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A Song in my Heart

By: Chiqui

Page 1, Inspired by the songs we share... Dedicted to: My Girl

A Song in My  
YOU’ will always be the only song in my ‘HEART’‘WHEN I NEED YOU’ I’ll just close my eyes and I’ll touch you. You are ‘MY #1’ and always will be forever and a day. ‘THE COLOR OF MY LOVE’ will forever be ‘WRITTEN IN THE STARS’, and I will ‘PAINT MY LOVE’ on every crest of wave for you. ‘PICKING UP PEBBLES’ and throwing them into the sea will become a favourite pass time with the hope they will come back to me some day. ‘YOU BELONGTO ME’ was only to learn it couldn’t be. ‘NO MATTER WHAT’ they tell us, no matter what they say, I can’t deny what I believe, and I cant be what I am not. ‘CALL ME’ they say it is the right time to write a little ‘LOVE SONGS’ but the ‘WORDS’ do not come to me when your tears are like falling rain. ‘ALL I HAVE’ I believed is all I need loved being in the harbour of your arms. For the ‘POWER OF LOVE’ will get me through this period a love I cannot forsake, whenever you reach for me I will do all that I can. ‘TO LOVE YOU MORE’ lead me like you did before; I’ll be waiting for you. ‘FOREVER BEGINS TONIGHT’ and will last a lifetime in my heart. ‘LOVE DOES’NT ASK WHY’ it speaks from the heart and never ‘and never explains. Baby all I ask of you is ‘THINK TWICE’ before you shut that door. There is ‘ONLY ONE ROAD’ I will always hear the song of your laughter and will always lead me back to you. And know ‘ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD’ can be no greater than mine, all the songs ‘I WILL RETURN’ s the world sings and all the great works of art cant tell you how much ‘I LOVE YOU’. This is ‘ONE HEART’ that will ‘STAND BY YOUR SIDE’ not just for ‘ONE NIGHT’ because I always wanted ‘TO SPEND MY WHOLE LIFE WITH YOU’. As I am ‘SO IN LOVE WITH YOU’ my Baby Girl. My ‘ENDLESS LOVE’ will always ‘BE WITH YOU’ and be ‘EVERGREEN’ and ‘MY HEART WILL GO ON’ until the ‘12th OF NEVER’ even ‘IF MY WORLD CRASHES DOWN’ Yes! I am ‘THE CLOSETS THING TO CRAZY’ just ‘ANOTHER WOMAN IN LOVE’ like a schoolgirl out of control. ‘IMAGINE’ and make ‘MEMORIES OF US’ ‘MY ANGEL’ of how ‘CRAZY ABOUT YOU’ I always have been, you will always be the ‘UNCHAINED MELODY’ in my ‘ONE HEART’ and I will always be you ‘LADY IN RED’ my ‘ANGEL EYES’ of mine. ’FROM A DISTANCE’ ‘I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU’ ‘FOREVER AND A DAY’ ‘FROM THIS MOMENT’ and ‘FOREVER’ ‘I LAY MY LOVE ON YOU’ and maybe one day to ‘WHERE WE BELONG’ I do believe ‘WE BELONG TOGETHER’. So remember ‘I WILL BE THERE’ ‘MY GIRL!”‘SAND AND WATER’ you gave to me it told me so much about you, today I give it back to ‘YOU’ this is ‘THE KEY TO MY HEART!’

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