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Darren, the new kid at lakeveiw high meets the schools bad boy Ryan and is taken by him. Darren never having feelings for another guy, is confused and not sure what to do. He chooses to ignore it, but how long can he ignore his feelings for Ryan, before giving into them? View table of contents...



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"Ughh" I thought, today was gunna suck, being the new kid and all. God dam, I hate that I move around so much! Never have I stayed in one place for to long. The longest weve lived in one place was for a year, Grhhhh... I contemplated on what to wear. First impressions are very important. What you wear is what your forever labled as. Last time I was the nerd, and the year before the goth. Grrrr I hated being called the goth, or emo, or cutter and all that shit thats associated with goth. I eventually settled with my "preppy" clothes, you know Abercrombie clothes. Ugh but hated how the people act, "Ohh look at me im rich and have good looks and im a big fat slut that throws there cats around every where!" I silenty mocked. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, The boy with blonde wavy hair, deep blue eyes, and dimples. I was always made fun of for having dimples, but chicks dig them. Ilaughed to myself.


On the way to school I saw palm trees towering overthe houses underneath them. I stared outside the window until we got to school. Feeling some what confident in whatI was wearing I stepped off the bus and onto the freshly lawned grass of the school. It looked like a prison to me, no clolour realy. The school was all gray. Ughhh, I thought trying to get throught the mob of people, where's the office thingy? I evetually found it. I opened the clear glass door and found a small old lady sitting behind a large desk.

"Uhmmm" I mumbled approching the small old woman. She had big glasses and gray curly hair, she was also wearing small beige coat. "Ahhhhh" I nearly screamed when she looked up at me with her huge owl eyes. She made a huruphm sound before saying,"Well." in a snotty way

"Sorry" I apologized

"You must be Darren." She said with a cough while handing me my shedule. Soon a tall slim woman with brown hair walked in. She gave me a smile before heading into the door labled Princple."She must be the princple?" Ithought. The small woman with owl eyes led me out of the office and to my first class.

"We'll here you go." She opened the doorfor me before leaving.


After I was introduced to the class I sat in a nearby empty desk, I dont like people staring at me. Ughhh I hate standing up in front of a class, or even a small group of people. While the teacher was writing somthing on the board I was nudged by a very cute blonde girl. As I looked up at her she asked me somthing, but I couldnt hear, so all I did was nod like I knew what she was saying.

When class was over she ran over to me as I walked out the door.

"Pick me up at 8, k." She said handing me peice of paper with her number and address. "What just happened?" I silently asked myself

A/N: Sry for such a short chaptr, Its just that I wanted to get this out as soon as I could. Longer chptrs soon , I promise. :)


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