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The Transformation: Chapter 1: The First Time

Novel By: xthepaleshadowx
Gay and lesbian

Tags: Gay, Love, First, Time

Freddie is very feminine and gay. His life is mostly normal until he falls in love with another gay man named James. James had worked as a backstage helper at drag queen shows,for about ten years.
Ok. That wasn't the best summary, but I hope you enjoy the book. View table of contents...



Submitted:Nov 29, 2009    Reads: 154    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

I was at my friend's house the first time we met. My friend and I were making dinner together when he walked in the door. Michael (my friend) looked up and smiled. Then he looked at me and explained,"Freddie, this is my new friend, James. He's going to join us for dinner tonight." I smiled shyly and shook James's hand. I had always been a little shy around other guys and it didn't help that James was absolutely gorgeous. He had soft, black hair that fell over his eyes in an emo way. He was pale, but not badly. And his eyes...god,they were beautiful. Dark brown and soulful. That first dinner together, I don't know how I survived without leaping out of my chair and kissing James. I was already that taken with him. I could tell that Michael knew what I was feeling. Once in a while he would give me a look when James wasn't looking. But the dinner was still pleasant. We all chatted and James told us about what he did. It turned out he had been a backstage helper at drag queen shows for about ten years. I found this quite interesting. He didn't look the part at all. When dinner was done and we had talked our selves out in the living room, James decided it was time to go. But before he left, he promised me in his rich, low voice,"I'll give you a tour of the stages sometime, if you want. The drag queens I know are quite interesting. They'd love to meet you." I nodded and then gave him my phone number so he could call to set up a date. As soon as he was out the door, I flopped back down on one of the couches and sighed. It was quiet for a minute and then I heard Michael snort. He was trying really hard not laugh, but it wasn't working. I sat up and said mock-innocent voice,"What? Is there a joke I missed?" Michael couldn't help it anymore and he burst out laughing. I waited until he caught his breath. When he finally did, he said with a giggle,"Freddie and James, sittin' in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G! You totally are insane for him! I could tell, just by looking at your face when he waled in the door. You think he's a damn sexy little thing, don't you? I know you do!" I swatted him in the face, but I couldn't help blushing. Michael just laughed. "Fine. I do like him. Happy?" Michael nodded and grinned knowingly. "It's just that, he's so beautiful. It's driving me insane already! I think I may have more than a crush on him.I mean, this is my first time truly in love, so give me a break. I feel so dizzy right now, I can barely get my words out right. I think I'll go home now." I gave Michael a quick hug, then found my coat and put on my shoes. I heard him laughing again as I walked out the door. Driving home was almost impossible, since I was thinking about James. Lovely, lovely James.


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