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The Marionette

Novel By: Tsven
Gay and lesbian

Poor Tsandar just wanted to live out his life as a prince in the Ice Realm. But what happens when his cruel step-father, the king, decides to marry him off to the Water Realm as a 'joining offering'? How will he cope? What will he do when in fact, he finds out he isn't marrying a princess, but a prince instead?
- A Novella by B.P.DeCartier - View table of contents...


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Chapter 1


I only had one thing on my mind. Yuaran. That damned wolf had gotten under my feet. Again. Sometimes I wondered if I should tie him up and give him to the guards to look after for a while. As I stormed through the large hallways of the castle I sent bone chilling glares and violent snarls to every available person, animal and entity I could see or feel. Oh no. I was not in a good mood. I looked down at the pearly white floors and scowled. Looking back at me was an 18 year old fox-boy. Yes, you heard me. Fox-boy. One with long snow white hair that trailed down his shoulders, back and over his overly decorative white robes that billowed when he walked. Two small, fluffy black-tipped fox ears erupted from the waterfall of white. His skin was pure white, and perfectly smooth, but up to his elbow it was a light blue colour. And un seen to the eye, so where his feet and legs up the the knee. On his face was a single black nose ring. The figure wasn't a tall one, but he wasn't exactly "muscled". Bitter and cold eyes scanned the copy, snowy hair falling over its face like a curtain. I hated my reflection.

Some people dared to greet me whilst I was in my mood, I had to ignore them or else I would have probably lashed out. That's one thing I didn't want. As I burst into the throne room, I received some less-than-pleased looks.

"Tsandar, what is wrong my son?" I looked up to the voice and snarled to myself. My 'father' looked down on me. He was old and he was stupid, he had the 10 foot long beard and the horrible twinkle of a fool in his eyes to prove it.

"Yuaran. Where is he? And I am not your son," I spat. Everyone else in the room flinched at my tone, but my 'father' sighed. There was a sharp gasp. My mother. I looked over to her. She marched over to me, anger written clearly over her pretty face.

"Tsandar! That is no way to talk to your father!" I scowled. My mother was my birth mother, but my birth father died. So she married this, using, arrogant idiot of a king. Since no one was going to give me answers, I left the room in silence.

My name is Tsandar. The fake prince of the Ice people. Unlike your world, ours is split into Realms. The most famous are the Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. Then there was the littler ones like the Shadow and Lightning. And then there were us, the Ice Realm. We were the smallest of them all. Each Realm had a king or queen, be it human or not. In the Ice Realm, the humans ruled the lands. The king was human, but my mother was a Rahen. Rahen were humans that possessed animal qualities. My mother was a Fox-Rahen, and like all of the Realm's supernatural inhabitants, possessed the ability to control the Ice. The same went for me, even though I wish it didn't

I went to the gardens and sat on the frost covered bench that was placed in front of a large lake. I couldn't look into the clean and crisp waters, even though my heart longed to. I hated my reflection. People said I looked like my father, the king, not my birth father. So naturally I tried to change my image to get away from the comments. I grew my hair, but that didn't work. I got my nose pierced, that didn't work. Heck. I even went as far as wearing a mask around the castle until mother banned me from wearing it. I still have it though and I carried it at my side, hanging from my belt, everywhere I went. It was just to beautiful not to show off. It was a fox shape, and a light silver in colour. I had painted tiny black swirls on the edges of the eyes and sharp, bold stripes of red on the cheeks. Utterly beautiful.

I felt a presence behind me, but never turned to see who it was. I knew exactly who it was.

"U-um, Ts-tsanar? Are you still mad?" A quiet voice said. I looked over my shoulder to see a teenage boy with short curly hair that fell over his eyes looking at me.

"Yes, I am Yuaran." I said coldly. He flinched and wrapped his large white wolf tail around his feet. I groaned and stood, "As a member of this kingdom, and a member of the council I expected you to show a small amount of maturity. Obviously not. I expect an apology by tomorrow evening." I said, walking past him. I almost felt bad for treating him like that. Almost. After years of being used had made me build up my walls of stone and turn them into ice. Unbreakable ice. I became reserved and I would sneer and turned away everyone. I had a nickname. I was "The Silver Prince", for my silver tongue. Some called me selfish, and would say that I should be thankful I was a prince. Don't they know that I would give it all up if I could? My heart longed to be in the shadows. To be common, to be penny less, to be anything but this.

I headed to my chambers, ready to call it a night and sleep all the way till dawn, but as soon as I turned the corner to my chamber, my mind was on something else. There, in front of my door was a large white wolf, almost large enough to ride on to a normal person. But obviously, I was smaller than a normal person, so it fitted me just fine. It had huge blue eyes with black markings on its forehead. I walked to meet and pet said wolf. It was Caden, my familiar. It was rare to find someone with a familiar, as not many people had the mind power to bond with an animal, but I had spent years perfecting my technique. And then I found Caden, alone in the wild. Abandoned my his mother and left to die in a ditch. I instantly felt the bond with him and took him back. He was my only true friend. I pushed him back in the room and sent him to his bed, next to my own. I never let him outside my chambers until I deemed him well behaved enough to go around.

