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Happy Birthday - chapter 1

Novel By: scully23
Gay and lesbian

it is 17 years old lavenders birthday, but no one remebers it, noone rembers her either, she stuck believing she is a nobody, until oneday she recives an envelope.... read to find out..............:) View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 26, 2012    Reads: 148    Comments: 7    Likes: 0   

"Now I want you now" I say impatiently.

I lay back down on the bed breathing slow and even breaths waiting for what I knew was coming. She slowly sucked her way down caressing my full round breast with her soft slick and smooth hands. Fondling my already hard nipple, and catching my other in her teeth she slowly pulled and sucked, making me shiver the most pleasurable shiver in the whole world.

"I love you, and this is gonna hurt. I'm so sorry, but I want you soo much, do you love me?" she asks.

Without thinking about what I was doing I grabbed her beautiful cock, and guided it to my mouth. At first I just touched the head with my index finger, but as Jade started bucking on top of me, I rolled her over, so she was lying beneath me. Took off my blindfold, and grabbed the rest of the melted chocolate, and covered her beautiful pulsating member in it. Then ever so slowly I bent my mouth to her, just as I was about to suck her. Jade grabbed me by the hair and pushed down so my mouth full on swallowed her whole. I gaged and then began to suck, slow and even for what felt like 5 painstakingly long minutes.

"do you love me Lavender?" she moaned louder

I was about to stop sucking when she grabbed me again and pulled me back to her lips. Whilst not breaking the kiss, she leaned over me and grabbed a strawberry. She put the fruit into her mouth and painfully sucked, until I felt the urge to have her inside me.

"wh….what are you doin with that?" I ask mutter a bit frightened.

"just a bit more excitement in our love, you don't mind do you?" she asked breathlessly.

Then she pushed me back down with my head rolling off the bed. She still had the berry inside her mouth when she started creeping down my body yet again. Then with a cheeky smile she spread my full pink lips apart, and pushed the strawberry in.

"you ready to have some FUN hard loving?" she said silently just barely recognisable.

Then without letting me answer she guided her thick and delicious cock deep inside me, pushing the strawberry in even further. "Oh god….. I …I … Hmmmm, please…"

"FUCK….. OH ARGHHH …… WOAH……" I screamed. I moaned. I cursed out loud and with that she pulled out again, but not before thrusting back in again even harder, but painfully slow.

"GOD LOVE ME…..FUCK ME HARDER…… I'm not goin to last much longer….. PLEASE..!!!!!" I begged.

And just when I thought she couldn't hear me, Jade slammed her member dripping with pre-cum harder, and faster, and more exhilarant than ever. I gasped another 23 times before I could feel my struggling against my first ever orgasm. With one final thrust I came all over her front. I let my head roll to the side, to enjoy my very high feeling of pleasure. As Jade kept going in and out she screamed, so loud I couldn't hear anything until her last thrust. She screamed her final undying love to me, and with that she shot her extremely hot liquid inside of me. After a few moments of deep breathing to catch our breaths, She collapsed on top of me than rolled off me. We lied their gazing at each other for what seemed like hours, until I couldn't take it anymore and closed my eyes.

"I love you Lavender" Jade whispered against my skin.

" I ….I….lov……" I couldn't say anymore I was too tired.

But just as drifted off I felt an arm snake around my waist. And the feel of her round plump breast against my back, holding me close, and the feeling of being loved took over my body. I turned around to face her. Kissed her full on the lips and told her "never let me go"

And with that we embraced once more.

I feel so happy here. It's my own little world just her and me all alone together ….. I can feel her breath against my neck the tingling feeling growing as she traces my hands with her long slender fingers, and then up my arm. She is making my body do incredible things, how I wish this night would never end.

Then we both drifted off thinking that was the most luscious love making….. We could share in the whole universe…. And it was amazing my first ever…..

Look out world I am no longer pure….. I lost my virginity tonight and I will never regret it.




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