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Happy Birthday - chapter 1

Novel By: scully23
Gay and lesbian

it is 17 years old lavenders birthday, but no one remebers it, noone rembers her either, she stuck believing she is a nobody, until oneday she recives an envelope.... read to find out..............:) View table of contents...


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"I know it seems hard to understand trust me, I know baby." She told me like she regretted telling me. She only wanted to make me happy. Whether I was being over dramatic I didn't dare let her know. I mean I really wanted her but I don't even know her. And I really wanted to leave Australia and my house and family but I couldn't because I just didn't feel like it and I didn't have the opportunity too anyway. But now that she has told me everything I just don't feel like I can leave, I feel safe here. And I want her soo badly.

"If I say yes to ditching my home in Australia and yes to wanting to stay here with ….umm…ah …" I stammered.

"Me" she said a bit impasse.

"Yea umm….. What would happen to me...like, I don't know" I really didn't want to know what would become of me but all I knew was that Jade had flown me to wherever from out the front of my school. And I still do not know how she did it, one minute I felt like I was above the clouds and the next I was flying above the clouds. But I didn't see any wings, and I know I wasn't in a plane or jet. Besides what about the place I am in its like being in heaven. But I didn't see the golden gates to say this was heaven, but it sure looked like a splitting image of it.

"Lavender we are known as seraphim. A type of angel. We are the angles with desire for burning love. I know you don't want to hear it but please can you just look at me, for just one second and see that my intentions are only to love and serve you, your my princess, and I am your sovereign." She explained in a hurry like she wanted me to see her before time runs out like in Cinderella. How fascinating.

"But what exactly do you do and everyone else, I mean if you are…… if I am … princess doesn't that mean ……… uh what …. You said burning love, what do you mean by that?" I uttered a little quietly.

"I mean my duty, is to express what I am feeling through love, in your more common words you would call it sex, but for us it is a bit different, you see if I could just show you it would be a lot easier to see than talk about." She told me impatiently.

"Sex you mean your job is to have sex with me…. Seriously I'm not a lesbian at least I don't feel like a lesbian…… its wrong, and if your some sort of angel I mean didn't the bible say that God was against the les and gay thing." I can't believe she wanted to have sex with me I feel flattered but with a chick, I mean you can't have sex with a chick, it's like near impossible, it's like doing everything else but having the one you want inside you. You get every other part like fingers, and tongues and what not but you don't actually get them, and what about kids, I want to have kids. I wanted to party. To drink even. But if I am to have sex with her how can I have children. I mean I want them …… Didn't….I

"LAVENDER……….. You either have sex with me every day. And Enjoy every Fuckn minute of it, or you whole world will literally die get blow away, your family will burn, the ones you love will suffer the consequences. Make a choice now."

"I … I …. i.i.i….. Want you but…………. I mean …I … you don't...i your chick." I tried to tell her that she didn't have nuts, so how could I fuck her.

"SWEET LEMONS, LAVENDER I HAVE A FUCKING COCK SEE…… I told I just wanted to show you, not tell you because as hard as it is. No one ever believes me, when I say it. Please just don't judge me, I really love you and I want you but the only way you are gunna find out how I feel about is if we make love now. And before Midnight."

She had a wonderfully huge cock. It was a beautiful 8 and inch covered in blue and green swirling patterns, with flecks of Gold around the head. I stand at attention wanting and waiting ever so patiently. Its thickness was like the size of a kid's size 7 foot. It was huge and impossible. I mean how can a… she be a man, I mean and how is her junk able to be that huge I….I…. how can that even fit in me, the last time I checked, my hole wasn't even that big, but it was tiny compared to hers.. … God I feel hungry…. I want her to fuck me … I want her now… but alas I have to ask the most important question, a life or death question a question so hard to ask…. That all I could do is staring at this beautiful thing in front of me, while I turn the words around in my head…. Finally I get the courage to speak.

"Why midnight I mean …. Will I die, yours is soo huge …….will it FIT." I hesitantly spoke.

She took a while trying to answer my questions that I asked stupidly…..

"Lavender it will fit, we did this before, trust me, as for why midnight well let's just say that both I and you will be burnt to death if we make love after midnight…. So I strongly suggest that we do this now….. READY???" she asked wanting me more than ready as it was only 30 minutes before midnight.

Was I ready, was I ready to lose and win everything I ever wanted. Was I ready to have sex with that massive thing in me??

Was I ready…….?

Please comment and suggest anything you would love for me to put into this??

I am up for suggestions.../

XD xoxo SCullY23 xoxo


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