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A crossover between my gay novel, Against The Rage, and Obe's novel, I Will Follow You Into The Dark. It's just a side fanfiction for fun. No harm in the actual two stories View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 9, 2011    Reads: 80    Comments: 12    Likes: 1   

This is just for fun between two stories :]

Jayden and Eli are from I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Obe

Jem and Alex are from Against The Rage by Sharewithmeyourworld.

Hope you have fun reading this one shot sorta thing.

"I still don't get why you're dragging me along." I blustered through the LaGuardia Airport, trying my hardest to keep up with Jem's long legs. "That was my very first plane flight, you could have been nice enough to not shove me in the window seat. And scare me every time turbulence hit." I nagged trying to catch my breath.

Jem waited for me to catch up, a grin on his round face. "I had to do something to make you hold my hand." Men and women in suits and luggage pushed past us trying to get to their destinations.

A week ago Jem came over unannounced with two plane tickets in his hand, telling me I was going to New York with him for the weekend. Mother and father were not happy but let me go since we had no school on Monday. And now, few hours later of suffering next to Jem, we tried to make our way out of the air port.

I pulled my suitcase behind me as we advanced out of the over populated air port, the cold air striking to my bones. Before I could stop and button up my jacket, Jem was in front of me doing it himself. I went to protest without thinking of it, fastening my hands on his to try to stop him. He stopped but didn't move. "You have to get used to me touching you."

"I know." I shyly whispered. "Just a reaction, I'm sorry." Sliding my hands off of his, I let him finish buttoning up my jacket, heat rising up from the center of my chest to my cheeks. I watched as people past us by, giving us disgusted looks or rushing along.

"You're cute when you blush." Jem said softly lifting my chin to meet his eyes, and brushed his lips against mine. I was unable to hide back a smile. "You want to see how to live in New York?" He asked moving to the curb of the sidewalk.

"Sure." I grinned, excited to see him so ecstatic. I stepped to the side of him and saw he raised out his hand and an ear-splitting whistle rang through the air, having to cover my ears with my cupped hands. Seconds later a yellow cab pulled into the empty spot in front of us. "I didn't know you could whistle."

He chuckled and took my suitcase from me to put in the already propped up trunk in the cab. "You have to learn how to whistle in New York. It's mandatory to take a whistling class in school here."

"It is not." I said rolling my eyes.

"No," He said shutting the trunk, "But it should be. Can't live here if you don't know how to whistle. Unless you want to steal an old ladies cab." He opened the door for me and crawled in afterwards. "To Canton Avenue." He announced to the cab driver.

Tall buildings surrounded all around us, making me dizzy. "It's utterly crowded here." I said leafing through out of the cab window. "I read there were around five hundred-thousand crimes here last year." I jumped at the feel of Jem's hand on my thigh, making him withdraw. "I'm sorry, please." I handled his hand in my own, trying to apologize for making him retreat his hand.

"It's quite alright. I actually find it a bit cute." He flirted leaning over and kissed my cheek, his lips were warm and wet, unlike my chapped ones. "You don't have to be scared here, I'll protect you." He whispered in my ear, sending chills down my spine.

"I didn't say I was scared." I turned to face him.

He shyly smiled. "I know." Leaning back into his seat, I caught the drivers dark eyes in the rear view mirror. He quickly jerked his eyes back to the street. It was quite for a while, as much as New York could get. Still holding onto Jem's hand, I started to wounder how his life here was before he moved to Washington, how hectic it could be to live here.

"Wait, wait! Would you mind parking right over there? I think I saw someone I know." Jem pointed over on the left side of the street, anxiously sitting on the edge of his seat.

The cab driver exhaled but did as he was told and pulled over the chance he got with cars honking behind us. Jem jumped out of the car the second he got before I had the chance to call out to him, and ran up to a guy with his back turned. He seemed tall, his dark hair reaching to his neck. It was incredible Jem could spot someone out in the middle of a mob filled with people in suits.

The raven haired guy turned around at the touch of Jem's hand on his shoulder. His face seemed confused at first, then beamed once he realized who it was. They embraced into a friendly hug and started talking, motioning around their hands a lot.

"Would you go and tell your friend to hurry up?" The driver asked annoyed, putting his hairy arm around the empty passenger seat to look back at me.

"Yes, sorry. I'll be right back." Getting out of the cab, I slowly walked up to Jem and his friend. His green eyes smiled before his lips did, gesturing to me before Jem had noticed I was there.

"You must be Alex. My name is Jayden, long lost best friend of Jem's." He announced reaching his hand out.

I shook it to greet him and gave my attention to Jem. "The driver isn't very patient."

"Of course, sorta forgot about him." Jem laughed.

