but an arrogant flirt. His hair was an oak tree brown to put it at best- he treasures his hair more than he treasured any girl he messed around with. His eyes were light brown and it glinted in the sun, he had strong features and long lashes. Indeed, Daniel was a good looking man but he's attitude was a bit sour. And we often butt heads seeing how he was much more aggressive than i was. I can't remember why we even started hanging out in the beginning, what the hell we had in common. But maybe it's true when they "Opposites attract." I don't even know any more..

"So how was Make-Out paradise?" Jenni asked as she popped one of my stolen fries in her mouth.

"Can't anyone buy their lunch without taking mine?" I complained but was ignored.

"Delicious," Daniel replied to Jenni's questions in monotone. He glanced over at the girl who had just recently joined the table of girl's three tables besides us and started re-applying her lipstick. "Sexy better yet…"

"So sexy, that you had the need to touch me."

"Everyone wants a piece of you, Rain. And I like to flaunt that i have you wrapped around my finger. I'm able to attract boys and girls- I'm just that sexy."

"You're such an idiot," I snapped.

"You've been saying that since we met."

"Because Daniel you haven't changed since we were kids."

"Oh. Obviously you didn't see how big-."

"I'm trying to eat- Damn you get on my last nerves. Now i lost my appetite."

"Great," Daniel smiled as he reached over to snatch my tray of fries away from me. I wasn't quick enough to grab them, knowing i want them back he started spitting all over them.

"I believe they're my fries now."

"Screw you."

"Any time...Any time..."

For a straight guy, he's pretty comfortable with the idea. But I'm sure he just saying that to get under my skin.

And he did get under my skin.

The School bell ranged overheard, alerting the students to hurry to class. Annoyed, I push back my chair and looked over at the two. Jenni collected her books into her arms and froze.

"Oh hell! I have a test next period!" She gasped quickly swinging her pink shoulder bag over her shoulder. "I'll catch you guys later. You know Ms. Keys is with her time."

"Alright," I waved. "Good-Luck, Babe."

"Thanks babe," She laughed and started sprinting to the building further down the way. Daniel grinned, "What about me?"

"What about you?" I huffed.

Daniel smiled, "I'll see you later after school. Be careful- You're so cute when your angry."

"I'm going to kill you."

"Love ya, Babe." Daniel chuckled and winked. He turned on his heel to rejoin the girl he was staring at earlier. He wrapped his arm around her tiny waist to pull her off to the side of the building again.

Now it was time for me to leave. I had one more year left before i finally graduated this piece of dump. I shuffled my backpack on feeling a bit confident today. I studied for my test last night so I didn't worry about Ms. Key's test I had later on today. I started to walk down the hall to my 4th period class. Most of the students had already made it to their class so I was alone in the hallway except for some students running down the hall. I stood in front of my class room door in a solid mood now. Room number 55 was home to my Science teacher: Mr. Raizone. I cursed under breath as the tardy bell ranged moments before i reached my classroom. Mr. Raizone was going to give me hell.

I expect to see him when i opened the door.

Instead i saw a boy. Who swirled a lollipop in his mouth smirking at Mr. Raizone. His eyes almost a cat-like green and his mouth pouty plus his skin white like snow, his hair black as the starless sky, shaggy that swift over his eyes and wispy. He stood up in front of Mr. Raizone about to speak until his eyes slid over to me standing at the door.

"Mr. Dentri..." Mr. Raizone spoke coldly. "You and Mr. Edmunds may excuse yourselves to the principal's office."


"Yes, Sir," The boy smiled. As walked passed me, he bumped my shoulder against the side of the door.

I looked wide-eyed at Mr. Raizone but he's face looked stressed and the lines that shown his age deepened into stress.

"Just go," He said without even looking at me.

I nodded and closed the door behind me trying to conceal my embarrassment.


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