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Deep Within Pleasure

Novel By: Skaterz
Gay and lesbian

Brian is like a god to the girl's, Yet he doesn't like girls, He likes Guys. That's right, Guys. What will Brian do when a mysterious hot guy next door to him moves in and starts to like Brian?? Will Brian like this guy back or try and find someone better?? What will Brian's parents say when he say's he's gay for the first time, What will his family do?? View table of contents...



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Chapter 1: New Mysterious Man next door??

As Brian parks his Audi in his drive way, he notice's a rental truck next door and people moving stuff into the house next door. Brian shrug's his shoulder's and walks in his house into his bedroom and changes clothes and head downstairs into my back yard to jump on my trampoline for a while.

Jumping and doing tricks on a trampoline sure does get stress off your shoulders from work,Geez. I jump one more time and do a backflip off the trampoline onto the ground. I walk over to my chair and grab my muscle shirt and run it through my sun bleached almost curly hair, I look up and see the most beautiful man I've ever laid my eye's on, Who is he?? I stare at him for a bit and say " Are you the new guy that moved into this house??" He stop's what he was doing and turn's around and looks at me and say's " Yeah, I'm the new guy. I'm Issac" He holds out his hand over the fence and I shake it and say " I'm Brian" We take our hands apart and I say " IF you want I can show you the town to get to know around here??" He stares at me intently like he's undressing me with his eye's, His bedroom brown eye's,Geez. He say's " Yeah, Sure. I'd like to get to know a few guy's...well I never told anyone this but I'm Gay" I swallow hard with wide eyes and say " Your Gay??" He looks at me and say's " Yeah, I'm Gay and Proud of it" I smile and say " That make's two of us" He smile's and say's " Your gay too??" I smile and nod my head, He say's " Wow, No offense but your fucking sexy" I laugh a bit and say " Thanks, I get that alot, Your sexy too. Where did you move from??" He put's both his elbows on the fence and say's " I ran away from home, Well not entirely ran away from home, I wanted to start life new from my old home is California. When my Parent's found out I was gay, They over-reacted and told me either to become straight and date a girl or leave really. I left, I don't want to give up what I like to believe in no matter what my parents say" I smile and say " I'm still waiting to tell my family that i'm gay, They actually think I have girls over at my place because I rarely talk to them, What can I say my mom fucked a guy while on the beach with blond hair and this is how I showed up, Never really knew my father. Wanna come inside and coutinue to talk??" He nod's his head and climbs over the fence, Geez. I hope I can make it to the night before trying to make a move or he makes one.

I gently push Issac down on the couch and hover over him and kiss him, He kisses me right back and we moan, Geez, Told you I wasn't going to last till tonight. Issac wrap's his arm's around my neck and pulls me down harder onto him causing me to smile against the kiss. I pull back and look into his eye's and he say's " Damn...Best fucking kiss i've ever had so far" I laugh and say " Yeah, Best fucking kiss Ever" I settle myself down onto Issac's front part and he sits up and takes off my shirt and run's his hands and finger's over my well muscled body. I bend my head back and close my eye's and moan, Damn just his touch sends twitch's to my cock. I jerk my head forward and see Issac undoing my Pants and zipper, I'm not gonna stop him, This fucking feels good. He pulls my big cock out and looks up at me and say's " Mmmm...Looks so yummy,How does your Cum taste??" I smile and say " I don't know, Maybe you should try and find out for yourself" He smile's and start's to suck my big cock in his mouth, I groan very loudly and put my hands on his head and hold him steady, I'm not gonna last long. He countinue's to give me pleasure and I say " Issac...I'm not gonna last very long" He put's his hands on my hips and I fuck his mouth, His beautifully sculpted mouth, I groan when my release comes quickly and I look into his eye's. He licks his mouth with his tounge and I lean down and kiss him hard and taste myself inside his mouth. I pull back and lick my lip's and say " Damn, I taste so fucking good" Issach smile's and say's " Tell me about it Baby, So salty and sweet" I slide down Issac and Un-botton his pants and pull down his Zipper and pull out his big cock. I attach my mouth on him and give him his best blow job he can ever imagine. I suck on it, Teeth it,Graze it, Jack him off and so much more I can do to this man. I attach my mouth back on him and he groan's and say's " Brian!!!" I take in his cum and swallow it and lick my finger's and look at him and say " Like that baby??" He takes a few deep breath's and say's " Oh..Yeah I loved it" He looks at the clock and say's " Shit, I gotta go. My parents are gonna be calling soon to see if I'm dating a girl, I'll lie, I don't want them coming down here too to ruin this new life I got now" I smile and say " Okay, Come over tomorrow and i'll take you out to the town??" He nod's and gets up and put's his cock in his pants and I put my back and stand up with him.

"Bye Issac" He turn's around and say's " Bye, What time do you want me to come over tomorrow??" I think and say " Noon?? Or One?? Too earlier??" He smile's and say's " Nope, I'll be over there, Bye" I smile and shut my back door and lean up against it with my head leaned back and take a deep sigh that turn's into a gigantic smile, Geez Issac is so fucking hot and the way he sucked my dick, Damn.


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