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A game of cat and mouse

Novel By: XXCrimsonRoseXX
Gay and lesbian

Ever since Akito been little he always had to fight for his place between 7 out of 8 of his elder brothers and never earned any attention from his father since his brothers always overshadowed him and only his mother and elder brother Rei cared for him. Now that he is all grown up and in highschool a few little secrets won't hurt anyone:1. He's the leader of a notorious gang in the city. 2. He's gay. And not but not least 3:He has his eye on someone but question is what does this boy have to hide and why is he so closed off. Read to find out ^_^ View table of contents...


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Me: Hey everyone and welcome to another chapter of A game of cat and mouse. I'm so SORRRY for not uploading as much but highschool was keeping me very busy, with finals and projects and other things going on in life. v.v But regardless, grades are done and said I'll be back to uploading chapters faster ad thanks for the support of reading this. *Kiyoko hugs me*

Kiyoko: Hey everyone, we missed you all! ^_^

Akito: Hello everyone pleasure to speak with you all again, we all been a little on break due to her studies but we are back since she prepared chapters ahead of time. *winks*

Me: He is correct, and since you guys have been such darling fans there will be a special summer chapter for you guys since I MISSED Valentine's day *dammit* and Easter *pouts* I was aiming to try to do every holiday but apprently that wasn't faith. But speaking on other matters, Zev-*Dodges bullet from Akito Direction*

Akito:=~= ...

Kiyoko: o-0 A-Akito...*Moves to wrap arms around Akito's neck, seating self on Akito's lap*

Me: >_>Don't fucking shoot me! Go shoot his stupid ass, not my fault he molested Him!

Akito: Hn...*Holds Kiyoko in arms, resting head on top of Kiyoko's head*

Chapter 7: A chat with the Good Doctor part 1

"Penny for your thoughts," Kaeda's smooth voice chimed from behind me breaking me from my thoughts, turning my head to meet his inquistive gaze with his arms crossed upon his chest while he sat upon my bed. Sighing softly, I slid off the window sill in my room and walked over to my bed sitting beside him. Trying to avoid Kaeda when he knows something's wrong was close to damn near impossible and he can get annoying to the point death is a nice break so better to get it over with now then deal with his method of torture later.

"Well I kind of found of some interesting news from someone, or let's say saw something that shocked me." Choosing my words carefully, after all I did promise to Akito I would keep his secret so I would have to choose my words wisely knowing my brothers they probably ban me from even remotely going near Akito and his gang.

"Most be pretty interesting to shock you, mind giving more detail to what you saw." Tilting his head a bit to the side but his gaze stilled held my eyes trying to see if there was more to what I was saying.

"Well Kaeda he's just like me, well in a sense with the whole mouse genetics except he's a different animal," I said, watching as his eyes blinked in mere shock at hearing it but at the same time he turned his gaze away from me, his bangs sweeping over his eyes hiding his expression. Not a good sign.

"Well then that is quite some interesting surprise," He spoke after some moments but still to no advance did he dare turn his head to meet my gaze, scooting closer to his form I slid unto his lap seating myself on his legs and placed my palms on his cheeks turning his head gently so he he was facing me straight in the eyes. Keeping his eyes closed I pressed my head against his, and I could feel the budding fear building in my gut. This is very unlike Kaeda, and I hated this disconnection I was felt. "Kaeda...please show me your eyes,"

Kaeda's frame was still butgradually he released a sigh, before strong arms tha stayed crossed this entire time wrapped around me drawing me against him as I laid my head against his chest. Silence filled the room beside our breathing deciding to sneak a glance up at his face, his eyes were now open. His bright green eyes held something in them, emotions and lots of them: Fear. Anger. Guilt. Was that pain...

"Don't turn away from me...neither hide from me. Katsu raised us all to be close, we can be close with secrets of our own that we don't have to reveal but not when it concerns the others," I said, punctioning every word to made sure he understood. He nodded in silence shooting his eyes once more, before lifting me up and setting me on his bed before rising up from my bed his back towards me.

"Kaeda Wh-"

"It's not my place to tell, but...that person you mentioned if he's like you he probably knows more than I could say," His voice cutting me off before briskly leaving my room and shutting my door.

I needed answers.

Answers I would receice today.

"Kaeda..." I whispered under my breath staring at the bedroom door before glancing back at my window in the direction of which lead to Akito's gang hideout. The only person I know I could probbly get to take me to him was Xanadu. Well, not without a little bribery of course. At least, he decide to lead me there and stay there with me until I was ready to go after I finshed getting some answers out of Zevion, but why did it also seem Xanadu knew something too. Fighting down the unbundling fear eating away at my mind, walking down the shadowy hallway with Xanadu in front the dim light flickering every so often, it's a good thing Xanadu's hair was dyed red now.

"We're almost there," Xanadu said braking the silence between us. Glancing back at me he gave me a small grin. " This is the section where all the crazies are and can converse if they so wish but most are introverts. Better I came down with you, seeing a new face here is like fun for them if they get thier hands on you."

"You can't be serious?" I asked, the fear that I already held a tight lock on was slowly slipping now.

"You be surprised who Akito brings into the gang. Hell Zevion maybe be creepy and whatnot but is actually very much educated in anatomy and how the body works. He could practically preform surgery if he wanted to." Xanadu commented while making a turn to the right with me close in tow and we welcomed by just more doors down another hallway.

"As you know our positions here. I also play doctor here as well but also prescribe medications and the drug use which is locked away from reach. I also moniter the health of each gang member. Zevion handles physical wounds, so that should gives our gang members Enough motivation to not be harmed." He chimed brightly, and I couldn't help but smile at his happy nature. It was infectous.

But all good things had to come to an end.

Xanadu stopped right in front of a steel door like all the others down here, but this one just held the potent smell of blood which was evident. Blood smeared handprints were on the door, the fear in me seemed to just increased now. I could literally feel the mouse mindset kicking in raising warning signals, I nearly jumped when Xanadu's hand touched the back of mine.

"Sorry but you look terrified. Cat got your tongue?" He teased, forcing a small smile. He looked just as tense as me but hid it well. Cat got your tongue? I wonder, does he know too? This could be anwered later, so I just nodded in reply not trustig my voice. Both of us jumped hearing the loud creak of the steel door, with our gazes now focused on the towering figure looking at uswith a cheshire grin.

"I been expecting your arrival, Little Mouse."


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