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If u have any suggestions on how it can improve plz tell me! and spelling might be spelled wrong...

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Daren watched as Brenden pushed his best friend, Domnick against a wall and kissed him. Daren watched from in the closet with it opened a little. He almost starting blushing as his older brother took of his Domnick's shirt off. Daren staired stund and frozen to see how hot they looked together... Daren's heart raced and he felt him self growing hard which made him blush. Brenden slowly took his own shirt off pressing his lips against the panting beautiful Domnick's lips. Daren just looked at them with a blush on his face and his hand on him self. Daren started to rub himself watching. Daren rubs harder on his self as he watches Brenden take off Domnick's shorts then his black boxers. Brenden rushed and took his own pants and boxers off as he kissed Domnick's soft lushes lips and opened his legs slowly and placed them on his own shoulders. Daren had a perfect view of everything the bed against the wall and the closet on the other side so he seen every little detail as he studied his older brothers body and his crushes body. Daren wanted to to be the one touching his body and finally he snapped out of looking at Domnick's face as he moaned and then he looked to see that his brother had entered him which sent of a vibration of chills throw his body. He couldn't watch this. He loved Domnick with all his heart. He couldn't watch this as his crush was being touched and entered by his brother. He opened the doors to closet slowly. Both of the older books turned their head. His brother hurried and pulled him self out and coverd him self up and then a blanket on Domnick. Daren's heart ponded in his chest as his heart longing for Domnick to be his. Tears welled in his eyes as he staired at Domnick. "I loved you..."He walked out the door shutting the door slowly walking into his bed room and shutting his door slowly and sat on his bed thinking about this. Tears strolled down his cheeks and he turned on his Ipod lising to Crawling by Linkin Park and let the music blare in his ears as he closed his eyes not hearing the rain that was now pooring down on the house. Not even letting him feel the pain in his heart letting it pushed aside. He would make him self love someone else... Well if it was possible.
Domnick staired at the door with no expression and Brenden not even hearing what his brother said and was cuddling with him. "That little brat hiding in here. He probally came to spy on me again." Brenden laughed to himself. " He is so jelous that I can have anyone I want."Now Domnick would of slaped the shit out of him if he wasnt thinking about what Daren had said. And watching him leave. "I loved you..."Keep replaying in his head as it hit him. He always knew that Daren loved him but he never really put thought into. He just pushed it to the side as friend, guy, like you my homie I'm always gonna love ya ass! But he didnt feel bad for sleeping with Brenden he liked Daren's brother and always did. Daren was just a friend to him. A really good friend who loves him... " I-I-I have to go..."Domnick studered pulling away and pulling his boxers and pants on slipping his shirt on. "Are you leaving because of him babe?""N-No... It's time for me to leave...""Alright bye bye baby."Brenden winked at him. Domnick walked out the door and shut it seeing Daren come out.Daren staired at him. Why do I love him? He thought to him self. Daren just went back in his room and heared Domnick walk out the house shutting the door. Daren sighed as he watched him leave. I hate life...
The next day Daren Ryan died from taking sleeping pills. Domnick never talked to the Brenden or anyone from that day on and Brenden went on with life and dated who ever he wanted and when he wanted. Just like a man whore.-------------------------------------------------Um yeah story wasnt going any where so yeah >.>sorry.


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