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I Loved While You Lusted

Short story By: lesbianrebel94
Gay and lesbian

this is the story of the girl I once loved, who try as I might would never return my feelings but would only hurt me in turn, I loved she lusted, I I wanted be near here she only wanted my body

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You almost begged for me to come get you, I wanted to be near you but I know the reason you wanted me was far from the reason I wanted you. I wanted to show my love for you, you wanted your lust for me quenched. As young as we were are I couldn't understand how someone only 16 at the time could have so much lust and want no relationship or connection. I could not understand how you could know what I wanted and how my heart ached for you and still you wanted me, you knew that with me no strings attached was no longer possible, not after discovering the feelings I now knew I had for you and still you pressed. I knew that when you left you would yet again be the " friend" with no attachments other than that and yet I still wanted it, I knew I would get hurt and yet I still considered it so I gave in I gave you a date and a time when I would get you, my mother was already going to be in town so it was perfect I tagged along with her surprised at how well we got along for once but then again my siblings were there to ease the tension rolling off both of us in waves.

My brother was dropped off and off to get you we went, my mom couldn't take directions well so it took a little longer than planned not that to seemed to mind, before we came you laid down the rules of what would and wouldn't happened stupidly I agreed and yet all the rules especially the most important broken as soon as my bedroom door closed. My sister chatted you up on the way back home as well as the 2 of you got along when we dated it didn't surprise me I stared out the window as the world passed us by you asked me if I was okay I only smiled and continued to think about the consequences your visit might bring later not that I would never tell you that it would only later be used against me. With you I had learned to keep my thoughts and emotions to myself so I would not burn later. It hurt me and was extremely difficult because of how open and honest person I normally was. I hated it the part of my usually nonexistent self you forced me to bring out just to protect myself, the walls brought out to keep you from getting in my head.

You even managed to make shield my eyes that were usually the key to knowing what I was feeling or thinking the colors would give me away, if you could read my eyes you could easily read me, you convinced my younger sister to teach you and the proceeded to use it against me, soon you could longer tell because I learned how to throw up false colors or make merely stay their neutral gray blue, because of you I rarely let anyone get close enough to know the secret. The bedroom door closed but my only 11-year-old sister was in the room I knew that while she was there nothing would occur towards the bed; oddly I took comfort in that when it usually it annoyed me. Usually me and my sister couldn't stand each other, her being the small weak little blonde girly thing she was and me being the lean but muscular brunette that identified herself as a tomboy in her younger years, but as a stud lesbian as she grew older, we were on different sides of the spectrum and our arguments reflected it, though the difference in years between us meant she lost more than I, 6 years between her and I, 5 between my brother and I so naturally the sibling rivalry between them was much worse than between me and her.

The mutual caring for you was what caused us not to fight nearly as much in your presence she was only 11 so she wouldn't understand the complex situation between the 2 of us all she knew was that she loved us both and believe we were destined to be together. You kept eyeing me as she continued to try and convince you that I as the only one for you, didn't stop her figuring you would eventually and knowing trying was pointless because she would just ignore me and a fight would start plus I didn't have the energy. My energy draining with the thoughts that would not stop haunting me, I knew that no amount of convincing from me, her or our friends would make you reconsider or love me, and yet here you were in my house my room talking to my sister and expecting tonight or even in a few minutes to be in my bed demanding me to pleasure and to pleasure and drive me more insane and more confused in turn. My sister left for a moment and the first rule was broken I thought you would blow up at me but instead you didn't say a word.

She returned and your eyes stayed locked on mine I knew better than to misinterpret that but my sister did not so naturally she commented and surprisingly you didn't answer so I shrugged and turned to my computer hoping for some form of reassurance from one of my closes friends and little sister in all but blood, she knew no better than I how to handle it I had nowhere to turn, nowhere to run, my father got home and I breathed a sigh of relief I knew my staying in the room with him you would control yourself but kvass only prolonging I knew I would only become more frustrated and I would pay for it later that night, I made dinner and kept my eyes from wandering to you as we ate with my family, me talking to them and joking with my father as I always did, my mother seemed nervous I didn't find out why until later, you smoked and constantly dragged me out to talk to you when you did know that my parents did not approve and would not let my sister follow. When I was washing the dishes you slipped through my defenses sliding your arms around my waist playing with my short hair knowing it was one of my biggest weaknesses, you bit and kissed my neck trying to break my strength, it was getting harder and harder to resist but still I pushed on, you whispered in my ear "I want you." I finished the dishes and plopped on the couch determined to hold you off I watched TV with my family, you curled up beside me teasing my weaknesses out of sight of the unseeing eyes of my family, ignored you making you angry.

My father soon got up made his usual sign of going to bed, I felt the uneasiness rise in the pit of my stomach, I knew he would send my sister to bed, you shifted and smiled you knew as well as I did I moments I would be sitting on the couch with you alone the TV would be forgotten, you turned to me playing with my hair again breaking all the defenses you could with one touch, I stay strong for 30 more minutes before I cave grabbing your hand I drag you to my bed the door shuts and all the rules break at once, you kiss me forcing your tongue into my mouth, I bite down on your lip drawing blood, knowing you love the taste of it once upon a time I called you my little vampire, now I just react as you moan and shudder in pleasure, I grab you and pull you closer, tracing your skin with my fingertips, using my other hand to hold you to me, you moan from the pleasure of the closeness, I move to your neck forcing you closer, I bite down hard feeling you gasp, and feverishly start to undress me I move as needed while I continue to mark your neck.

When you finish I yank the clothes off of you and force you down onto my bed, bite you again, I move to your breasts sucking and biting your nipples you beg me for more, using the word you know I hate because it means nothing to you, I swallow the building fire inside of me and continue, I slide 2 fingers in you holding you down when you shudder and moan, I massage your clit with my thumb, your moans get louder and more frantic, with each passing minute I get harder and faster taking my time like I know you want me to, finally you climax, I look up seeing the hunger in your eyes I know what you want, I spread your legs and begin the task of licking you clean but careful nit to let you climax again, having finished I lay down breathing hard, you grab me and begin it all over again but this time I am under your touch, you waste no time in entering me, I arch my back into all the thoughts of pain and hurt leaving my mind as you shove your fingers into me hard, I climax and hit the pillow hard my thoughts returning as you begin to whisper to me "That was the best damn sex I have ever had." not believing you I roll my eyes and respond "bullshit."

"No I'm serious I know I get around a lot but damn, you ready for round 2?" you smirk at me the lust in your eyes resurfacing. I turn to look at the clock on my desk it reads 2:49 a.m. I shake my head. "My dad will be up soon." you beg for more promising to be quiet, I argue with you but give in and it starts again, when the deed is done I lay back panting, watching as you pull out or phone and wonder who you could be texting at this time at night, as it clicks in my mind I start to wonder what you are saying, I can't help but seek a look, I know it shouldn't but my ego swells, as I read you telling him about the best pleasure the you have ever received at my hands and tongue, he complains whining about you teasing him because he hasn't felt then pleasure in months and he knows that with both if us being lesbians he would never receive the pleasure from either one of us. Days pass with the routine continuing until you leave and just as I expected I am nothing to you again, for years for play wit my emotions until it finally stops and I am strong we are friends now and you fight for my attention as I once fought for yours, strange how karma strikes and when she chooses to.


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