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A different perspective on hell

Novel By: past is future
Gay and lesbian

A futuristic story of the world after Demons have been discovered by humans but technology has come to the point that it is capable of overpowering the magic of hell. This is a story of how even in beings seen as just evil there can be good and how sometimes humans can be worse then any demon. This is what young Kevin finds when he is captured by humans and sold to a rich human forced into the closet by his christian parents and looking to release his frustrations on the only living being it is acceptable to. View table of contents...


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Kerry sighed sadly. He wasn't quite scared yet though he could feel the fear creeping up on his mind. He had tried to run away again and Micheal had caught him, now they were walking back to Micheal's house, Kerry would have tried to run away again but Micheal had attached a chain to the collar around Kerry's neck and was much stronger then him.

"So you thought you could get away from me?" He asked without looking at Kerry. When Kerry didn't answer (he couldn't think of anything to say) Micheal just continue. ""You are a pet, you should act like one." There was another pause, Kerry didn't say anything looking down at the pavement. "If you won't act like a pet by being good and staying inside you'll act like a pet in other ways. Now what do pets do when they walk with their masters?"

Kerry froze up, actual pets, animals walked on all fours when they walked with their owners. Did Micheal really want him to crawl?

"I can see by your reaction that you have gessed what I meant." Micheal said smirking "Crawl pet. Crawl like the animal you are." Kerry didn't look at Micheal he knew if he did he would give in to the fear and do what he was told. Staring at the ground he shook his head slightly in defiance.

"Are you disobeying a order?" Micheal asked angrily. Kerry was shaking now, the fear was very strong but he was determined he wouldn't give in. He knew what Micheal had done to him last time and he didn't think it could get any worse so he wouldn't do what he was told.

"You will do what you're told!" Micheal snarled out. Suddenly Kerry felt something on the back of his neck and he was pushed down to the ground. It was such a hard push that Kerry didn't even have time to catch himself. Quickly he tried to push himself back up only to feel a foot on his back.

"You are embarrassing me slave." Micheal said in a dangerously soft voice.

"I-I'm sorry!" Kerry stuttered finally giving in to the fear

"Then you'll be a good boy and do what I tell you?" Micheal said a smirk evident in his voice. Whimpering Kerry and tried to answer but ended up just nodding.

"You can speak pet use words." He said his voice now scarily sweet.

"Y-yes master." Kerry gasped out the foot on his back making it hard for him to breath.

"Good boy, good pet." Micheal said and the foot disappeared from Kerry's back, he gasped for air before rising to his hands and knees. He felt a tug at his leash and started to crawl alongside Micheal. Not able to bring himself to look around he closed his eyes letting his longish blond curls hide his face.

The second thing Micheal did was even worse, pausing for a second he told Kerry.

"Take off your sweater." Once again Kerry froze, "Don't embarrass me pet." Micheal warned coldly. Kerry forced back a few tears of humiliation as he slipped out of the sweater, it revealed a low cut spageti strapped shirt that was whight, lacy and tight. This was what Micheal had him wear in the house but he usually let Kerry cover it with something when they went out anywhere. Kerry guessed the humiliation was part of his punishment so it was really just best to take it.

"Pants too." Came the cold voice from above him. This time Kerry couldn't hold back a few humiliated tears. For the first time on this nightmare walk Kerry looked up at Micheal with pleading horrified eyes.

"Please master don't make me do that." Kerry pleaded.

"Now." Micheal said his eyes hardening a little more. Whimpering slightly Kerry slipped of the loose jeans he had been waring to reveal a pair of tight denim shorts they didn't even go down to his knees and they were on pavement. Kerry had gone back to staring at the ground when Micheal kneeled down next to him, Kerry was shocked but kept looking at the ground. He felt hands in his hair and the longish blond curls being pulled out of his face and tied back.

He didn't move as this was happening but when it was done he reached up to feel what Micheal had put in his hair. He blushed when his hand found a ribbon tied into a bow, but what was worse was that now he couldn't hide his face behind his hair. Now everyone could see him and he could see everyone as he crawled beside Micheal the pain in his knees totally overwhelmed by the humiliation. A few people gave Kerry pitying looks and few ignored him but just as many people if not more stopped to stair or even laugh, even a few other demons.

Kerry's face was pink with embarrassment and now he was really crying from from the pain in his knees and the embarrassment but that just made it worse. He had to struggle to keep up with Micheal now and he was panting a little making him look even more like a dog, "Damn my master!" It was only a thought running through Kerrys head as he whimpered a little. Then sobbed again, damn it now he really knew he was lost he even thought of Micheal as his master now when he had sworn he would never even call a human master.

"Please master let me stand." Kerry whispered up to Micheal pleadingly, "I think my knees are bleeding and I can't take this humiliation. Please!" Micheal just laughed and shook his head at Kerrys pleading.

