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Just One Last Time

By: ElDig

Page 1, Last Time is about doing all the things that used to be done before a relationship ended. Just one more hug, kiss, touch, and then goodbye.



LAST TIME 1/22/2013-11:36PM


Look at me one last time,

so I can see into your soul.


Hold my hand one last time,

so that I kiss it and squeeze it tight.


Hug me one last time,

so that I can feel your body against mine.


Kiss me like you’ll never see me again,

so that our hearts begin to race.


Lay down next to me,

as we get lost in x-2-c,

one last time.


Let me feel your body go crazy,

so I know that I made you feel just right.


Let’s make love until the sunlight,

as I wake up holding you tight.


And in that moment,

For the final time,


I tell you that I love you,

With each passing day and night.


I kiss you gently as I walk away,

Because I knew that was the last time you’re going to see my face.



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