"How long are you in town for?" Jayden asked before we could leave, "Maybe we should all get together before hand, I'd love it for you to meet Eli. He's such an adorable thing."

Jem looked amused, "Yeah man, we leave Monday morning. Perhaps tomorrow night at the usual place? Say around six?"

"Hell yeah." Jayden laughed and embraced Jem into another hug. "Do I get a hug from you, small fry?"

"I am not short." I scolded getting pushed into Jaydens arms. I could feel his hard muscles under his shirt, heat instantly rushing to my face.

"He sure is cute." Jayden said letting me return to Jem's side.

"Isn't he?" Jem boasted smiling from ear to ear. A honk dragged on behind us, indicating to us to hurry up or he'll drive off with my suitcase still in the trunk. "We'll see you then."

Jem and I ran back to the cab as it started to pull away. "I'm paying you to drive us, so chill the hell out." He exploded, slamming his hand on the plastic window.

"Jem!" I snapped, applaud at his sudden anger.

"It's New York," He shrugged, "You have to put them in their place, or they're just going to run off with your belongings in their trunk. It happened to me twice."

"I don't care. Be nice." I calmed my voice down, knowing screaming wouldn't help in this situation.

He fixed his eyes on me for a second with those gray eyes I had begun to love. "I'm sorry. Just got a little over whelmed I guess." Leaning back into the seat, he took my hand into his, playing with my fingers.

"I'm sorry about making you wait, sir." I apologized, leaning back with Jem.

I heard him mumble, "Yeah, whatever."

"Are you serious?" I asked mainly to myself, surprised at his impoliteness.

"They're not so nice, Alex." Jem smiled bringing my hand up to his lips and kissed it.

The cab dropped us off in front of his mothers condo on Canton avenue an hour later, and peeled off the second Jem grabbed my suitcase out of the trunk. He led me into theempty condo, through the tidy living room and to is old bedroom. "You get to sleep with me." He grinned from ear to ear as he put my suitcase down and plummet himself onto the small bed, raising one arm behind his head.

"How charming." Rolling my eyes I sat on the edge of the bed and stretched my arms. "It's only seven yet feels like I've been up all week."

Strong arms wrapped around my waist and got pulled into a deep embrace. His breath tickled my neck as he spoke. "Then why don't we get some sleep? Tomorrows going to be a long day." I felt warm lips at the nap of my neck as he kissed me, never failing to send heat to my face.

"Just don't fondle me while I'm sleeping." I joked untying my shoes and shrugging off my jacket.

"I'll try. No promises though."

I slept like the last time Jem had held me; soundlessly.

The day of the 'double date' went on slowly but enjoyable. Jem and I hung out with Shelly, his mother, and Jacob, her new boyfriend while waiting for six o'clock to come around. They took us around New York, showing me all the great places and the worst places to eat, or to sleep, and took us out for breakfast and ice cream.

Six o'clock came around as Jem dropped Tracy and Jacob off at home and drove us to where ever Jem and Jayden had planned. He wouldn't tell me, saying it wasn't any of my 'business'. I wanted to be mad, but I couldn't, not from his laughter and him keep kissing my hand or cheek at stop lights. 'Just stop worrying, you're going to love it' he kept saying.
Half an hour later, six-thirty, he parked in front of a restaurant. The River Cafe.

"This place looks expensive, Jem." I whined, not wanting him to spend over twenty dollars on this date. According to the looks of it he'll be spending five times as much. "Jem, lets go some place else. I saw a hot dog stand a few miles back."

Jem turned off the engine and unbuckled himself. "I can't do that now, I already told Jayden we'll meet him here. And we're thirty minutes late. So hurry your little ass up." He smiled and got out of the car. I groaned, never have I been to a restaurant this nice. Now I understand why he told me to wear the nicest clothes I brought, which wasn't classy at all.

I stomped myself out of the car and to Jem's side, not the least happy about this situation.

"Why do you seem so pouty?" He asked grabbing my arm to turn me around and face him.

I exhaled, "Because, you don't need to spend so much on me. I'm more of a walking-in-the-park guy, you know that."

"I never get to, so let me do it just once in a while, please? I know you secretly love it." With that he swung his arm into mine and dragged me into the entrance of The River Cafe.

"Two?" A guy in a white tux asked, a menu ready in his hand.

"No, we're meeting two others here, Jayden and Eli. I'm hoping they're not already here." Jem answered gazing through the crowd.

"Let me check." The waiter looked at a stack of papers on the desk, his lips curled into a smile as he pointed his index finger on the paper. "Yes, right this way."

"Damn it, I'm always late coming here." Jem said mainly to himself as we followed the waiter. He led us to a small round table outside with a white cloth draped over it. Jayden, his dark brown hair looked black, was sitting next to a younger looking male with wavy blond hair.


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