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Eli has bullied Hylas for as long as he remembers. Hylas was always mute and never complained. Eli was isolated. Hylas was social. Eli always resented Hylas, on the other hand, Hylas would always remind himself that Eli had a good heart. Eli struggled with his sexuality, and Hylas was out and proud. When Eli find himself at the brink of madness, how will he feels when the one person who supposed to hate him the most- Holds his hand? View table of contents...


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Tears over Thunder

Chapter One

Tears over Thunder

Eli "Raven" Demus

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightning."-

-Fredrick Douglass

The smell of rain, and the feel of ice cold winds. One thing i've always hated about Fall. I blinked off heavy raindrops taking residence in the corner of my eyes, and then i continued walking. I hate today, but it wasn't surprising because i hate everything. There's nothing i hate more than people and rain. In the halls, shoes would squeek and dead leaves were left scattered across the white floors. Our Janitors would sigh but went after us- or rather them. I don't have anything like those people. I gritted my teeth and snarled under my breath, several students catching my glare. Their eyes followed me as i made my way down the hallway soaken wet from the sudden rainstorm we had this morning. Their round eyes matching my black ones would quickly snap their eyes away and bite down on their lips. Fear.

And Power. I had somehow gained these over the years. Its better than being looked down on compared to being feared. With fear comes power. And i hadn't realize it until the start of my teen years. But better late than never. It wasn't like i pushed for this power, its more like it pushed himself onto me. Being the tallest of my grade, being alone, silent, wearing black brought up rumors. And my actions didn't help end it either. I have anger problems- something i won't deny. I need and have to push my frustration onto someone else because i shouldn't be the only one suffering. The only one crying at night.

I halted, and my black eyes scanned the two familiar faces standing stiff at their lockers. Hylas stood swallowing thickly, his long black lashes framing his rather bright amber colored eyes, neatly combed black hair leaving a bang over his forehead. Hylas was lean but like the other boys in my class, much much shorter than me- i stood at a rather dominating 6'5. Hylas had three dice piercings crawling up his right ear and his tawnish colored skin made me raise an eyebrow. He wasn't that color last year. Next to him as quielty was Jace, which i never payed much attention to anyway. He was nothing but a waste of air for mankind.

"Hylas," I sneered and quickly pushed him against the lockers. It rattled at his impact, also alerting some of the other students. His eyes only widened slightly, his fingers trembled lightly.

"Eli," He mumbled. His eyelashes batting frantically.

"Stay the fuck out of my way," I gritted, balling my fist. "Next time i'll slit your throat, got it Faggot."

He nodded.


Sweet Power. I casted another small glance at Jace, who growled at me. I cocked my head to te side and chuckled, "I'll rethink those damned thoughts." I warned him casually. If memory served correctly, neither the two had fought. I've gotten into plenty. Softly, I heard Hylas mumble something. I snapped my head back to him, my height looming over him. "What was that?" I snarled louder so that Hylas straightened himself.

"Nothing," He whispered.


"Nothing," He choked.

"Remind yourself of my warning, Faggot," I swore stepping backwards. Our eyes locked. He stared at me speechless. Then he parted his lips.



Hylas "Chocolate" Morrinson

"That asshole," Jace cursed, balling his white knuckles. "Next time he does that, i'll knock him sideways."

I sighed, slouching my shoulders down. "Relax, Jace. Come one, we gotta hurry to class." I reminded him carelessly. Jace brought his blue eyes up to mine and i shrugged in response. "Lets go."

"Fine," He hissed. Without a second thought, Me and Jace started off to our first class of the new school year. As Juniors this year, our expections were much higher than when we were both Sophmores. More parties of course and more Call of Duty. Which was Jace's idea anyway.

Jace nudged me in the side, his white teeth grinning, "Ready to party till we faint."

"Ahhh, maybe not," I chuckled back and Jace jabbed me again in the side. We both then bursted into laughter, Jace holding his tight cocky side smile. We've know each other since third grade, first as enemies then as best friends. Jace and I were always the ones sent to the time out chair back in the third grade- for reason like: Putting gum in girls ponytails, leaving pee around the boys bathroom and starting food fights. At first, we were against each other- we believed there could be one trouble-maker but after months of sitting next to each other, we realized double-the-trouble. Since then our class mates nicknamed us "The Trouble Things." Jace being Thing 1 and I, Thing 2. Only because Jace was born a few months before me. But i still didn't mind, out of the two of us- Jace was way more well-liked. From the way he walked, he had a certain swagger. He moved elegently, his muscles seemed to carry on. I bit my lip tightly, i hated fixing my attention at his lips. Jace eyes were clear blue, almost transluecent. His lips well-curved and topped with a mess of shaggy auburn hair. He had a mole painted on at the lower right corner of his lips and at the edge of his left eye.

How i hate one-sided love. Its almost cruel. "So what do we have first," I smiled.

"Mr. Shmucks for History," He answered monotone.

"Dammit," I sighed. "Well..." I then giggled. "atleast we have each other."

"Uh-huh," He laughed. "Hylas- my future wife!"

No, Jace wasn't Gay- but actually Pansexual, where I was competely Gay. I only had eyes for men, not saying i hadn't dated girls- but they just wasn't my thing, you know. "Wife?" I exclaimed playfully. "Why the hell am i the wife?"

"Because i can pick you up in my arms," Jace smirked. Then he rose his bushy black eyebrow. "Want me to do it?"

"No..No..No," I chuckled skipping a few steps ahead of him. "No thanks."

"Here i come," he hollered. At the sound of his footsteps, i sprinted forward laughing. "Stay away, Jace," I giggled. "Leave me alone!."

