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Waking Up To A Forever Of Him

Novel By: P3anut
Gay and lesbian

Finally, I've started the sequel to "I Fell Into His Arms." AJ is not dead! Problems arise with AJ's stepfather when the man turns on Riley as well. AJ's household gets bigger. View table of contents...


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Chapter One:

I couldn't seem to open my eyes. My eyelids wouldn't budge. It didn't matter how much strength I used. I was scared that I might be dead.

I remembered my last sights. It was an adorable Cameron. I was taking a big gulp of the juice I poured him. It tasted funny. I'm not sure how to describe how I felt after swallowing. It seemed as if my body was shutting down. I don't even know. I barely remember making impact into the hard floor though.

My mind couldn't seem to stop making its way to Cameron. I loved it. I missed him. I missed his touch. I missed his soft voice. I missed him.

That was when I decided to make another attempt at opening my eyes. I succeeded. I saw a white ceiling. I managed to sit up. The three living people who I care so deeply about were all at my bedside. I was in a hospital bed. Zane and Dad were speaking low, their gazes never leaving the floor. Cameron sat in a little dark brown chair. At least I think it's Cameron. The boy whose head was hiding my left hand had the same blonde and light brown low lighted hair as Cameron. He looked as small too.

I decided to ruffle his super soft hair. He raised his head instantly and it was Cameron. A relieved smile grew onto his face in seconds. He seemed so happy that words couldn't describe him. I couldn't suppress the light chuckle when he squeaked in joy before scrambling to climb onto the bed and snuggled into me.

Zane and Dad had looked up at the sound of Cameron's squeaking. Both were shocked. I obviously had missed a lot. Zane's dried pine needle brown hair was a little bit longer than usual and he badly needed to shave. Dad needed a shave too. Whoa. Where's a razor?

"AJ? You're awake?" Zane seemed as happy as Cameron. Dad looked as if he thought this was a dream.

"Yeah. How long has it been?" My voice was awfully raspy.

"Two weeks."
"Have I missed a lot?"
"Nothing really. Nothing more than Cameron's constant mental breakdowns, Cameron's parents dropped him, and Riley is in the hospital as well."
"Wait. Cameron's parents dropped him? Is he living with us now?"
"Yeah. Riley will have to as well."
"Whoa. Riley? Why? Wait, what happened to him? Did Roy almost kill him?"
"Yeah. It was really bad, AJ. Worse than what Roy did to you."

My eyes widened at that. There wasn't much worse than what my stepdad did to me. Especially back in March. There isn't much worse.

We got started with a physical to make sure I'm okay. I'm perfectly fine. Just a little poison that failed to kill me. Once I was deemed alright, I was checked out of the hospital.

Once Dad dropped Cameron and I off at the house, they went back to the hospital to go check on Riley. Cameron and I had the whole house to ourselves for a little while. I chased him up to my room which evidently is now our room. Once we got to the bedroom, Cameron sat on the end of the bed, his legs spread out and his tongue sticking out a little bit as if he was exhausted or something.

I took my time as I walked over to him. Once I reached him, I didn't kiss his lips. I started caressing his legs and kissing his neck. After what felt like hours of that, I yanked my t-shirt off and I pushed Cameron down before climbing on top of him. As soon as I could feel his lips, I rolled us over. Another time we experience our own heaven.


I'm glad to have AJ back. It's been too long since I've felt him grab me. It's been too long since he's kissed me. It's been too long since he's been against me like this. It's been too long since he's been awake. It's been too long so it's just wonderful that he's back.

"Baby, you had mental breakdowns?"
"I was a total mess. I don't cope well without you around."
"I'm so sorry. I'll be more careful about stuff next time."
"Next time?"
"I won't be committing suicide. Don't worry. I'll be more careful the next time when I take a sip of your drink."
"Oh. I was scared for a second."
"Don't worry, Cameron. I'm not leaving you. I'm right here."

I felt so content with his words whispering in my ear, in his low seductive voice. I relished in his warmth. After that conversation, we simply cuddled. It was enough. Hearing his heartbeat and having his breath warm in my hair. Words didn't need to fill the silence.

I'm pretty sure hours had passed. I don't know. It did startle me when Zane opened the door. It was also shocking to see a person with him. I think it's Riley but I couldn't really tell.

"Riley, this is AJ and Cameron's room as you could tell by the door and the fact that they look really cozy." Zane announced, gesturing towards us.

Riley's only greeting was a small wave and an even smaller smile that had vanished quickly. That's Riley. I couldn't believe it. Riley had huge bruises all over his face but his light brown hair somewhat hid the scars that I could tell were on his forehead. The big white bandage kinda gave them away.

"Hey Riley. How are you doing?" AJ was really gentle with him.

After the tiny thumbs up, AJ and I both started gesturing for the guy to come on over. Riley did so really reluctantly. He simply sat at the edge. We gestured for him to come closer.

"We're not going to hurt you, Riley. We're brothers and we have to accept that. We both have to." AJ's words seemed to comfort Riley who moved over so that he sat right next to us.

Zane ended up jumping onto the bed. It made us all laugh. The four of us all snuggled together and watched that really cute movie Frozen. The snowman has got to be the best character. Olaf is fucking hilarious. A snowman in the summertime. That isn't something you see everyday. Maybe it is. Who knows?

Riley still looked really out of it. He seemed really upset. I could tell he was seconds from crying. Immediately I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and he cried into my shoulder. Soon enough, all three of us were hugging him and comforting him.

"Riley, you can talk to me. I hope you know that. We've both been close to death from your father's actions. It's okay to be scared. It's okay to feel vulnerable. The best thing to do is to talk about it. Trust me. The minute I told Cameron, I felt better about it. It really helps to talk about it." AJ finally said it.

"It was horrible. It's been since that man shot you. My dad had been abusing me. He broke bones but he wouldn't take me to a hospital even though I badly needed to. A few days after he tried to kill you, he-he tried to kill me too." Riley admitted.

Tears streamed down his black and blue face. AJ held him gently, softly rubbing Riley's back. Riley's cries filled the air.

"It's hard. It's really hard to go through this. I know."
"I lost so much blood that night. It was crazy."
"Did he let you bleed in a burning building too?"
"Yeah. I couldn't move at all. Blinking and breathing caused pain. The building collapsed. I don't know how I'm alive right now."
"Wanna hear what your dad did to me?"
"Sure. Why not?"
"I tried to run as he began beating me but he started shooting my legs. Once he could reach me, he stabbed my legs. I tried to kick him off but he had almost cut off my entire right leg. I managed to stand only to be beaten the absolute life out of. I was half numb once he made cuts all over me. I couldn't fight back. He started an enormous fire and left me there to bleed to my end. The last thing I can tell you about that night was when a really dark and blurry figure found me and carried me out. Before any of that happened, your dad murdered Mom right before my eyes."
"He did all of that?"
"Yeah. I can show you a bunch of scars."
"I can show scars too. Burns and bruises included."

We went from that to talking about relationships. Zane is a lonely man while Riley has a cute crush on Danni. My love life is pretty obvious. Same goes for AJ.

"Really? I can talk to you for him."
"No! You'll just make things worse. He probably doesn't even like me."
"I don't know. Remember when you pounded me in that alleyway? That morning, David was looking at you as if you were a juicy steak."
"Oh yeah. He was chewing on his bottom lip and everything."
"Okay. You can talk to him. Just don't tell him that I like him. I would prefer to do that myself. After I know if he likes me."

The evening was filled with laughter. Eventually we got too cozy. I'm not even sure when or where I fell asleep honestly.


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