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This story is about seema and shekhar they are husband and wife and they have no any issue hence they pray god and got an issue ,became happy but the born child was a gay. Having know about the virginity of the child they were not sad but decided to look after the child. when the child became younger a rich boy fall in love but unfortunately it can't be possible because it(she) was a gay.both love each other but dasteny play a very bad role so the gay suicuded. experiance and feel how it happens and read this story.

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There was a couple as husband and wife named shekhar and seema . they don't have any son or daughter . one day they went to temple to pray god for a child . they pray god and after someday god fulfill the desire and seema became pregnant it was the happiest moment of their life which they can never forget. after 9 month a crying sound of child sound the whole home . seema and shekhar was very happy ,they distributed sweet in all his locality . after somedays they came to know that the born child was niether a boy nor a girl it was a gay. Having known this news they bacame shocked . they were not sad because they have the child after very long time and also it was a god gift they decided to look after the chil very carefully without any discrimination. And also they decided that they will naver get know by the gang of gay about its virginity otherwise they will take up the child with them . As it(she) grew younger it(she) became very beutiful . when people see it(her) they never distract at any other site ,at that time they have nothing to do but seeing her. They always fear about that Lest the gang of gays take up with them . shekhar always give satisfaction to his wife about not to be nervous and he convince her if she will cry like that then how they can fulfill the promise which they have done in front of god .they have keep it secret. And now she has became young and beutiful.It (she) admission in a very reputed college in delhi. its(her) name was jasmine . jasmine fond of dancing. jasmine always took part in every dancing program happanning in her college . jasmine talk very less in her class . jasmine has only one friend named lumiyana ,lumiyana is a muslim girl . jasmine knows very well what she is that is why she talk less in the class room .both lumiyana and jasmine belongs to different religious but they live like sisters. they both share every feeling except jasmine's verginty . jasmine belogs to a middle class family when college over she returns home and goes to his room and came out only for dinner his father always wait for her at the dining table . Whwn she sit on the chair to eat then there is never any smile on her face she always looks sad. having seen this shekhar and seema are always in touble . seema always put her hand on the head of jasmine to give love so that she can never feel lonely.They make every possible effort to make jasmine happy. one day jasmine told her mom that she has become so frustratetd with her life by keeping the secret about her verginity there are no reason to live anymore then seema replied thet be brave and never loss her courage and also seema tells her about somebody who spent their life alone. seema told her that get a job after completing the education so that she could feel busy .jasmine told her mom and dad the she don't want to do any job after college because she is fond of dancing and she wants to do something in the field of dancing. Having heard that jasmine's eyes filled with tears and she run towards the temple crying . There she asked the god why they made her so beautiful and when they have made then why they made her an gay. slowly she fell in love with jaydev too and which she never wants. She wants to make distance from jaydev but she was unable to do so. she always cries and curses god why they have not given the feelings of a girl.she curses the god also that why they have given heart and feelings of love. At that time when she was crying in the temple there was a pandit in the temple , seeing her crying that pandit asked the reason why she was crying but jasmine was unable to reply she only says god played a very bad game with me that she is unable to share her feelings in front of others and she goes towards home.Oneday by chance they both jasmine and jaydev came in to the temple both see each other and see continuosly in the eyes of each other.At that moment jasmine feels that she is going wrong and broke her eye contact with jaydev and goes towards home but suddenly jaydev hold her hand and stoped her.Jasmine said him to set her free then jaydev said if you came in to temple then worship god . Hearin this jasmine stoped and both worship god ,At that time the pandit of the temple came and when he saw both of them worshiping god the unfortunately he considered both of them as couple and blassed that your relationship may live in all the susequent birth in the earth. Hearing this jasmine's eyes have filled with tears and and the she told the pandit that she can not accept his blessing by this jaydev hurted very much and asked jasmine why she was saying like that . He also said what is lack in him that she is unable to accept him then jasmine replied that there is no lack in you it is me which have lackness of something . Jasmine said that she was unable to say about it something because if i tell you about that then you would hate me .Then jaydev said that he will accept all her lackness please say once that you love me then the pandit also says that yes my child try to understand his feelings it's true love accept it live your life with him and make god responsible of all the thing they will defenately make your life better.Jasmine have nothing to say at that time she went towards home silently.Having reached home she wanted to tell ,all about happend at the temple, her mother but she was unable to say anything abuot that she cries too much locking her room and she also unable to say jaydev that she also loves him a ton as he does. On the next day she did not come in the dance program then jaydev went to her home and he met her mother seema .Jaydev asked seema that where aunty where is jasmine and why did not in the dance program, asking this his eyes were searching jasmine then seema replied that jasmine and her friend lumiyana both have gone somewhere,jaydev return his home.Actually both jasmine and lumiyana were sitting in a coffee shop, there lumiyana observed sadness on her face and asked the reason of it then she tells all the problem about jaydev and she also said that she also said that she loves jaydev as well as he dors the lumiyana says that what are oyu waiting for jaydev is a good boy . Lumiyana tell jasmine about jaydev's friend ranveer who told her that jaydev is good person. Here jasmine was thinking that no one is there who knows actually what is the problem except her parents.Both eachother goes towards their homes , when jasmine was on the way to her home there was jaydev who was also on the same but coming oppositely in his car he stopped his car and cheked jasmine holding her hand he get her sit in the car and both goes at such a place where there is no one to hear or care and there he says jasmine if she will not accept his love then he will jump in this dangerous palce jasmine says nothing . Seeing this jaydev jumped in to that dangerous place then jasmine start screaming and crying saying that " i love you jaydev please don't leave me alone" then suddenly jaydev came from behind and tells jasmine that it all was a drama for testing her that actually she loves jaydev or not and the result was positive then jasmine forbid him to do it again in the future otherwise will suicide as well. Then jaydev drop her to her home . On next day he talked his parents about jasmine . His parent became impressed with her and they decided to talk with jasmine's parents about wedding . jaydev called jasmine and told her that he is coming with his parents to talk about our wedding and as jasmine want to say something then he cut the call. Jasmine starts crying she went towards the temple and there she called her friend lumiyana in the call when lumiyana asked why she was crying the jasmine answered that there is one thing that she has never share with her and that thing was that that she is a gay she look like a girl but actually she was not .Hearing this lumiyana was shocked but she convince her to keep patience and told her that she is coming at the temple . Unfortunately at that time when jasmine was telling about her veginity there was a gay hidden behind a piller of temple heard all the things and he called all his community to bring jasmine in their group they think that they will make mare money due to jasmine because she was so beautiful . A group of gays came and they were bringing jasmine with them unwillingly.Jasmine was crying too much here in the way lumiyana saw them bringing jasmine then she called jaydev and told all about that .Jaydev hurriedly came with his car and stopped them in between the path he fighted with the group of gays and he defeated them bravely, here jasmine was searching the bottle of poison in her bag then jasmine show her a bottle and asked that is it the bottle that she was searching in her bag then jasmine was shocked to see that poison in the hand she asked that how do you know about it the he replied that he had headache then he thought that there shuold be any medicine in your bag then he got that bottle.Then jasmine said that let me die and now you have known about my virginity then jaydev said that he has no problem yet jasmine say says let me die because i can't decieve you then both of them took poision and died After they have died their parents came and saw their dead bodies they wre crying too much sudenlly a gay stood up and saw shekher crying .He recognised him and remind his fault wich shekher have done many years ago when he was coming at the temple that gay was begging some money to eat then sahekher embarresed that gay then that gay cursed him be a very unfotunate man having every happiness.......


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