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Die Upon A Kiss

By: AndyBCM

Page 1, Meet Mark An English teacher with good intentions but it just never seems to work out for him Or has it finally?


Die Upon A Kiss

by Andy BCM

© Andrew Mannion 2011

1 INT. - SCHOOL CORRIDOR - DAY                               1

A school bell RINGS. Its morning time and it's the break between two classes in a typical Irish secondary school corridor in Dublin. It's a long hallway with class rooms on the left and a wall full of small, grey lockers on the right. A grey Irish morning leaks through the windows. The hallway is bustling with students and teachers rushing to their next classes with several students rooting through their lockers and packing their bags. It's a mixed school with all the students in traditional catholic school uniforms. The students are LAUGHING, messing and GOSSIPING as they move along the corridor.

2 INT. - STAFF ROOM - DAY                                    2

The staff room is quite with a couple of older teachers scattered throughout. It's a calm contrast to the busy, loud corridor. The teachers look bored, lacking any form of educational passion, each one as much of a dull stereotype as the last. They are all minding their own business, reading tabloids and drinking coffee. Synchronised, all of the teachers FLIP the pages of their papers as they take SIPS of their coffeesin unison.

We see a young maleteacher it the middle. MARK is aged twenty-eight, moderately attractive. He's dressed smart but casual however his hair is a bit scruffy. He speaks with a rural Irish accent unlike everyone else's Dublin lilt. He sticks out like a sore thumb, out of sync with everyone else. He's sat by himself and is dipping a biscuit in his tea while reading a broadsheet. However he looks uncomfortable, out of place if not a bit lonely.

After taking a bite from his biscuit Mark checks the time on his watch.Wide eyed and flustered he panics, picking all his stuff up and turns to leave. Awkwardly he tries to carry his cup of tea, paper and a bunch of marked essays all at the same time with his biscuit in his mouth.

3 INT. - SCHOOL CORRIDOR - DAY                           3
We see the corridor is now quiet and empty with Mark rushing alone down the hall. He is fumbling as he goes, still with his biscuit in his mouth while trying to carry more then he can handle. He drops his paper and awkwardly tries to pickit up without spilling his tea or dropping everything else. Flustered, his back is now turned to us as he makes a final dash into a noisy classroom. We see the door close behind him. The door reads 'Mr O'Rourke'.

4 INT. - CLASS ROOM - DAY           4
We see Mark enter his class room. The door closing loudly behind him as he accidently SLAMS it. It frightens him a little but he GROANS as he notices one of the 'Othello' posters covering up the window in the door becomes loose. It begins to hang off the door. He goes to fix it clumsily even though his hands are full.

The classroom is full of Leaving Certificate students. The roomis loud and the students continue to LAUGH and mess as if there was no teacher in the room at all.

Okay everyone settle down.
And open your plays to Act 3,
Scene 3.

The class ignores him. When he's finished fixing the poster he turns to face the class. He plops everything down on his table. He takes a deep BREATH, bracing himself.

Seriously settle down. I'll
be returning your Iago character
essays today so we have a lot
to get through.

Still with no response from the class Mark turns to his desk. It's neat and organised. He even has a little desk rainbow flag on it. He nervously picks up a notebook of class and Shakespeare notes. The notes are full of detail, while neatly written and colour coded. He begins looking at a colour coded, perfectly regimented class plan. He walks around his desk and he picks up some calk and tense he begins writing'Othello' quotes on the board, still not one student paying attention.

If don't calm down now I'll
give you all an essay for
tomorrows class and count it
as part of your midterm results.
Now take these down.

The class finally starts to listen to him. Theysettle while taking their seats and quietening down. Mark continues writing on the board. Only a few of the students begin taking the quotes down.Suddenly the door opens and two students nosily walk ininterrupting the class. Everyone looks up at them including Mark.

One is a gangly seventeen year old boy named STEPHENand the other is a girl named STACY, a typical seventeen year old Celtic tiger cub. Stacy is a very bubblyperson and is smiling. Stephen is quite, emotionless. He's shy and has his head kept down. Both are dressed in their school uniforms.

We're Sorry we're late.
Mr. Allen already gave us lines.

Okay, just come in and take
your seats quickly and start
taking these notes down.

As they make their way to the seats both Stephens and Marks eyes connect. Emotionlessly Mark goes back to writing and Stephen begins to take his coat and bag off. We see of the one the boys, CHARLIE pointing and LAUGHING a Stephen with the other lads.

(As he knocks a book out of
Stephen's hands)
All the ladserupt into LAUGHTER. Stephen pretends to ignore the bullying but we can see him frown as he bends over to pick up his book.

Leave him alone!

Stacy just leave it!

Whats he going to do? Turn me?
Make me a fag? Please!

The verbal FIGHT between Stacy and Charlie continues as what's going on catches Mark's attention. He gets angry, drops what he's doing and storms over to the brawl all the while the class are LAUGHING, on Charlie's side CHEERING him on. Mark confrontsCharlie.


Charlie I don't tolerate that
sort oflanguage or behaviour
in my class. Do you understand?

Charlie smirks devilishly.

(As he mockingly salutes him)
Yes sir!

The class find this hilarious. Charlie returns to his seat. Mark steps over to Stephen who'ssettling into his seat and opening his copy of the play.

(To Stephen, softly)
Are you okay?

Stephen just nodded glumly. Mark turned to return to the black board. He eventually started writing again. Withhis back to the class he makes an upset face, affected by what just happened.


