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In love with a killer

Novel By: XXCrimsonRoseXX
Gay and lesbian

Love...What is this exactly? Its all about the physical in my opinion. The brush of skin against one another rubbing together; the sound of heavy breathing echoing and the heavy, musky scent of sweat from a good lay. While making the person beneath me submit to my will alone, while making them scream my name No strings attached but now something has caught my eye. I want it and I don't mind putting my mark on what I claim is Mine. Even if it risks spilling some of his rich blood of his and mine... View table of contents...



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Me:Hey everyone do you remember this fellow from if you read my other yaoi novel A game of Cat and Mouse ^_^ And for all who do not know of him don't worry he's here to great himself.
Zevion: Salutation dearies. My name is Zevion well the name I was given. I'm the doctor in a gang called the Black Blood Roses by Akito~
Me: Okay then. Now that formalities are done and over with onto the yaoi ^_^

Chapter 1: Tease me, please?

The cheap taste of ash and liquor I could still distinctly make aware of what I had from last night left a lingering flavor in my mouth. Wrinkling my nose, the musky scent of sweat hung heavy in the putrid air with the small sharpness of metallic. Blood. Shit must have got rough yesterday I can't even remember who my toy was last night. I know I was naked but what was the point of moving, slinging an arm over my eyes to shield the sun's blinding rays that shined in clashing with the dull shade of antique white on the walls. The vague sound of the door being unlock, letting my hand slink into the folds of the couch clutching tightly to one of my few scalpels I have hidden.

Only a couple people know of my apartment.

Better to be safe than dead later.

"Zevion I'm coming in at least have clothes on," Akito's deep voice rang in my ears, faintly hearing the door squeak from the hinges before loudly being shut. Knowing it was him I released the scalpel and raised my hand from the folds of the couch to place on my stomach. Not like he hasn't seen me naked before hell it's a common thing for him now. Suppressing a groan, I could hear his quiet footsteps drum against the hardwood flooring, soon followed by the soft speak of the couch springs, his weight didn't even make the slightest dip in weight on the couch and the thin material being tossed over me. Probably a blanket very light and thin in material, should I tell him to not sit on the couch? Nah I probably shouldn't mention that the bodily fluids were released from god knows how many bodies.

"You really need to take better care of yourself Zevion," I heard Akito's deep voice speak softly. He must know I have a hangover. He always comes to check up on me, those smoldering chocolate brown eyes staring at me. Kiyoko I envy your ass so much. You had something I been craving, no thirsting for like a dog lapping up any attention his master threw at him just to feel something.

"My my Akito you decided to grace me with your godly presence. Tell me now have you come to take up my offer?" I purred, slowly sitting up but not to quickly placing a hand upon my temple. My head already felt like shit no need to add in some dizzy spells. The soft brush of his hand caressing my cheek sent a small shiver through me. Dammit Akito don't tease like this, it'll make almost to hard not to suppress sinful desires to ravish that body of yours.

"Even with a hangover your still a pervert. Now you know of my relationship so you shouldn't even mention such things." He chimed in a jovial voice with a small grin playing at his lips. His lips...How long has it been since I felt their soft touch on my own? Brushing against one another, or the rich, metallic taste of his blood spilled on them with my tongue lapping up the ruby drops that dribbled down his chin.

"Careful Akito I'm starting to think you use these "checkups" you call them is just a excuse to come and touch me," I said deciding to test him. Rarely anyone tested Akito since he's boss so someone has to the job of pushing his buttons and breaking the facade he holds up. His eyebrows furrowed a bit but his hand only moved further along my jawline, brushing his taunt fingernails against my flesh long my neck knowning already there were red lines left in his wake and I sighed in bliss at the pain it brought. I missed this game we played together, this game of the chase but I always denied my way.

I want it back.

"Hey Akito I want you, all of you." I whispered softly raising my head to meet his sight and lock my gaze with his soft, chocolate eyes and reached up with my hands to softly brush them against his cheek. His fingers paused in movement on my neck, stopping the delicious friction of his nails digging into my flesh that I held back a whine at this. Akito's eyes now took on a new guise to them they narrowed similar to the sight and sense of sharpened daggers piercing into my soul staring back down at me, a deep scowl on his lips and while I should have felt fear at such a chilling expression I couldn't help but laugh. He knew me too well to believe my words. Because he knew the truth in them.


"When you say that you want me...I think your just trying to flatter me with cheap lies that you feed all the other dogs you want to succumb to your will," He snapped with malice held deep in his tone, his fingers curled around my neck in a tightening grip that I could tell would leave it's imprint against my pale complexion, but that was fine if it's him. The insignificant moan left my lips, his grip only tightening more causing which left me breathless at the constricting sense arching my back pleading for more. Masochistic thrill. Be brutal with me, toy with me, torture me, leaving me bleeding and begging for more because I don't care for the gentle caresses or soft kisses. All the sweet things, screw it all give me pain above it all.

"They made to be the cat when you aren't that, in my eyes. Just who do you belong to, mongrel?" He hissed out before seizing forward, roughly biting my bottom lip to the point I knew broke through the thin layer of skin on my chapped lips or the proper term would be cheiltis simplex just for you simpletons that don't do your research before he move away from my face. Sensing the first dribble of blood dribble at my lip, I swiped my tongue over it, lapping at the blood and shuddered at the rich taste but also at Akito's gaze watching my every move in close precision.

"That's right mongrel lick every drop. You crave my attention like a mutt humping my leg. What makes you think that behavior is suitable in my presence or more along the lines what gives you the right to act as you so please?" A strong, commanding tone took over his voice, my body shuddered in response to it. Being talked down to by him especially in that voice was something that would always arouse me to which some people wouldn't understand unless you were in my mindset. The only thing separating us now was that stupid thin blanket he had place over me before, he been got up from his seat and was now straddling above me, staring down at me but it didn't help he now moved his leg so his knee now pressed between my legs. Shameless moans left my lips as more pressure was built, arching my back against the arm of the couch. Fuck, I'm screwed literally.

"Act accordingly and if you do that I'll feed you and play with you till your craving is appeased," He said this all s calmly but still held that edge in his voice, still rubbing his knee against me. I couldn't process any thoughts or stop the moans that left me. My eyes couldn't even focus properly on his face, combined with him still choking me, his knee pressing against me and the thin sheet blocking his knee from me it was torture. The sheet was probably soaked now but I didn't care.

"Please...please violate me, master." I pleaded locking my eyes with his own. I know I sounded weak and begging was one of the things I never condemned myself too but right now I didn't give a fuck for how I looked or how people would perceive me. When he given me this much attention even I have to lower myself to receive it because in my own world he was god and held a power over me that I wanted to touch the forbidden fruit to which he was. Akito's knee paused before suddenly jerking down on me as I released a pained but pleasure scream arching my back off the couch, craning my neck. Before even lowering my neck his free hand that had been waiting on the side yanked violently at my white locks of hair holding my head in place so it couldn't bend down.

"Of those who have ravished you, who do you prefer? Myself or those pigs you allowed to divulge to taste your forbidden fruit," He whispered as I felt my body froze completely. Akito slowly released my hair and removed himself altogether room my form as I laid there or responded to the quiet shut of my front door signaling his leaving. Too numb to move from his words, allowing them to sink into my core because they were true.

How many bodies have I allowed to touch me?

Too many to count.

Submit to my will.

Because they could easily be swayed.

Submit to my sadistic control

Never once did they fight back.


The only one I will allow myself to submit too.

Is it love?

No it's Lust. Desire. Hunger. Thirst. Yearning.

"Heh... love is bullshit."


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