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Stefanie Lark and Bonnie Carter are sworn enemies, always competing for each other’s boyfriends, friends, popularity.
By chance, they are assigned as partners and find out they were really competing for each other’s hearts…

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Stefanie Lark and Bonnie Carter are sworn enemies, always competing for each other's boyfriends, friends, popularity.

By chance, they are assigned as partners and find out they were really competing for each other's hearts

Author's Note:

Hey guys!! Yeah, this is called RIvals. These are just sample chapters, just seeing how they go with you guys. If you like them, then I'll continue. Yeah, okaii. Hope you enjoy..

~Chapter One~

Stefanie Lark walked into the classroom that morning; nineteen sleepy heads emerged from their desks. It was only eight thirty, but everybody in class seemed wide awake when she made her past their desks- her small face lighting up. The only person, Stefanie realised, that wasn't looking at her was Bonnie Carter. Stefanie hated Bonnie, her long lashes, bright blue eyes, beautiful complexion. Bonnie was the reason she lost Kevin, Bonnie was the reason she lost every boy she loved. Stefanie took those ideas out of her head, flipping her caramel coloured hair to the side, and she made her way to her desk. As usual, Mr Evans looked like he'd seen better days. Around his eyes were fierce wrinkles, and his mouth had a permanent frown pasted on it. He looked like a clown, all that's missing was the colourful make-up and big shoes. Eww, Stefanie thought with a shudder. She hated her seat, was sat behind Bonnie. She watched through narrowed eyes as Bonnie practically swallowed Kevin Benson. Her lips parted into a scowl, and she felt like tearing each strand of Bonnie's black hair until she had no hair left. She laughed to herself, stretching out in her desk. She wasn't going to let them get in her way, because she knew Kevin was making a mistake.

Mr Evans made his way to the front of the classroom, his fingers in his greying hair. He looked down at his desk, at the jar with names in. He picked it up, clearing his throat loudly and said "Who's first?" The whole class suddenly fell silent, their eyes on Mr Evans. He dug his hand straight into the jar, fumbling around for a while and pulled out a name. "Stefanie Lark." He called. Stefanie looked up, alarmed. He placed her name on the desk, and began looking for another. Stefanie didn't want to look; she had her eyes closed firmly. "Stefanie," he breathed. She looked up at him. "You will be partnered with," Stefanie felt like she was in a talent show, the tension suddenly building up in her body. "Bonnie Carter." Stefanie stood up like a shot, making her way towards his desk. There's no way I'm going with her, she thought. Mr Evans rolled his eyes. He pointed to both girls and said "You two. After class." They both groaned in unison, meeting each other's eyes for a moment.

The bell rung, cutting off anyone's conversation, and the two girls stood up. Mr Evans laid both hands on the desk, fists clenched. "Sit." He ordered. Both girls did as he asked, shifting away from each other. Stefanie was the first to speak, as always. She batted her long eyelashes at him and said "Please, I need another partner." Mr Evans wasn't stupid, she realised, he wasn't going to melt straight into her hands. He shook his head. "The Jar Method is completely random, I can't control who I pick." He said simply. He stood up. Bonnie finally spoke. "Can't I- Can't I be partnered with Kevin?" she asked. Mr Evans rolled his eyes. Stefanie turned her whole body towards Bonnie, quickly. "Oh, like I didn't expect that. Bonnie always wants to be with Kevin, even though she knows that he belongs with me." Bonnie's bright pink lips curled into a scowl, and her hands came straight towards Stefanie. Stefanie lashed out, her black stiletto boot making its way towards Bonnie's face. "Girls!!" Mr Evans roared, causing them both to leap out of their seats. He grabbed both of their hands, stopped them from fighting. He took a breath, and looked at them both. "I'm sorry you can't change your partners. It's my final decision." Both of them stood up, took one last look at the jar of names, and made their way out of the door.

~ Chapter Two~

Bonnie Carter didn't look at her, she didn't want to. Her blog was going to be exciting tonight! She made her way quickly past the classroom and towards her locker. Just as she was about to open up her locker, a hand came quickly down on hers. She looked up to see the face of Kevin Benson. He was captain of the football team, heartbreakingly beautiful, every girl wanted him. Bonnie was lucky enough to have him, she thought with a smile. "Tonight." He said, simply. Bonnie raised a dark eyebrow. "The Dog's Locker, party with the team. I need a date. Wanna come?" Though it was the most formal of invitations, Bonnie accepted it. She loved parties; any excuse to wear a short dress was perfect. She bit her lip, groaning slightly. "Mr Evans said we need to start the project tonight." She frowned, running a finger through his curly blonde hair. Her voice droned so pleasantly, Kevin didn't care she was breaking his heart. "No matter how much I hate Stefanie, I want a good grade. This weekend is free, K?" She kissed him lightly on the cheek, and then made her way back down the hall.

