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The Odds Of That Happening

Novel By: MysteryGirlRobyyn
Gay and lesbian

Destery needs to get away from his home. He needs a safe gate away from the monster that lives there. He needs protection. And with a life as warm and welcoming as Benji's, Detsery can't help but need him.

GOING UNDER SOME MAJOR CHANGES. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 28, 2010    Reads: 537    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

Destery stared at the picture of him and his mother, when she was around and they were happy. It seemed like ages to him now, like a lifetime.

He never expected her to leave like this. She promised, after his dad had passed away from the cancer, that they'd always be together and that nothing could tear them apart. It would always be just the two of them and that she loved him.

He had never expected that they were already torn until that man came along. He spoiled everything. The man crushed Destery with ease and threw him out of the picture. His mother didn't know; she was, and always would be, hopelessly oblivious to Destery.

After a short period of time, the strange man moved in and married his mother. Destery knew his mother was happy again and, although she said she was fine before with it just being the two of them, he knew she was secretly lonely. But the man brought a genuine smile to her face.

He didn't want to see his mother unhappy again. He swore to himself that he would sacrifice anything for her happiness, even if it meant he would be left alone in the dark for the man, Karl, to hurt him.

After a while, his mother and he drifted apart. They barely looked at each other let alone speak. Karl had brainwashed her. She was under his protection from Destery's pain. She thought that if she touched him, she would absorb his unhappiness and, like him, become a void.

And Karl continued to abuse him in more ways than just physical. If Karl didn't agree, then it didn't go. Destery was pulled from parties, sleep over's or any form of social gathering with people his own age. He was excluded and his new high maintenance and secretive personality brought him no hope in socializing. He was more alone than ever.

He changed drastically; his sandy blond hair dyed to a coal black, his once sun kissed tan faded to porcelain pale. He lost weight, his hair grew out to hide his eyes and he used long sleeved shirts or jumpers and jeans to hide his bony frame and purple bruises.

Destery placed the frame down glass forward to hide the happy memory. He didn't want to see the reminder anymore. It only made him feel worse.

He was already dreading his first day of school; moving schools meant that he would have to catch up a ridiculous amount of work and he would have to go through the ordeal of being amongst a group of people he didn't know. His step father constantly made them move towns twice a year. Sometimes Destery thought he was doing it just so he could piss Destery off.

He'd already managed himself into the baggy uniform, put his books and other school essentials into his bag and had managed to find a brush for his wild hair.

He had another half hour before school and even though it only took him ten minutes to walk there, he would still use that time so he could think in the icy morning and get used to his new surroundings.

It also let him escape his house or rather, Karl's house and let him be free from the monster.

After he had tidied his bed, he grabbed his bag and set off for outside, his shoes creaking against the carpeted stairs. He swung his bag over his shoulder, locked the door behind him and then set off to the direction of his new school.

The only thing he was worried in that moment was what the people would be like; would he be bullied, again, or would he actually make some decent friends this time?

All he knew was that it wouldn't matter much; he would mostly likely be there for the end of his school year and then would be moving again to start a college he would never finish.


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