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Forbidden crimson rose

Novel By: Wolf Fallen Angel
Gay and lesbian

so im the teenage out cast at the new high school
i am crushing on my best friend
and his hiding something from me
what can it be ?
oh and did i mention that the school is home to things that should be in books ....well im nathan nightingale and this is my story View table of contents...


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chapter 1

new school

the morning sun leaked into my room and the smell of hot wax still filled the air I opened my eyes to be welcomed by the sun it annoyed me that the sun was up so early now but it was understandable why it was seeming that it was a new school day and I wasn't ready …god did the world hate me or something.

I had left my old school seeming that my mother died and my father had sent me away because he hated me being around seeming that I was not of his religion he decided to send me to this new school I was givin a house with a room mate he seems nice but he is rarely around so really I would say that this house is mine and he was just here once and a while .

I lost my friends….

I lost even my boyfriend

I had only just came out of the closet and that is another reason why my father sent me away seeming he was the biggest homophobic person in my life and he beated me every so often if he ever heard word of me kissing another boy or even hug one I was only aloud to shake a guys hand nothing more and nothing less seeming I had to show respect to everyone and he was heavy on respect.

I never liked living with him and my mother had never liked it either she planned on leaving him and taking me with her but it had seemed to much for her to handle then that tragic night when me and he had been attacked by wraiths she had givin her life so I would live .

I didn't see why I had to be the one to live but she had left me a her necklace that I wore around my neck and I guess I should get up and get ready for school…god I hated school …it annoyed me greatly that I was forced to go to school.

Those who didn't go to school where sent to bording schools either a all boys or all girls school and that was hell trust me I know because my father tried putting me in a all boys but when he learnt of me being gay he had demanded me to be expelled from the school and sent to a school with both girls and boys .

I don't see why he was so stressed about me being in the same school as a boy that I loved so much but we both had agreed that we shouldn't be together because of my father , I hated him with a passion because of that and I would never forgive him for it .

I got out of bed and dropped down to the ground and began to do my daily push ups.








Well that was new….i got up and walked out to the lounge room to be met by lucas he seemed to be just getting home and he didn't look so happy " bad night ? " I asked him with a slightly raised brow " yes very…..im gonna go to bed…you have a good day " he said as he passed me I shrugged and then he slammed the door shut behind himself which made me pissed off I could swear that one day that door was going to fall off and then he would whine about his privacy ….not that mattered because when he brought a guy home I could hear anything they did because the walls between our rooms weren't that thick which trust me was really annoying .

It was hardly a chance of privacy in this house but it is a roof over our heads so we didn't complain.

I toke my things and got dressed and I was now heading to the bus stop time seemed to be moving so slow and god I knew clearly that I wasn't ment to be walking by my self lucas had told me to go with a friend or something or some days he would drive me but I didn't want to right now all I wanted was some time to think about what I was doing today it was clear to me that nothing was right in this world and nothing ever would be .

I was the typical out cast of all schools and I was suspecting this school to be no different from it but I wouldn't hide the truth and I knew all kids at this age feared those that where different and hell I didn't care if I was feared then good on me that always felt better to just have a couple of close friends because that ment there was less trouble of being betrayed or hurt by anyone .

I began to cross the road and that's when I saw him ..he was tall short black hair and he looked perfect there was nothing about him that was wrong he looked as if he had the perfect abs and he looked truly stunning his shirt clung to his chest and it showed faint outline of his biceps .

Mind you this guy was my only friend that I had met while taking a walk around seeing where and who lived where he looked at me with those warm welcoming blue eyes and oh how I wished to gaze in them all day and lose myself but I knew that if I stared to long he would think I had some disorder or something and that was the last thing I wanted .

There Is no other way and I prayed to the gods let him stay in my life "hey Nathan " he said with a warm smile his arms opened for me to hug him I walked forward and hugged him when his arms wrapped around me it gave me a sense of comfort and love .