Stefanie was with the 'Elites' as always, Bonnie made her way towards them. She remembered when she used to be the head of the Elites, and not Stefanie. She pushed past the group, making her way towards Stefanie. "We need to start that stupid project tonight." She began. Stefanie raised an eyebrow "So?" She said, her lips barely parting. "So, I guess you want to come to my house. Since yours is..well, yours." Stefanie folded her arms unhappily. "What's wrong with my things?" she demanded. Bonnie chuckled. She placed a delicate finger on Stefanie's new bag, her fingers running down the silky velvet lining. "I don't have a problem with the object," she said, turning away, slightly. "Just the person who owns them." Stefanie gasped. That actually hurt. "Tonight. 55 Greyback Avenue." She said, turning fully away. Despite their differences, they both agreed on one thing, they were not looking forward to tonight.

~Chapter Three~

Stefanie made her way up the street, counting down the house numbers. 55 Greyback. She looked up at number 55 Greyback Avenue, and frowned. It was a big house, the outside painted all white and the porch was filled with beautiful flowers. Stefani made her way up the path, hesitated, and knocked on the door. She took a step backwards, nearly tumbling into the flowerbeds. Bonnie emerged wearing what could only be described as her casual wear. Her black hair was tied back in a messy bun, and she was wearing sweat pants. Stefanie pulled out her phone, if the whole school saw what the fashion queen was wearing now- "I'm sorry I didn't dress up for you, Stefanie." Bonnie shot back. Stefanie raised an eyebrow "I didn't come here to listen to you mock me." She said. Bonnie made a gesture, and pointed to the door. "Then get out." She spat. Stefanie looked at her, her eyes narrowed like a cat's. Stefanie threw her books down, "We need to start working." She breathed. Bonnie yawned slightly, but began her work.

Whether they liked it or not, they both worked harder than expected. None of them spoke; an icy silence filled the room. They both turned around when they heard the voice "You two want some lemonade?" It was Bonnie's Mom, Anne Carter. Bonnie rolled her eyes at her Mom. "Mommm." She whined. "I thought you said you were at work. We're busy." Anne lifted her shoulders, and whirled out of the door after mouthing "It's in the kitchen." Bonnie cleared her throat, though she had nothing to say. Bonnie's phone buzzed loudly, and she snatched it from Stefanie's grasp.

~Chapter Four~

"What-I can't hear you Kevin. Are-Are you at a party?" Bonnie's voice was harsh, causing Stefanie to almost fall over the brown leather couch. "Kevin, what are you doing? You're drunk. You need to get home and-" Bonnie's eyes were sparked with tears as fell down to her knees. Stefanie watched as Bonnie's phone came flying across the room and landed with a crash. "Great." Bonnie moaned, slumping down onto the couch. "Kevin's being an ass, again." She mumbled. Stefanie looked at her. "Kevin's always been an ass." She corrected. Unexpectedly, Bonnie began laughing. Bonnie Carter was laughing. She shoved Stefanie to the side, laughing harder. They were both laughing, like kids. "I remember what we used to be like." Stefanie said, breaking the silence. Bonnie lifted her head "We used to be best friends," she mumbled. "And then we were torn apart by high school." She looked straight at Stefanie, coming closer towards her. Stefanie flinched, not wanting to get hurt, but she didn't get hurt. In fact, Bonnie leaned in for a hug. A meaningful hug that sent a shiver down their spines. When they parted, they both smiled. And then, Bonnie's face suddenly dropped. She laid a finger on Stefanie's chest, and snapped "Tell anyone we're friends and I'll snap you like a twig." Stefanie flinched. She looked up, grabbing all of her stuff. "I've-I've got to go." She said, quickly making her way towards the door. Bonnie followed, a wide smile on her face. "I-I'll see you tomorrow." She said, almost in a whisper. Stefanie ran her fingers down the doorframe, and smiled at Bonnie. She took one last look at Bonnie, and made her way back up the street. Bonnie peeked her head out. "Do you-Do you want a ride? It's dark and my Mom wouldn't forgive me if I didn't offer." Stefanie bit her lip, and nodded.

Bonnie's Xavier 8700 sat perfectly in the driveway, glistening red in the darkness. She clicked the key, and they stepped in. The car was hot, the air conditioning not helping at all, and they both stuck to their seats. "I hate to admit it," Bonnie began, her gaze on Stefanie. "I actually enjoyed tonight." Stefanie scoffed in disbelief. Bonnie's face crinkled with laughter. "I'll admit, I enjoyed it, too." Stefanie said. The road was silent, so it was a short journey to Stefanie's house. Stefanie took one look at Bonnie, Bonnie took a look at Stephanie. They leant in closer, and suddenly their lips touched. They didn't part for a while, the heat suddenly surfacing through their bodies. They both sighed, parting. Tears streamed down Bonnie's cheeks, mascara streaked down her eyes. "I'm sorry, I really am." She sighed. Stefanie made her way out of the car, and into her house. She watched Bonnie's Xavier 8700 drive away, and she shed a tear..

