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Happy Birthday - chapter 1

By: scully23

Chapter 6,

I had given in, admitted I wanted it, and was reeling at the sensations flooding through my body now, heightening her other senses. I stood still, hands loosely on my stomach. I stood before her, as another gentle kiss at the nape of my neck surprised me and once again sent her reeling. The slight touch of a fingertip up the back of my thigh was almost too much, and had it not been for her firm grip on my waist, I would have fallen to the floor with ecstasy.

 Suddenly I could feel the heat radiating off her body, her warm breathe on my neck. Each flick of her tongue along my flesh was like a lightning bolt exploding and electrifying my body. My head lolled back. My lips parted and was about to beg for her, to get on with it. When I felt her tongue trace the bottom of my lip. The smell of sweet honey and vanilla surrounding my very essence, as she breathed me in deep.

My tongue flicked out to meet hers before entangling ourselves in a slow unspiritual kiss. Her grip held me firm, and her other hand sliding down around my hip to hold my ass and pull me to her. Moaning into her mouth softly, I found rapture, the taste of her sweeter than anything I have ever tasted. I was lost, giving into her kiss, her control of me complete.

The excitement starts to build inside me. Downstairs becomes even wetter, begging to be fucked. Unable to wait any more, I pin Jade up against the wall, and kiss her hard on the lips. “I want to fuck you soo bad” I say passionately.

I kiss her hard once more before pulling away, and pushing her down on to the bed. “Do you any chocolate, preferably melted.” I say with a hint of a smile in my voice.  Unable to wait any longer she runs out of the room, with lighting speed, she then dashed back in with the hot melted chocolate in hand stopped right in front of me, gave me one knowing cheeky smirk, then took out a blindfold and covered my eyes. I didn’t expect anything until she covered me with hot and steamy chocolate, and started sucking me until she slowly made her way up again and Whispered in my ear a very faint whisper, “now or never?”

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