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Happy Birthday - chapter 1

Novel By: scully23
Gay and lesbian

it is 17 years old lavenders birthday, but no one remebers it, noone rembers her either, she stuck believing she is a nobody, until oneday she recives an envelope.... read to find out..............:) View table of contents...


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"Welcome to …………………, please stand up for the national angelic anthem and remain standing for the official party" the king of gods Zeus said.

As we were entering the most beautiful, garden in the world, I noticed Jake was staring at me with the most unimaginable hatred in his eyes. How could I do this to him? I know I wanted a sweet child to love and hold, but killing someone I couldn't do, even if it was to save my life.

"Before me stand Lavender and Jade, ready to leave their lives behind, in order to love and hold and cherish one another, for all eternity." Said the all oh mighty Zeus. "Do you Jade take Lavender to be your Lawfully Wedded Angel, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, to conquer all as long as you both shall live?"

"I DO" Jade sighed exaggeratedly, with a lacy handkerchief wiping the near non-existence tears.

"And do you Lavender take Jade to be your Lawfully Wedded Angel, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, to conquer all as long as you both shall live." Zeus repeated again to me.

"I…..I…..I "I stuttered "I do". I cannot believe I am goin to marry her and have a child with her. But what's going to happen to Jake, he is going to hate me for ever, until the day he dies.

"Now jade, are you ready?" Zeus questioned her on god knows what

"Yes sir I am, I am hopeful, that we can do this" she linked her left hand in mine, and was rubbing two circles, above my right thumb. This was our little symbol we made last night, to warn the other that something HUGE was about to happen.

"And you Lavender are you ready to?" Zeus repeated once again.

"Ahhh…… I guess" I spoke very unsure of what I was getting myself into.

"Then guards bring human Jake Henry forward, to kneel before your Queen and Princess of Seraphim. There Jade and Lavender will Prosecute the Human, in order to Conceive a Child." Zeus Ordered.

"WHAT THE FUCK, they aren't even royalty, WHO IN GOD'S NAME THEM ROYALTY??? For FUCK SAKE…….DON'T TOUCH ME GET YOUR UGLY HANDS OFF ME…….. I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU KEEP TOUCHING ME, GOSH didn't your parents ever teach you any manners???....... "Jake was cursing every like two words, at the guards, who might I add happened to be Death and Death DEITY. I hope he gets what he deserves for all the Profanity. And what did Zeus Mean by we Prosecute him. He cannot mean to kill him ourselves, I don't think I can handle hurting any creature, no matter what it did to me, even if it hurt me soo much, to calling me ugly, and any other words under the sun. But to hurt him, I don't think I even have it in me anymore.

"Silence or I will personally give you hell for what you did to my angel, how dare you hurt her" Jade clearly spoke with great integrity and power with as little force as necessary. She is awesome when it comes to protecting me. What can a girl like me ask for, she is pretty, she's smart, powerful, energetic, beautiful, and she knows when I am not capable of delivering things that could hurt me more than who I was delivering them to. Especially now when she said this.

"But I know you and I know Lavender …… so I am going to do what I believe is good for both of you, and call Aphrodite the Goddess of LOVE and she will determine your punishment. What do you think of that Jake?"

"Hahahha "he burst out laughing "and how exactly is the goddess of love supposed to hurt me? Huh stick an arrow in my butt and make me fall in love. Cause if that's supposed to kill me somehow you are obviously mistaken." He sarcastically remarked.

"Don't patronize me buster…… Aphrodite is the strongest women there is in the world, and you are lucky enough to be under her hand instead of death himself. So take it and we will continue this ceremony later tonight, when we are in the company of Aphrodite and her love." Jade shot back

"Seriously why tonight, why can't you call her now, and kill me now, if you really have to." Jake shot at her again.

"Because at night is when the magic of love begins, and the death of hate ends" she shot.

P.S - Chapter 10 will be up next week where the real pain of DEATH for Jake begins and ends.

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