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Summer with Luke

Novel By: PurplePens
Gay and lesbian

Drew's life is turned over when his parent's go on a cruise, his brother Rick comes home from college, and along with him comes Luke. The beautiful college freshman with short brown hair and deep green eyes. Drew becomes one of the most confused Juniors of all time. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 14, 2012    Reads: 203    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

Luke pulled away from me, and said "Sorry love couldn't resist" then ran down the steps. I stood there lingering in the air, thinking about the last few moments I had just experianced. I'm home alone with my brother and his friend while my parents go on a summer cruise. When my parents left they kissed me goodbye and said my brother would be here soon. An hour later my brother and his friend, Luke, showed up. Rick, my brother, gave me his suitcase upside down so it spilled on the floor and I had to pick up his T-shirts with the soroity symbol stiched on and the sleeves cut off, faded jeans, workout shorts, and custom made hair gel. When I finished I took the bag and started up the stairs. Rick went to make a protein shake. On the way up the stairs I run into Luke. He kisses me. A serious kiss. On the mouth.

I finished putting Rick's stuff up, and I fall on the bed. Did I really just get kissed by a dude? I fell into a deep thought questioning what just happened.

I must've fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes it was dark. I glanced at my watch, it was 11:11. I made a wish,I wish for more of his kisswas my first thought but I quickly tried to push it away. I glanced at my watch 11:12. "'Dammit" I said. I walked down the steps. I looked around and only saw Luke on the couch. I gulped and ran back up the stairs. I ran back into my room and jumped on my bed. He looked so hot, dammit. Luke had only been clothed by a short pair of boxers probably since Rick was gone, most likely drinking or picking up girls or both, and he figured I was sleeping. His short brown hair mixed in perfetly with his skin. His tan skin. His eyes were breathtaking, a deep beautiful green. He was particualry fit and his peni-.What the hell am I thinking, I like woman. I like pussy. I like boobs. "Hello" said a deep voice. I look up and there he is. Luke.

I gulped "Uh, hi I said meekly. He's holding a notebook in his left arm and a pencil in his right. He's still only wearing boxers.

"I figured you were asleep since you didn't come down for dinner" he said so calmly like that kissed never happened he was pissing me off. I wanted to punch him. "Hello?" he asked waving a hand in my face. I turned a deep shade off scarlet.

"Oh, sorry" I apoligized. He looked at me with those eyes the beautiful green eyes. I felt blood rush to a certain place I really wished it wouldn't have. I looked up expecting him to kiss me. No, wanting him to kiss me.

"Your brother said that I have to room with you" he said

"Because he's gonna have sluts around all the time" I finished

"Most likely, he does at college" he said

"Shit" I cursed, reallizing I didn't have a trundle or pallet. Luke read my mind.

"I can sleep on the couch" he offered

"No, my bed's big enough for two" I said, without realizing what I really just said .DammitI thought.

"Ok" he said and walked right past me. I turned and followed him and no matter how hard I tried my eyes fixated on his ass. It was sexy. No! It wasn't sexy and this guy didn't turn me on! We entered my room full of Anime posters. Mostly Naruto. "You like anime"

"Yeah" I said

"My favorite anime is Junjou Romantica"

"What's that?" I asked

"It's a story about three different couples"

"What's the difference than other love stuff?"

"They're gay" he said. I froze. This guy kissed me AND he watches an anime with gay people.

"Maybe we should go to bed now" I said quickly jumping into the bed. Throwing the covers over my body and I sat there listening to him breath and look at my posters. Finally, he climbed onto the opposite side off the bed.

"Good night, love" he said. A shock went throughout my body. Love. That's the second time. I sat there feeling the bed vibrate from our breathes. I couldn't possibly like this guy . First he's a guy. Second, he's in college. Third he's in college with my brother. My thought's swirled in my head until finally I passed out.

End. Did you like it? Comment I'll post more later.


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