"You were bad and you knew better now you'll take the consequences. Now be quite or I'll make it worse." Micheal responded coolly. Kerry didn't see how this could get any worse but he knew he didn't want to find out so he looked back at the ground and tried to stifle his whimpers. For now he had completely forgotten what was bound to happen when they got home the pain and humiliation driving it out of his mind.

Unfortunately the second they were inside and the door was closed it all came rushing back to Kerry in a rush of fear. Kerry tried to shake it off and prayed to anyone who was listening to help him or if they couldn't help just to kill him so he wouldn't have to go through what he knew was coming again.

No one who cared must have been listening though because Micheal kneeled down beside him again unclasping the chain from his leash.

"You know where to go." Micheal told him, "Don't get up, crawl." Kerry sobbed but he did what he was told crawling toward the stairs to the bedrooms. Micheal didn't come with him right away but Kerry knew he'd be up soon probably with something new to torture him from the side trip.

Getting up the stairs on hands and knees was a little tricky but he didn't stand even though Micheal was no where in site, he just didn't want to risk it. Once he was up them he crawled to his bedroom. Once he got there he didn't go to the bed and wait on it like he knew Micheal would have wanted him to. Instead he went and curled up in a corner, a last singe of diffidence.

It was only a few minutes before Micheal came up after him carrying a all to familiar bag, it was where he kept all his tools and things he used to hurt Kerry and a few others. He put the bag down on the small table next to the bed and beckoned for Kerry to come to him. Kerry didn't have any will left to refuse him so, because he wasn't sure if he was yet allowed to stand he crawled over to Micheal getting up on the bed.

The minute Kerry was on the bed Micheal got down next to him and pushed him down till he was lying on his back. Pinning Kerrys arms Micheal leaned down and kissed him ruffly as tears streamed down Kerrys cheeks.

I am sorry you must be confused as to how we got here, well let me take you back to the beginning of this most strange story. First I must tell you that this story is not simply fiction, it is the future and must not be taken lightly. Therefore I will ask any of faint heart to stop reading and for thous who keep reading do not take this lightly. It is warning to all demons, a true story of why they should not go to earth. It starts with a young demon now known as Kerry, at the time known as Kevin being dared by his friends to spend two hours in the human world.

"O come on Kevin it's only a few hours what's the worst that could happen?" Conner asked Kevin, they had all been daring each-other to do things and it had been all fun and games till Bruce had dared Kevin to spend a night in the human world.

"Hmmm let's see I could be captured, collard and sold to some old human pervert." Kevin said sarcastically crossing his arms over his chest and glaring around at his friends. It was common knowledge that rich humans had started to keep captured demons as pets and slaves and Kevin had no intention of putting himself in danger of that.

"O fine then just go home and bake cookies like the female you are." taunted Max with a smirk. They had Kevin now, with his feminine appearance, slim frame and blond hair he did indeed look a lot like a female. Because of this he was forever trying to prove how tough and masculine he was.

"O fine I'll do the stupid dare! If I get caught it's your fault and I hope you can live with that." He said angrily glaring at all of them in tern.

"Well it's night there now so you might as well go, we'll cover for you with your parents." Bruce said motioning for Kevin to leave.

"Fine." Kevin said simply. Quickly he made a cut through into the human world and after searching for a good place to go threw, finding a old ally he went threw ear-full not to make a sound. He was frightened, of corse he was, but he know his friends would be watching him so he hid it and kept moving so he would be less likely to get caught. He was very jumpy and kept getting startled by small noises, after a wile he tried his best not to act like he was a spooked as he was. He told himself that it was just his imagination and for the first hour and a half that was true.

By then he had started to relax and when he herd something behind him he didn't even look, that was a mistake. Suddenly he felt something pierce his shoulder, turning quickly he saw a human standing in the ally with him. Kevin tried to summon up some of the magic that he and all other demons had but before he could do anything with the power he started to feel dizzy and lost his hold on it.

"Well looks like I've got a pretty one." The human said as Kevin's head grew fuzzy then called over his shoulder "Hey Allen, Donna come over here I've got one that'll fetch a good price." Soon two more humans joined the first but Kevin was having trouble seeing and he couldn't stand up strait. All he could tell about the two was that one was female the other male, they spoke to each-other but kevin could no longer understand what they were saying.

He knew he wouldn't be able to stay conscious much longer so the time to fight was now. Summoning up all the magic he could muster he heard the humans gasp, it wasn't that he changed but his red eyes started to glow and electric crackles started in his hair. Unfortunately this time the summoning with the drug in his system proved to much and he collapsed before he could do anything with the magic. The last thing he heard before he blacked out was the humans laughter the deep one of the males and the high tinkling one of the girl. Damn them to hell he thought then lost all Consciousness to the sound of human laughter.


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