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At the age of ten, Cassandra saw a couple that was obviously in love. That couple was two females. Cassandra's mother didn't accept of this couple being in the mall, so she gave them both a piece of her mind and told her daughter to never become a lesbian or she would be disowned. Ten years later, Cassandra is seeing women behind her mothers back and pretending to date her best friend Aaron who is gay to keep her mother's love a respect. View table of contents...


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*10 Years Ago*

"Mom?" Cassandra asked her mother as they sat in the food court at the mall. The twenty-five year old looked down at her daughter raising an eyebrow. "How come those two girls are holding hands?" The woman looked in the direction her daughter was pointing at. There stood two girls, about sixteen or seventeen.

Monica's face twisted in disgust. "Don't look at them sweetheart. They're called lesbians and it's a sin to love someone the same gender as you," Monica responded to her ten year-old daughter. Cassandra nodded slowly and even though her mother told her to no longer look at them, Cassandra's eyes followed. Even at the age of ten, she knew what love was and could see that the two shared it. Monica noticed her daughter watching the teenagers and scowled. She jolted up from her chair and stormed over to the teenagers.

It wasn't hard to miss what Monica had said to the girls, seeing as she was shouting at them both. "How dare you come into a public area holding hands! Do you not understand that homosexuality is a sin! It's disgusting and wrong! There are children here! What do your parents think of this nonsense? You can't even have children! When you die, which I hope is soon so you stop making this world a horrible place for my daughter to grow up, you will burn in hell. How do you feel about that? Huh? You're just seeking attention! Now stop it before you spread the disease."

The entire food court seemed to be watching all of this. Both teenagers were crying. Cassandra's stomache twisted in knots as she took in the two girls. One girl wore baggy khaki-pants with what appeared to actually be boxers hanging out with a wife beater and a blue plaid shirt over-top. Monica kept going on about the two girls because of how they looked like "dykes" a word Cassandra still didn't understand and wouldn't for awhile. The same girl wearing khaki-pants had her hair coloured a bright blue colour and it was a mohawk that wasn't style. Now her girlfriend didn't even look the same way. She just wore a regular halter-top with a mini-skirt and converse. Cassandra couldn't tell what was wrong with the picture. She believed that both girls were beautiful.

Monica finally left the two girls alone to cry. The girl with the mohawk tried to pull her girlfriend into a hug, but she just pushed away, turned in the opposite direction and ran leaving the mohawk girl there to cry. Once Monica sat next to her daughter, Cassandra looked up saying to her mother, "That was rude..."

The young mother looked down at her daughter with a serious expression. "If you ever become a lesbian, I will disown you..." Monica warned her only child before continuing to eat her lunch.

"I dare you..." Cassandra thought to herself and continued on in silence. There wasn't much a ten year-old could do in this situation besides be quiet.


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