~Chapter Five~

Both girls made it into school early, which made a change. Word had gotten around that Kevin and Crystal Gellar hit it off at a party. As soon as she heard the news, Bonnie marched straight to the boy's locker room. Holding her nose as she was instantly taken over by the stench of sweat and disgusting aftershave, Bonnie made her way towards Kevin's locker. Bonnie bit her lip, she couldn't look at him. Even with his jersey off, and beads of hot water trickling down his six-pack, Kevin looked disgusting. He ran his fingers through his hair, looking more and more like a Vogue model. Ignoring the wolf whistles she received from the other players, Bonnie stormed towards Kevin. His face lit up when he saw her, and his bright eyes widened in surprise. "What are you doing here?" He asked, covering his chest with his jersey. "I heard you and Crystal were pretty friendly last night?" Bonnie shot back, ignoring his grip on her waist. She snatched away his hands, even though his grip was irresistible. "I was drunk, we both were. She's nothing compared to you." Kevin reassured. Bonnie raised an eyebrow at him, unsure whether to believe in him. She took a breath, gripped onto his hands and began to speak. "I think we need a break." She said. Kevin's mouth hung open, and he kissed her on the cheek "C'mon babe, I'm sorry. Crystal was just a onetime thing, we can go much further." Bonnie watched as Kevin's hands slid down from her waist. She slapped his hands away. "Just don't-don't talk to me." Bonnie sighed, hustling her way through the locker room.

Stefanie looked through the crowd, hoping to find Bonnie Carter. She needed to talk with her, about what happened. It couldn't wait. She ignored the 'Elites' gossip session, and made her way through the corridor. She looked around, hoping to see her face in the crowd of students. She was almost jogging through the swarm of students, unable to find Bonnie. Just when she was going to give up, she spotted her. She was in the school courtyard, behind all of the trees and flowers. She walked slowly towards her, almost tiptoeing on the cobbled floor. Suddenly she felt someone grip tightly on her hand, and whirled around to see the face of Kevin Benson, her ex. His eyes were teary and he couldn't look past Stefanie. "C-Can we talk?"

~Chapter Five~

They moved past the courtyard, and through the football field. Stefanie ignored the howls and whistles of the desperate guys, and focused on Kevin. They sat down on Row 98, the same place he broke up with her. She barely noticed his hands slip into hers, his touch was invisible to her. "Listen," he said. The field was silent, besides the chanting cheerleaders and grumbling quarterbacks. Stefanie looked at his face, his perfect face. "I want to get back together with you, I think we should start over." Stefanie watched as he twirled a lock of her hair, she put on a small smile. "I-I don't think I can trust you, Kevin. You broke my heart, I don't want that again." Stefanie said, her voice calm. "Please!" he begged. "You're the only girl I've ever loved truly. Can't you give me a chance?" Stefanie rolled her eyes as he almost got on his knees for her. "I'm sorry, I can't. I'm-I'm in love with somebody else." She blurted. He looked up. "Who?" He demanded, arms folded. "I'm in love with Bonnie Carter." His mouth flew open.

Stefanie looked up from her books, to focus on Bonnie's face. They were in Bonnie's lounge again. Silence filled the house, with only the faint sound of music to be heard. Stefanie leant over to turn the page, only her hand to brush against Bonnie's. Stefanie's eyes suddenly focused on Bonnie's face, but she didn't want to look at her. Stefanie reached closer, twirling a lock of Bonnie's fine hair in her fingers. It was that that brought them closer, made their lips touch. Bonnie's lips tasted of silk and vanilla, and Stefanie didn't want to pull away. It wasn't at all awkward, it was full of passion. And then Bonnie trailed upstairs, Stefanie chasing her to her bedroom. The door of Bonnie's room closed quickly, and they were staring at the bed. Bonnie bit her lip, giggling slightly. She had never been this far with a girl. They climbed onto the bed, and stared straight into each other's eyes. Bonnie looked down at Stefanie, delicately unbuttoning her scarlet blouse. Stefanie took of Bonnie's shirt, tossing it onto the floor. Bonnie leaned in for a kiss again, her hands running up and down Stefanie's beautiful lean silhouette. The kiss was intense, sending a rush of heat through their bodies. They fell onto the cushions, breathing heavily. "That was…" Bonnie began. "Great." Stefanie finished. They both fell into giggles, feeling more like ten year olds than ever..

~Chapter Six~

The alarm rang loudly in the silence, both girls groaning in unison. It was 8:30, they had overslept. Bonnie turned to Stefanie, her fingers running through her hair. "How's about we spend all day here." Bonnie suggested. Stefanie raised an eyebrow, almost in agreement. "I'll call in sick, you do the same. It'll be great. We can just spend all day…here." Stefanie sighed heavily. "Is it a yes?" Bonnie almost grumbled. Stefanie nodded. Bonnie clasped her hands excitedly. They both trailed downstairs. Bonnie pressed the button on the coffee maker, and let the beautiful steam circle around the house. Bonnie laid out the mugs, pouring the coffee straight into them. Stefanie had to admit, that coffee tasted better than most. The hot, beautiful earthy taste hit her lips and she sighed heavily. Bonnie came towards her, wrapping both hands around Stefanie's waist. "I love you." She said, planting a kiss on her cheek. Stefanie nodded her head in agreement and smiled "I love you, too." They were curled up on the couch, arms around each other tightly.


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