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Short Film Of A Gay Man's Scenery

Script By: MinkusBGrey
Gay and lesbian

This is th story of a young boy and his older brother going through the hardships of understand homosexuality and theirseleves as individuals,the death of their father and living alone with no mother and life as they know it, sardonic and ostentatious.

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Short Film Of A Gay Man's Scenery Characters: Jarold Geans Morbey Finn "Morb" Denny Malbourne Benjamin Chase "Benji", "Benny", "Benny J", "Ben" Kyle Batten "Kye" Scenery: Jarold Geans is sitting in front of the television singing a song from Plain White T's "Hey There Delilah" tapping his hands to his knees and swinging his upper body from side to side in a happy daze while an enraged Morbey Finn walks in. Jarold: Oh what you do to me...oh what you do to me. Hey there de- ( Morbey walks in jarold's room unnoticed, shuts window in an angry manner and jarold jerks his head in the same direction) Jarold: Lilah. (shocked face and confused face) Morbey: What the hell did I tell you about singing that song! (Pause and holds hands out in front of him in an upward direction). And what happened in school today huh (Eyes widening)....(Walks over to jarold, Makes him stand up while grabbing at his shirt, screaming in his left ear) Didn't I tell you to stop hanging out with that malbourne boy didn't I?! Jarold: (Yells out) I'm not. (Pulls back from morb while screaming) Stop. Morbey:(Lets go of jarold's shirt while throwing jarold back down) You want to lie to me?! (Points finger at jarold) Hang out with him again and see what happens. Having people laughing at me. (Saids this second to last comment with a little chuckle) My friends are laughing at me because of you. (Points to himself and then back at jarold) Jarold: (Looks up at morbey) Your friends were probably already laughing at you. ( Opens mouth to do a short laugh) and why don't you like him again huh, (Eyes widen) could it really be because of your friends or is it because of something else morby? (Looks downward with a smirk and shows a limp hand as indication of homosexuality) Morbey: (Punches the left side of jarold's jaw) If you say something like that to me again, I'll make sure to break it next time. You think our father would approve of you doing this (Shouts) huh...You think he would want you to hang around that fucking fairy?! (Points outward to a window) Jarold: (Stands up and walks to morbey's face in a lower more husk tone) And what would you know about what dad would approve? Morbey:(Looks downward in silence in a shameful way) Jarold: Thats what I thought. You're just like your mother, (Looks up with rotation of the head and then back down in morbey's direction) a judgemental old fucking hag, that seems to have just been an easy lay and if I'm not mistaken weren't you a result of it. (turns his head with a laugh) Morbey: (Balls fist and tilts head while walking slowly toward jarold) What the fuck did you just say, you stupid son of a bitch? (grabs jarold's neck and pushes him into a wall) If you ever say anything like that again (short pause with a bit of loss breath ) I will kill you (squeezes neck harder and gets closer to jarold's right ear) You hear me I will fucking kill you. Jarold: (Hands gripping to morbey while breathlessly saying) Are those threats or promises? (Telephone rings and morbey pushes off jarold to head into the kitchen to answer making jarold bounce off the wall. Jarold puts on his skinny jeans and changes his shirt then picks up his cell phone to call denny "the malbourne boy".) (Cut to morbey in the kitchen answering a phone call from one of his friends who have witnessed the actions of jarold and denny hanging together.) Morbey: (Picks up phone and answers in a not so friendly tone) Hello? Who is this? Benny: (Replies in a somewhat worried and irritated tone) Hey morb it's ben man, what's up with you? Morbey: Oh hey B. Why are you calling the house phone? Benny: Because you weren't answering your cell. Morbey: Yeah sorry about that. I was having a talk with my little brother. Benny: Oh so you talked to him about that thing kyle and I was telling you we saw the other day? You know that gay boy, I think his name is denny or something like that? Morbey: (puts hand on neck) Yeah I did, he claims he doesn't hang out with him and all this other bullshit. He's hard of hearing, he doesn't want to listen. Benny: Yeah man well you better have more control over him because people are already starting to talk. That denny boys got a lot of enemies, I just don't want your baby bro to be getting caught up in all of that. Not to be cutting from this situation but it's a friday, what we are we going to be doing tonight? (said the last part in a happy excited loud tone) Morbey: (Puts free hand in pocket) I don't know benny, with jarold acting up and what not I don't think tonight's a good night to be going out. Maybe I should keep an eye on him you know. (Looks down at his feet) Benny: Yeah man I get you. Well then why don't me and kye come by and just hang out with you for a bit then, just chill at you're place for a little while? Morbey: Yeah sure, alright. Sounds like a plan. Benny: Alright then, I'll call up kye and let him know what's happening. Morbey: Call me up when you're on your way. Benny: Alright see you soon man. Morbey: Alright bye. (Cut to morbey walking in on jarold changing and having a conversation with denny) Jarold: So when are you getting home? (Throwing jeans and clothes everywhere trying to figure out what to put on) Jarold: So then let me know what you want to do and then hit me back up. Denny seriously I can't- (Morbey takes jarold's phone out of hand and hangs up phone, Jarold turns around in shock) Jarold: (Angry tone) What the fuck are you doing? Morbey: I'm taking your phone and what did I tell you about using that type of language? Jarold: Right but it's okay for you to use it, whatever man. Morbey; And where do you think you're going? You're not leaving this house tonight. Jarold: And who are you to stop me from leaving again? Morbey: (Points to himself and then to jarold back and forth) We're not doing this, there is no conversation (Makes a hand cut sign toward his neck as to indicate its done.) (Shakes head in a yes fashion) You're going to listen to what I say and that's it. Jarold: (Gives a smirky sarcastic look) Yeah well we'll see about that. Morbey: No you'll see about that if you try to leave this house tonight. I am having friends over tonight so if I were you I wouldn't try doing anything stupid. (Eyes wide with a half smile) Jarold: Well I've got things to do so....(Moves head up and back down around in a circular motion while rolling eyes) Morbey: Welp all those things better be done in this house. (Saids in a singing higher tune) Jarold: And if not then oh well (Saids in a singing higher voice). Morbey: You can be a smartass all you want but you're not going anywhere ha ha. (Saids in a singing higher voice) ( Morbey smiles and puts phone in face of jarold and then turns to walk away out the door with a dark smile on his face while an upset jarold starts to throw things around in his room) (Cut to morbey opening the door for his two friends; kyle and benny bringing in alcohol and other accommodations.) Benny: Hey hey look what we have here, misses hen, jacky D and the bottle of vod.(Shows the three big bottles of alcohol-Hennessy, Jack Daniels, and Vodka with a big smile with a little laughter) Morbey: Awh man, what did you guys do? Are you trying to kill me with this stuff? Kyle: Well after Benny told me what was going on all day today, I thought you might want to unwine with this replace of wine(laughs) Morley: You guys know I tried to get away from this shit along time ago but you know what fuck it. Things have just been getting a little hard around here with Jar. Benny: Well you know, that's what we're here for man. So lets drink up until we die. (Loud chuckle) Kyle: Well at least until we pass out. I don't know about dying.(Looks at Benny with a weird look when saying this) (Morley, Benny, and Kyle sit at the dinner table and pull out shot glasses and talk about old times, while n the other room Jarold is talking to himself trying to find ways to leave the house.)


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