It's a cold, frosty evening in the school car park, the school day is over and everyone is traveling home and leaving the campus. Students are walking by and teachers are getting into their cars. We see Mark in a scarf and hat with books under one arm opening his car door. We see Stephen nervously approach the car.


Mark stops getting into his car.

Yes Stephen, what is it?

When did you know?

Excuse me?

When did you know you were...


Mark reacts awkwardly, as if caught off guard. He doesn't quite know what to say back.

Ummm… When I hit puberty I kind
of just figured it out. Thirteen/
fourteen maybe. I'm not exactly
sure but all the lads fancied Kylie
while I liked Jason. Why?

How did your parents react?
Whatage where you when you told

I was 19. Being in university
gave me confidence. My dad was
fine, perfect even. My mam didn't
get it at first but she came around eventually. They were both just
worried about the small town effect.
Yeah know?

(Quickly and mumbled)
Okay thanks.

Stephen turns to walk away. He has his back to Mark. Mark looks at him empathetically.

Oh and Stephen if you ever want
someone to talk to or if you want
me to maybe talk to your parents
about it or-

I never said I was gay.

Alight, but I've leaflets that
deal with coming out for both
youths and parents at home.
Do you want me to bring you
some tomorrow. I won't give
them to you in front of the
class or anything.

Stephen embarrassedhalf LAUGHS and smirks.

That would be great thanks.


6  INT. - CLASS ROOM - DAY                                   6
We return to the class room tosee Mark standing in front READINGthe Temptation Scene from 'Othello' to the class. Half the class are asleep and the other half are TALKING. Stephen is listening, emotionlessly and not quite looking directly at Mark.Once again however Mark's and Stephen's eyes connect.The schoolbell RINGS. The students begin to escape.

(As the students begin filing out)
Remember you have your Desdemona
character essays due on Friday
so I'd get started on them if
I were you.

Once again he's ignored by his students and even Stephen blanks him as he's about to leave. Stacy is walking beside him.

Oh Stephen can you stay
behind for one minute.
I want to talk to you about
your Iago essay.

Stephen shrugs nonchalantly and looks to Stacy and gestures to her its fine go ahead without me. The last of the students file out. Mark walks over to the door, pulls a key out of his pocket and locks it. His hand hesitates on the door knob.

He turns. They look each other in the eye, a playful smile cracks both their lips. They step towards each other. Stephen leans forward and kisses him. They embraceeach other as they kiss passionately. As they breakaway Stephen grins. They remain holding hands.

I've been dying to do that

I know me too.

They chuckle and lean in to kiss again.


Mark is sat at his desk. It's a sunny, warm day.His hair istossed. His shirts half open, the selves rolled up, the tie hanging loose. He's busy correcting exam papers.There's a KNOCK on the door.

Come in!

Hey sir!

Stephen walks in, in his school uniform. As Mark greets him he gets up and sits at the edge of his desk. Stephen walks over to him.

I've got some great news.
I got a B in Irish!

Wow, that's fantastic!

It's all down to you. That's why
I came here, to thank for all
your help. What's even better is
that it's my summer exam meaning
that it's the result that's going
to be on my reportaka what my
parents are going to see.

That's really great!
Speaking of your parents,
how are they?

They're fine. It's sunk in well
at this stage. Mydad's still
not where I want him to be but
he's getting there, one step at
a timelike.My sister and I talked
about good looking celebrities in
front ofhim the other day, male
ones obviouslyand he didn't bat
an eyelid at what Iwas saying
so I'll take that as agood thing.

It must feel like such a relief
to be able to be yourself at home now?

Stephennods happily before he grins at his exam paper in his hands. He looks up at Mark and SIGHScontently. They linger which eventually results prolonged silence. They both begin to feel a little awkward.


Seriously though thanks for
everything. Not only have you
helped me academically but with
allthe mess that is coming
out… And with everything else
And… Just… Thank you.

Before Mark couldrespond Stephen quickly steps over to him. Stephen invades him with a hug. He's startled into a frozen stance. Shocked he GASPS, his arms lock by his sides as Stephenwraps his arms around him. Mark doesn't know how to react. He's about to push him away when Stephen breaks the hug.

Stephen pulls back. He's silent, his face flushed. Mark freezes as they liger in silence once more, this time when agonisingly close to each other. Stephen leans forward and tenderly kisses Mark on the lips. Mark almost panics before surrendering. They embrace and the kiss becomes more passionate, more intimate.


8  INT. - CLASS ROOM - DAY                                   8
We see Mark and Stephen still kissing. They stop, still with Stephen's arms around Marks shoulders and his arms around Stephen's waist.Mark goes to kiss him again. Stephen pulls away slightly.

Mark I thought we weren't going to
sneak around in your class room
anymore. In case we got caught.

It's fun to cheat once in a while.

Stephen LAUGHS. Mark places his hand on his cheek affectionately.
Happy sixth month anniversary.

Happy anniversary. I love you.

Stephen leans their foreheads together.

I love you too.

They begin passionately kissing again. We notice behind them on the door the 'Othello' poster becomes loose again and falls off. We then see through the door Charlie and his minions shoving a first year up against the lockers bulling him. Charlie turns around and out of the corner of his eye he sees inside Marks classroom. He's shocked as he looks in on his classmate and teacher fervently kissing, their hands roaming each other. We see Charlie's shocked expression slowly change as the cogs in his head turn. Charlie grins deviously.




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