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Have you ever loved someone that loved someone else?
This is a poem about foolish love that... (Read to see how it ends)

(The Square) Lesbian girl likes Straight girl who likes Gay boy who likes Straight boy who likes Lesbian girl.

WARNING... this might upset some readers.

Submitted:Dec 9, 2011    Reads: 378    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   


I look upon her smiling face

how she makes my heart race.

I sit by her side as a "friend"

wishing her heart, she would lend.


I dreamed her touch, holding her tightly

This be in vain, for it's only my fantasy.

With eyes so blue, I wish she knew

Just how much I care, yet my words never dare.


Then comes along a boy, a dick of measure

She lightens up as if he's a goddamn treasure.

He buffs his chest, flexing arms thick and strong

if only I had a penis that big... that long.


Why do I torture myself with things that can never be?

She is so blind, she cannot see me.

Leave I should, but stay I must.

If only I could be the one to thrust.


Suddenly, he spots another boy

Is he competition or just her toy.

I love her, she loves him

Love's success grows dim.


To make things worse

Now comes our curse.

The other boy wants me more than like

Unfortunately, I'm a dyke.


You can laugh at our lover's SQUARE

sex it seems, does not share.

I love her, she loves him, him loves he, and he wants me.

We're all chasing the wrong person, can't you see?


And idea, a plan I must do

I'll confess my feelings so true.

She will understand, she will believe my heart.

Or else I'll retreat into the lonely dark.


She responds with a giggle and smile

I breathe relief for awhile.

Then she breaks my will

For her love, I failed to steal.


She says, "Thank you, but no."

My face turns white as snow.

Then she stops being my friend

Our relationship, doomed to end.


But pain of rejection was not mine alone

For her... he didn't want to bone.

Instead, he chased the other boy's ass

Only to find he was in the wrong class.


Cause the other boy was not gay

Just to be mean, I asked the other to play

He touched and groped me with sincere intention

While I mourned for her attention.


I took a blade and cut my skin

Laying there as he went in.

The release of pain and pleasure

Made me forget memories forever.


I am no longer gay or straight

There's only feelings of hate

To be unwelcome by those I trust

My blood quickly turned to dust.


Mom and Dad looked at my grave with concern

my sexuality, they'd never learn.

I saw the world with different eyes

Yet empty I am, like the skies.


All I wanted was to love

Something for nothing from above.

Instead, I recieved shame and scorn

They wished I had not been born.


Maybe they are right... I do not belong

For this is my story... my sad song.

Acceptance, we are needing

Thank you for reading.


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