" hey jake " I said calmly and happily his name was always the cute to say and I could see clearly that he was happy to see me " so your going to my school " he asked with a slightly raised brow a slight smirk tugged at his lips " yes I will be " I smiled happily and it was now official that I had atleast one friend that was the best thing to me because the last thing I wanted was a hell a lot of friends because that would mean me keeping everyone happy and trust me when I say this that I am horrible at keeping people happy .

" well that's good because guess what " he said now smirking and god did he look hot when he smirked it gave me tingles down my spine and not that bad kind it was the kind that made me want to ask him out on a date but I didn't know if he would ever like me plus he had a girlfriend apparently even though I had never met her and some doubts where in my mind that he was even dating anyone but truth me I wouldn't be amazed if he was dating soming because it was clear to me that he may love someone else.

I didn't really mind this " what " I said as we both sat on the bench and began waiting for the bus to come " im gonna be coming with you to your classes…lets say my father pulled some strings and put me in your classes except history " he said with a smile that looked rather cute on him .

I couldn't believe it he must have been joking there was no way in hell that he was going to be in my class and I was going to be head over heels for him and god how I wanted to ask him out but the fear of rejection plagued my mind .

It was rather strange that his father was the head master of the school and it wasn't that I was complaining that I had a friend in high places it was just I could tell it may come at a price that he was pulling strings just to look out for me and I was rather lucky that someone like him would do that .

Seeming that all the boys that I had met except my now ex boyfriend that was hot as hell where all jerks but he wasn't …he was cute and he just made me want to fall back wards and faint in happiness.

It was cute yes that I was even thinking about him this way but I couldn't control myself it was to hard no to love him or want him in that way and god something just told me to go for it .

" it must be hard having a father that doesn't accept you for who you are " he said as he lent back against the tree that was behind the table that he seemed very comfortable sitting there .

There was a new start in everything it was just that my father wasn't apart of it at all and trust me I didn't want him to have a part in my life because the last thing I even needed was him to have his way because if it wasn't for lucas agreeing to looking after me I would be out on the streets and that would me fighting for my life every day .

" it is…but hey….you know what they say…you cant pick those you are blood to..but you can pick your family in your friends " I said with a warm smile touching my lips as I caught a slight glimpse at a ab that was showing because he was scratching his chest and I was wondering why I fight myself to not want him but I knew that clearly I needed to and he would have to be the one to ask me out because right now I wasn't ready for anything to be of rejection .

" so how do you deal with it " he asked me with a slightly raised brow " I just..dont think about to tell you the truth " he raised a brow at that and I knew that clearly he wanted to know more but I didn't feel comfortable telling anyone to much about me because if someone knew more then they should they could easily black mail me into doing something that I had no mind to do.

What I asked myself right now is why I wasn't ready to get up and stand and wait for the bus seeming that it was near time for the bus to come .

He spoke rather calmly and looked at me with a slightly tilted head " so what are you going to do for parents day " he said with a smile of sympathy " lucas will come as legal guardian of me but trust me he isn't the best to be around when he is in a bad mood " I smiled at him with a look of thank you for the sympathy.

He gave a gentle nod because he knew lucas …dare I say he knew lucas more then I did and the last thing I wanted was the boy that I had a crush on to be dating lucas because if that happened I would want to move out and I would never forgive lucas.

But lucas told me time and time again that he would never date someone younger then him because he hated dealing with teenaged bullshit and I knew that he didn't mind putting up with me because he told me straight out right that if I got myself in trouble with the police that he would bail me out but he would ground me for two months which ment no friends over and no entertainment of the twenty first centaury and trust me I hated what he had decribed to me that I would only be able to do if I wanted to entertain myself…..read him the bible.

God don't get me wrong that he was a guy who loved the idea of there being a higher being and no he wasn't meaning a one all might he was just like me he was pagan and he loved nature and he loved the occult .

The bus then pulled up and me and jake decided to get on and we claimed the back seat as normal….and this was the day when I learnt of the biggest secret in the new school.


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