"Nah, come on, Hylas- let me pick you up," His voice snickered. His footsteps grew louder as we ran down the hall. Images of green lockers flashing before me and gripping my backpack with Jace hot on my trail.

Although my heart slammed against my chest.

"My Queen!" Jace giggled, finally he snapped his arms around my neck making me stumble. Quickly, Jace slid his strong arms underneath my legs and then brought me up. My cheeks grew hot but i kept laughing- my ribs aching.

"My wife! Why did you run from me!!!!" Jace erupted.

"You're so stupid, Jace," I laughed, smacking him across his temple. Jace grinned even wider, amusement playing in his eyes. "I know."

I smiled despite the red in my cheek in the flutter in my heart.

He's so stupid.

The thing was about Bayside HighSchool- no one cared. The girl gawked at us of pleasure than disgust and the boys just turn the other way or play lightly. Our school was really relaxed, us being the only school in the county who could actually "dance" with each other at prom than staying at "arms" lengths. And being in Jace arms made me happy. He had strong arms, well-muscle and warm. His eyelashes light, and the scent of sweet apples. Jace eyes smiled the warmest i've always seen. His small mole always gaining my attention.

"Let me carry you to class, Wife," He played.

"No, No," I gushed trying to climb out of his arms but he only held me tighter.


"I'm not a dog, stupid!"

"Your right!" He exclaimed. I smacked him again.

"Come one lets get going," He grinned, but left running without listening to my single protests. Jace was headstrong, and never listened to me. He thought he had it all figured out. He never grew out of his prankster ways and still really immature.

But, i loved him nonetheless.

Racing down the hallways carrying a giggling me in his arms, with one hand, Jace swung opened the class room door. His face beamed, "We're here, Mr. Sh--Sh--Sh,"

"Its Mr. Shmucks, Mr. Kage- remember," He corrected, pushing his red rimmed glasses up his nose. Mr. Shmucks hazel eyes scanned Jace holding me in his arms. I blushed, almost wanting to sink in my "Guns & Roses" jacket.

"Do you mind carrying, Mr. Morrinson in his desk?" Mr. Shmucks sighed. And the classroom all erupted in laughter, we laughed along with them. Jace nodded, "Of course, Mr. Sh-Sh-Sh-Sh."

"Shmucks," He growled as Jace skipped from the door and towards the seats nearest to the window. The class eyes followed us wih single smiles. I slid from Jace's arms and into my seat. Jace took his seat behind me.

"Let see," Mr. Shmucks muttered, using his index finger to push his red glasses back up his nose. His hair sprinked grey and pepper, thin lips, handsome cheeks bones. Hazel eyes flickering over the class. Mr. Shmucks was the youngest teacher we had- and the most laid-back. He was handsome, but unfortunely he was teaching the worst class for me and Jace. Plus, he loads tons of homeword over the weekend. Because of that, Jace started using the phrase "Such a damn Shmuck" which soon spread like a virus around the school.

"We're missing one person.." Mr. Shmuch said. He scooped up his attendance book and started leafing through pages. His glasses slipped back down his nose. "Ah, Mr.-."

Then the door swun open.

Our eyes glued to the cloaked boy standing infront. My heart dropped all the way at the bottom.


"Mr. Demus- you were almost late," Mr. Shmucks pointed but Eli held no interest as he slinked himself to the back of the class. His eyes were pit black, lips pouty and hair wild and spikey. He wore high leather boots stopping at his knee, wearing all black setting himself as the lamb of our class, a tattoo of a snake at his collarbone. Spiked belts, leather gloves, leather jacket.

He was our school bully, believe it or not.

"Well now that everyone is here," Mr. Shmucks smiled. "Lets start with what your expected of this class."

Jace leaned forward in my ear, "Who's a ticklish elmo emo, today,"

I glanced behind me and shook my head, "Don't say emo, Jace- thats mean," I whispered back but Jace only yanked at my baby hair. "don't stand up for him." He warned.

"I'm not-."

"And," Mr.Shmucks voice crackled. "We're having assigned seats. So Mr. Kage and Morrinson- please be prepared to move."

We groaned.

"On with the seating chart," Mr. Shmucks said as he glided to the first row. "First Row, Mr. Keri, Mrs. Peppers, Mr. George, Mr. Franky, Mr. Kage."

Jace and I let out a deep sigh. Jace rolled his eyes and collected his stuff and like the other students moved at his new seat. More than anything else, Jace hated the backseat- he felt isolated. It did hurt his self-esteem as well and worst- He's quiet.

Mr. Shmucks went on with the list, my name not being called out at all. I watched the students shuffle and groan- being sepereated from their friends. Mr. Shmucks stopped where i sat in the last row. He held the piece of paper and pushed his glasses back up. "Mr. Morrinson move one seat up, please. Or do you need some help walking?"

I blushed, and the class giggled as i did as he said quietly. I glanced at Jace seated across the room with his arms folded and a cross expression scribbled on his face. I smiled.

"Mr. Demus- behind Mr. Morrinson, please."

I froze.

Oh no.

Eli clanky boots stomped behind me. I swallowed thickly. Mr. Shmucks looked over the new class arrangements satisfied. "On to the syllabus," He smiled skipping back to the front. I tensed.

Deep heavy breathing behind me. My hairs on end.

Oh no no no no no.

"Hey, Faggot- move your block head," Eli snarled.

Today isn't my day.


Chapter One- End

Well looks like Chapter 1 is doooonnnneee *throws hands up* Been thinking of story for a while :D And it looks like i'm going to tons of fun writing it ^_^

Anyway, thanks you for reading & commenting :D :D


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