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Happy Birthday - chapter 1

By: scully23

Chapter 2,

BIG SURPRISE – Chapter 2

I get in the car, feeling like I really shouldn’t be doing this. I mean who would hop into a stranger’s car, even if that stranger was supposably a “family Friend”. As I am about to close the door, a hand snakes up a round my waist, and pulls me down. “What the heck?  , Who are you? ,” I can’t tell what this person looks like? It’s so dark, and the light illuminating him is not much better just the outline, of their shape. “All in due time, and in the meantime, would please put this on. And we can have some fun.” She said seductively, wow she is hypnotizing, I almost fell into it. Except for the fact it’s a she. A she, she is a women. “HOLY CRAP, you... You … you’re a Chick!” All she does is laugh this kind of freakish laugh. It sent my stomach doing backflips, crazy little flips. That I am not even sure what happened next until, I feel the car Roar to life and take off.

Since I’m blindfolded, I cannot see her, but I can sense her watching me, I can feel her gaze upon me searching me, wanting me. Then I suddenly feel warmth on the top of where she placed her soft hand on my thigh. I can’t feel anything I have gone all numb, the only feeling I feel is her smooth hand, ever so slightly rise up my leg. Getting higher and higher, and then I feel nothing because I feel dizzy, and lightheaded, and then nothing, complete blackness surrounding me. I am in total bliss.

I only have my imagination to work with. I imagine I am in a limousine, coming from my Parents house, dressed in small red, oh- so-tight skimpy strapless dress. I realise that it is a long time until I get to my house and feel very bored.  I get this sinking feeling that I am being watched. Then the limo pulls over. I look out the window and I found that this is not my house. Then the door opens to my side and someone gets in, but before he closes the door I get a glimpse of what he is wearing, and let me tell you he was hardly wearing anything. Except his socks, and right now all I can do is want him, feeling very hungry for his massive, and 12 inch cock. God it’s Beautiful and huge and wow I need him now. He climbs in the back with me, strips me bear of everything I am wearing, he than lowers his head and starts to lick my aching wet pussy. My body soaking him with my juices against his face, but he always stops licking just before I cum, and replaces his tongue with his 12 inch pulsating cock, Inserting his throbbing member all the way inside, my wetness.

“Oh God, Fuck ME HARD, I NEED TO CUM SO BAD “. I Scream.

“Lavender wake up”

“Ahhh, what the? Why did you wake me?”

“You were talking in your sleep, and started moaning, and you kind of left me something I have to clean up now?. So if you don’t mind can you keep your dreams to yourself please?”  Then she laughed her incredible freakish laugh.

And I was completely embarrassed. My phone vibrated again but I couldn’t read it, but I didn’t have to as it was a recorded message and in her seducing tone she said wait for me, and I will make you cum so bloody good, your man in the limo won’t stand a chance. Then she laughed again.


P.s Tell me what u think and comment please. I know its short again but it’s a series of short stories that make up the novel.

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