I watched him curl into a ball and go to sleep. I stayed there, watching him and I climbed into bed myself and waited for sleep to consume me, still in my robes. It seemed the guardian of sleep had missed me that night, as I lay awake for hours. I sat up and looked around. My chambers were quite small compared to the other rooms in the castle, but I liked it that way. Every wall had shelves galore, which were stacked to the point of I had to balance some on the top. Some books were even piled at the foot of my bed and shoved under it too. You could say I liked to read in my spare time.

Another thing I did was practice magick and alchemy. So there were various staffs, wands, small and large cauldrons, pots and jars piled here and there. I paused and looked down to see if Caden was asleep, which he was, and crept over to medium pot and filled in with some water from a jug next to it. I looked over the various herbs in the cupboard under the counter until I found the one I was looking for. I pulled out a small vial of Liquidized Dragon's Scales and poured half of it into the pot. I then snatched up some Sun-dried Snow Rose petals and dropped them in. It began to bubble gently. If it was done correctly, both items would mix with the water and make a very powerful drug. I smirked. Guess who was going to get drugged at the next annual ball. All I had to do was cool it down to the point of almost frozen.

I snuck through the corridors with the liquid, trying not to spill it, and out to the gardens. I looked around, trying to find the perfect hiding place. I hurried over to a large bush and stuck it under the thick leaves. I had to get inside. If I was caught out after a certain time I would be in trouble. I frowned. Silly. A grown man still getting curfew. I practically ran inside and ran to my chambers. It was when I heard noises from the throne room, I stopped to listen. There was more than one. Only one I recognized though, it was the king. I grimaced and crept towards the doors silently.

"But you're king Nile, you have to send someone. It's a big thing." One voice said. Male. The king grumbled and another voice perked up.

"Even if it is one of your council, elder, anything! Or make the choice now, your highness." It exclaimed. I paused, thinking. Send someone to what? Since I was the prince, I knew of all meetings and guests in the castle, but I never knew this.

"Does the queen or any of the people know about his yet?" The first voice asked. There was a long silence before the king spoke.

"No. And they can't know yet. They cannot know. And if I go, then they will suspect something." He said slowly. I snarled silently. I had enough. I slowly opened the door, careful not to make a noise and entered the room. Thankfully I was un noticed by anyone. I was shocked when I saw the other inhabitants. There was a large group, perhaps seven or eight, all dressed in armour of the Water Realm. I slunk to right behind them, whilst they chattered on about a meeting.

"Why can't they know? How can't they know? Isn't the whole point in this meeting is for them to know about?" The first voice asked again. I smirked.

"Yes, why can't we know?" I said loudly, startling everyone. My smirk turned disappeared and I frowned deeply, ignoring the stares of the water folk. The king looked equally as shocked as they did. There was another silence.

"Well? Are you going to sit there, gawking like an idiot, or are you going to do something useful and speak." I snarled. The water folk look taken back, but the king just sighed again.

"Tsandar, my son-"

"I am not your son!" I spat, "I never have been, never will." One of the water folk looked to the king,

"That is your son?! One who disrespects you so?" He gasped. I rolled my eyes. I crossed my arms and flattened my ears to my head. The king just stood and crossed the room to me. He stopped a few feet away from me.

"If it your wish to know, then you may know." He sighed, "The king of the Water Realm had offered a marriage proposal in order for us to join Realms." He said. I stood there, anger boiling up inside me.

"How can you marry. You are already married to my mother," I hissed. I placed a hand on my shoulder, which I instantly hit away.

"Not me, Tsandar, you." I looked up at him with huge eyes. He couldn't be serious. No. He couldn't.

"Me? You were making decisions about my life behind my back? You don't own me!" I almost yelled.

"Tsandar, please calm down." He said calmly. Calm down? How could I possibly calm down! He tried to reach out for me again but I backed away.

"Don't you dare touch me you foul man, what gives you the right not to inform us on this decision? Huh?" I seethed. I was shaking from anger, and the water folk were beginning to look scared. The king's expression suddenly became stern.

"Tsandar, by birth or not, you are my son. You will marry, for it is the fate of our kingdom." I could have struck him then and there.

"Our kingdom? When did it become ours? I refuse to marry some highly prissy woman for the sake of your kingdom." I looked past the king to the group and looked one of them, who looked like the leader, dead in the eye.

"You can tell your king, that he can stick his proposal. I refuse." And with that, I turned to walk out the door. If it wasn't for the hand that suddenly clamped itself onto my wrist, I would have left. I was jerked back to see the king.

"Tsandar. Do not be selfish. This is our kingdom. Marriage isn't the end of the world. Do not make me force you." I paused. The king had suddenly became almost hostile. The twinkle wasn't in his eye anymore. And for the first time in my life, I felt fear slowly creep up my spine. Then it hit me.

"I don't believe it. You want the Water Realm for yourself." I whispered, only so the king could hear me. "Your using me. Again. No. Not again" The king looked at me, with a disgusting smirk on his face. No... Not again. He looked back to the water folk.

"Tell the king, I have accepted his proposal."

I snatched my hand away, outraged. I ran back to my quarters. I was starting to panic. How had this happened? Usually it was the daughter's father who requests that the marriage marriage takes place and she becomes the new queen. But this time it was the other way around. I slid down my door and drew my knees to my chest.

I had to stop this.


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