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The War Between Worlds

Novel By: writinglover
Gay and lesbian

Kisu is a young man who feels different,and is bullied because of his large,dark eyes and pale skin. He will find out that there is something very special about him...He is also befriended by a boy his age named Daeil. View table of contents...


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The next morning, Juho was called into the office by the captain. He sighed, wondering what he had done wrong now. He was sick of getting in trouble, though he was in good graces with the captain, at the moment.
Taking a deep breath, he opened the door to the office. The captain was sitting behind his desk, as usual. Juho recognized the papers he had as his teams sparring scores. He rolled his eyes, knowing this was going to be an interesting conversation.
"Please have a seat, Sergeant Lee," the captain did not look up from his desk, which was a bad sign. It meant he would not be paying full attention. Just great.
Juho sat patiently, figuring he could have taken a nap in the time the captain took to get ready. When the captain finally looked up at him, Juho smiled.
The captain straightened the papers in front of him, pulling one of them out. "Sergeant, you said you wanted a new eval…is that correct?" The captain smiled tightly.
Juho tried to remember if he had mentioned anything about an evaluation. All he remembered was speaking to the captain about his team and damned Changmin…but not the evaluation. "Um…I do think that my team deserves a new one, but I don't see that happening. So, the only problem I have is Changmin…but you already knew that."
The captain rolled his eyes, picking through the file again. "Sergeant Lee, I believe we already had this conversation, and he is too much of an asset to take off of your team. I'm sorry. That is not what I wanted to speak with you about, anyway."
Juho laughed softly. Of course you won't think about moving Changmin. You're right…too much of an ass…et, but the general's son. Grrr…He turned back to the captain, his lips pursed, and his voice low and monotone. "Captain, I know that Changmin is the son of the general, but he is nearly impossible to work with, and will destroy my team. Does that mean nothing to you? I thought you cared about my team."
The captain glared at him. "Do not speak to me in that tone, Sergeant! I will not stand for your disrespect. You will either keep Changmin Kim on the team, or I may need to remove you. Am I speaking clear enough for your thick skull to take in, or do I need to repeat myself?"
Juho shook his head, then looked up at the captain. "Sir…You do realize that he was a bully in high school, don't you? Not only that, but he is too childish and apparently spoiled to stop now. He is especially mean to Sergeant Park Gyuri's team…and that is sexist."
The captain slammed his fist down on the table. "There you go again, talking bad about him. He has not treated anyone with disrespect, and I will not stand for you disrespecting me, Sergeant Lee. I have had enough, and you are suspended, until you stop being so childish about this. Think as a sergeant…not a schoolboy. Also, you have not managed to find the Zybrian child yet, so there is no reason to give you that responsibility anymore. I am passing it to someone else…Someone more capable. You may leave, Sergeant Lee. Think about your actions and words, next time you speak. And no…there will be no new eval. Your team doesn't deserve it. You need to work on being a team first."
Juho stood up and walked out. He was already suspended, so what was the point of respecting the captain. He wasn't going to tell him that he had already found that Zybrian "child" since the captain wasn't interested in hearing any more from him. He would talk to Kisu on his own…In his free time.
He walked to Seokjun's quarters, and was invited in.
Seokjun smiled at him, but it disappeared, when he saw his leader's face.
"Hey…the captain will probably pass the responsibility of finding the "Zybrian child" to you, so there are a few thing you may want to know." Juho sighed. "First of all, he is dating your brother, so you can get closest to him…His name is Kisu Choi. Can you let me know, after you speak with him? I would appreciate it."
Seokjun looked a bit surprised, but nodded. "Okay. I'll speak with him, when I see him again."
Juho smiled, still annoyed. "Thanks, dude."
Seokjun nodded. "You're welcome, Juho."


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