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A twist on the classic fairytale of the Boy Who Cried Wolf...

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"Do you love me?" the young boy asked sprawled across the bed naked. A smile plaster face as he sat up now watching me with deep green eyes.

"Of course I do babe." the lie came quicker then my thought. Leaning back against the bed post,I removes a cigarette from the dresser placing it in my mouth. The nicotine course throughout my taste buds with sensation. Dying to tasted it,I lit the cig ,taking a drag and let it out slowly. Flavoring it.

'We must continue this story with no-end. No-matter what we'll always came back to this fairy-tale. 'I thought to mysekf .He was the boy who would tend to the sheep in anyway. As I played the big bad wolf .It was always the same. The boy would come to the pasture to watch over the sheep only to ended up in the wolfs gentle touch. Never did it change.

"You think mother will find out?" he asked tilting his head to the right.

I blinked for a moment thinking about the boy's mother. The action's that would be taken if she found out about this little thing could land me in a not so nice place. I hesitated before speaking not showing slightest fear I felt. "No she'll never find out." I said.

For seventeen years the boy and I would return to our fairytale story behind the wall.Season's soon started to change and the boy grew up tired of the stories.He slowly became less interested till it just stop. He forgot our little story moving on to others. I felt empty now. I've grown some-what cold to pleasure. I long for the story once more to continue .Waiting till the boy was alone,I begged him to finish it. To have a ending,but he refused looking at me now disguised. He watched me with hollow threats in his eyes.

"Fuck you.I hate what you did to me." he whisper one day across the table so mother couldn't hear.

"You stop playing the arrogant little boy.You enjoyed it." I answer back forking my peas finding my hungry much need in other things.

"I was only ten.You took adavange of me." he scream a unnoticed threat as he push from the table removing himself.

"Go see what's wrong with him please hunny." his mother words seem to echo from the ticking clock in the dinning hall.

Nodding,I stand up taking my plate to the kitchen placing it in the sink sighing.I breath heavily knowing that I had to fix this even through I was the last person he wanted to see.Sucking up all the courage I could muster, I exit the kitchen making for the boys room just down the hall.

"What do I do? He keeps being me to continue the story from my child-hood,but I can't anymore.It's disguising and wrong." I hear a voice come from the living room just left of me.

A pause concede to that he was talking on the phone with someone.I felt a sudden rage sweep my body making my head hurt badly. 'He told someone?After our promise to never breath a word to anyone about it?!' I couldn't control my feet as they moved into the living room out of sherd anger.

"Got to go.Bye .I love you too.' he hung up the phone looking to me in a way that made it look as if I was some fleshy monster coming to visited him. "What do you want?" he asked in a cold tone.

My next move cause shock to race through both our veins.With a strong force,my hands move across his face hard leaving behind a red streak.The sound of skin hitting skin dissect the room in a tense atmoshepre.

"How fucking dare you tell someone else what had happen in that room between us.You swore to secertice." I couldn't stop the rage from taking control over me leaving a small part of me which pity him.

At first silence proceed to press the wall in a falling motion stopping at a suffocating angle. He stare at me for what seem to be a hour considering that monster I had become to him. Sighing the boy stood up and vanish from within the room. I just stood there soaking in my own anger balling my fist till my palms bleed.

'How could he till someone?How many know of what happen?What version have he told them?' I thought condersidering murdering the boy to end it all.But that would only complex the situation at hand so I place that aside.Consume within my own world of thought,I almost didn't realize my wife entering the room.

"Wham!!" the sound dance horizontally off the icy windows. "How could you?How could you lay a finger on our boy you prev?" she yelled at me stepping a few feet back looking at the floor now.

"Baby I swear that nothing happen.His lying to get..."She cut me off before I had a chance to go on.
"Don't call me that ever again.I am not your baby anymore.You sexually assaulted our son when he was ten and continue to. Now your hitting him? Why? Huh?You know what I can't talk to you right now.Just save it for the cops. I already called them.' she said to me moving near the fire place watching the fire.

The boy come in leaning against the archway watching the commotion with a half smirk upon his face.I hung my head in shame knowing that she was right.I should of never started the story in the first place.My reason was in-attentional I assure you,but I shouldn't have done this to my own son.I fell on the couch placing my head within my head.

"So it's over then?This is the ending you've chosen.?" I directed my question to the boy.

"This is the end Taylor." she answered.

It was about nine-thirty when the cops had show up looking at us all.Looking to the boy they ask him to tell them what had happen starting when he was twelve.I sat and listen to him weave in and out of the story making me the badest wolf of them all. From the before school session to the mid-night hunger I sounded like nothing more then the wolf who had come to destroy the boys innocents.Once the boy was finished,the cops had handcuff me and move me to the back of their car.I knew what happened now. For the last time in my life,I saw my son the boy waving good-bye to the wolf.

Five Years Later
I lay upon my bunk in my cell listening to the men around me yell and cuss at each other.I've grown use to it by now never excepting peace in the first place.My mind seem to had drift from this cell into a world outside where I was free with a new life.No bars to hold me back.No three square meals of gross stuff a day.My thought was soon interrupted when the guard bang my gate announcing I had a letter. Learning to never question ,I move to the bars taking my letter thanking the guard as he walked away.It was white with no return address what so ever.On the right side of the posted was a stamp of a Santa holding a bottle of coke-cola. Turning it over,I tore it open dropping the envelop on the floor. On the paper was nice hand writing I've seem only once in my life time.But it wasn't the writing which got me.It was the words. Scribbled in neat letters where three words and a name.

"I am sorry"

signed The Boy Who Cried Wolf.


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