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George Fairman is in love with his best friend but can't show him with out being rejected but one faithful night every thing turns good...

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Blondie and Brunette

Something was poking my back repeatly. I tried to ignored it. I turned to see my best friend Frances a blonde with soft blue eyes looking at me. We both are Juniors in high school. He was one year younger and I was seventeen. "Hey hey hey," he said annoyingly. But he was so cute! I didn't know how to say to him that besides his my best friend I'll fuck up our whole friendship like come on would you just come up and say, "Dude I think you hot..wanna make out!" Even though I don't sound like that would you.

"What?" I whispered so we wouldn't get in trouble by Ms.Dunes for talking in class. She was such a bitch!

"You coming over to my house tonight," He asked taking out a piece of paper. I new he wanted me to switched to passing notes. I took a paper out .

He passed the note on a blue note paper. Hey bring your wii.

I wrote down, okay.

I passed it behind to him I felt another hand. I looked up to see Mrs. dunes with an evil grin. "I'll see you two in detention on Monday!"

She walked off and dismissed the class. Me and Frances went out of the class and we walked to our lockers. He opened his and took his book bag out packing it with his stuff. I did the same. "Anna ride with me?"

"Sure," He said reading a book close to his nose and walked. He looked so cute like that I tried to look straight a head.We finally reached the first floor of our school and went to the parking lot. I went to my 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo. I opened the door for Frances he punched my arm. "Dude I can open it." He laughed and got in. I went to the other side and sat on the driver side. I started the engine and drove out off the parking lot. I looked at him from the corner of my eye. He leaned against the chair reading. i snorted a laugh.

He looked at me lowering his book and looking at me. "What's so funny?"

"Nerd,"I said with a laugh. He punched me in the arm.

"Fucking idiot!" He said rolling his eyes.

When we reached his house.We went up to his room. It was blue with one bed and pictures of him and his family members one of me and him at a party with me really drunk and him holding me up laughing. He threw his book bag down on his bed and laid on his bed. "Hey you want me to get my Wii," I asked.

"No I just wanted company my dad's at work and my mom's on vacation for her women's book club to the Bahamas."

"Oh." I sat near him and looked down at him. "So what we--"

His lips pressed hard against mine. I looked at him shooked while he still kissed me. He moved back. "Sorry man," he said walking off. I got up and grabbed his arm turning him around. I kissed his lips and he kissed back. I pulled his waist closer to me. He moved his lips for air and smiled. I kissed his cheek. I finally knew we were together as more than friends. He kissed me again closing the door. I pulled his all off and mine. I pushed him on the bed playfully. He pulled me down and kissed me. We laughed all that night and fell asleep after just laying there watching TV . No sex really but love matters more to me. I touched his stomach trying to get some while he slept."Don't push it," he said with a grumble. I laughed and moved my hand!



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