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Mneh... something random I wrote at school this week cuz I was bored...

Basically, she gets captured.

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It was very, very cold. Too cold. It seeped through my skin, to my veins and my bones. People complain of cold sometimes, but it's never been like this. They've never felt this.

It was those eyes. They were what were making me so unbelievable chilled. I need to look away! I needed to escape from the grip she had on me.

But I couldn't. As if from afar, I watched my frozen stiff body fall to the ground. And as she walked over ro me, stood over me, I knew I would die.

When I first opened my eyes, I thought I was in the otherworld. I thought that the gods had taken pity on me and saved me from the Hell I was supposed to endure.

I was wrong. I wasn't dead.

"What do you want from me?" I choked, finding that I could barely breathe. "Why do you have me here?"

"The same reason any sensible person would have you here, sexy." She came into view. Now that I was warm- and apparently in a bed- I could notice different things about her. Her hair was black, her eyes, a deep, mesmerizing blue. Her body was- well, sexy. The part of me that wasn't preoccupied with what the hell I was doing here, was really attracted to her.

"And that would be??" I grunted, now straining agains the cuffs that chained me to the bed.

"You're not stupid, babe. Think on it."

I wish my mind hadn't made that leap so quickly. I would've loved to dwell in perfect oblivion instead of suffer the quick flash of heat that traveled through me. Instead of focusing on that, I writhed, trying to get out of the trap. I was shackled with metal, so that obviously wasn't going to work.

"It's extremely... tempting... watching you try to escape. You might not want to do that to me..." Her eyes flashed and instead of the heat I had been feeling, there was ice. "Now, I know you don't like that. so behave, and we'll both get something from this." She got onto the bed and wrapped her arms around me. "Gods, you feel amazing." She moaned.

I squirmed a bit in her grip, feeling uncomfortable.

"No, no, no, lovely. Stay." He murmured, almost purred.

But if I obeyed... I-I would give in. I couldn't... I couldn't.

Her lips met mine in a long, lingering kiss. During which, her hand went up my shirt and cupped my breast. "Mnnh..." She moaned, somehow mangling to get even closer to me.

The part of me that had been trying to escape was trumped by my libido. She noticed when the chains around the posts of the bed slackened and my body arched up to her.

"So you like that?" She murmured. I couldn't stop the nod followed by a soft whimper. Her lips met mine again and I kissed her back earnestly, tasting as much of her as I could. She made a soft sound in her throat before breaking away to stripme slowly of every piece of clothing I had on.

"You'll be good?" She asked me, eyeing the shackles she had removed.

"I'll do whatever you ask." I answered.

Anything to have the heat, never the cold.


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