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The Fluttering Heart of an Ordinary Girl

Short story By: LoveIsAlwaysRight
Gay and lesbian

This is just me, kind of letting my feelings out. Me and my fluttering heart. :)

Submitted:May 15, 2012    Reads: 282    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

What can I do? What more can I do? I've tried everything. I thought, as I watched her walk away. I stared at her retreating backside, admiring the way her golden hair swished as she walked. The pink tips shown in her golden mass as it swayed from side to side. She'll never love me. I'm not even sure if she's really bi! At this age, girls get so confused sbout that stuff anyway. We'll never be more than friends. I told myself sadly, my lips slanting downward in a frown. I wanted so badly to throw my arms around her and tell her I'd never leave her, to show her just how much I cared. It would be so happy, a movie scrit ending. Sweet music would play as we embraced, two girls with stars in their eyes, love blossoming around their combined sillouttes. I shook my head, clearing the fantasies away like cobwebs. That would never happen. Love didn't tend to lean in my favor. I wished with all my heart I was straight. Things were so much easier, people were less judgmental. There were no steryotypes that straight people were all sluts, or that straight people were all emos who cut themselves. No, straight people were, "sweet lovebirds in an ecstacy of bliss". I was so sick of it. So sick of playing these games. I wished that I could just fall into her arms and be done with it. If only, if only. I walked on to math class, seemingly doomed to an eternaty of hopeful gazes and a fluttering heart. I would live. And one day, maybe one day, I would finally be able to call her mine.


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