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I Am Straight. but im not against gay/lesbien/bi-sexual people. I think we are all equal and we all should be treated equally (:

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Breaking Part 1.


There are time's in a person's life where they change.

Chapter One :

Hi, My Name Is Elizabeth Brooke's But you can call me lizzy. I am 15 year's old. This is about that day I "Changed". I was in class one day, my softmore year, It was the 8th week of school. There was a new girl, Her name was kayla. I was the first person to talk to her. We became really good friend's, We started spending every weekend at each other's house's. It was our junior year, Kayla's parent's were moving away and she didn't want to leave. So I asked my mom if she could stay with us. luckily she said yes. I was really happy, We shared a room. After awhile it seemed like we were sister's. We followed the same schedule. It was pretty cool, One night it was a weekend. My parent's were out of town. Me and kayla were sitting on our bed. ( we shared a bed ). We were sitting across from each other, Telling each other about the experience's we had in our live's. Suddenly when she told me that at one point she had been interested in girl's , My body got really hot. As if I was blushing. I did'nt understand this, We looked each other in the eye as if we were lost in a daze, Then suddenly it seemed everything around us was space. Like we were floating, We leaned in and kissesd. It was awkward but at the same time, It was a turn on.

The Next few day's were awkward, We made awkward eye contact and it seemed we were parting, After a week it seemed as if we didnt even live together. It was saturday night at 3am. Everyone was asleep except me and kayla. We were laying in bed, We both turned over at the same time. We looked at each other, And kissed again. Then, It led to more. We were making out and the next thing I new we woke up the next morning in each other's arm's. We were really comfortable together, Luckily I had my door locked. My mom knocked on the door the next morning telling us it was time to get up. We both jumped, But as we sat up we smiled at each other with messy hair and smeared lip gloss. I had to admit it was a pretty good night. I decided that I had been attracted to women. So you could say, I was lesbien. It was'nt very long before I decided to tell kayla how I felt. She Smiled "I feel the same way" She said with a smile. It made me happy to know I had someone. That cared for me as I cared for her. She was amazing. We decided to make it official. We were together. And it was better then a relationship you would have with a guy quite honestly. It was more passionate. I felt loved...

Breaking Part 2

As the day's went on thing's got more intense, We started going further. One night we decided, to do it. My parent's were out of town, we were alone sitting on my bed. Wereing nothing but our bra's and under wear. We started intensley kissing, then makeing out and then it led to doing it. It left us both gasping for air and feeling satisfied in the morning. Our clothe's scattered across the floor. It was great. I had lost my V card. The next night we did it again, sunday morning we walked to the park holding hand's and kissing. We were'nt afraid to show it anymore.We were not afraid to show it anymore. We went to school monday feeling great. At this time everyone knew that me and kayla were together. But, suprisingly nobody made fun of us. Nobody said rude comment's. It seemed as if they respected us, I had more friend's and so did kayla. More likely i gained more friend's that were girl's. Before i had hung out with mainly guy's , By now me and kayla were the one's everyone wanted to hang out with. The one's everybody wanted to be bestfriend's with. So we decided to tell my parent's , me and kayla walked down stair's hand in hand , "Mom, Dad" I said. "Uhmm, Well you see over the past few month's me and kayla have grown closer." I continued "Really close" Kayla said. My mom's face kinda lit up and then dimmed down a bit. "Were together" we both said at the same time. My mom smiled "That's great sweetie." she said. "What?!" I said "You mean youre not mad?" I continued. "No, I completely support youre decision honey, I think it's great" My mom said.

2 year's had passed. Me and kayla were still together we were both 18. We decided we would move out of my parent's and get our own place. We graduated early and had scholorship's to yale. We had been going there for about 2 year's now. So we got a ncie appartment and continued our live's. After collage we both had great career's, I worked as a professional hair stylest. She was a doctor, after about a year we decided we wanted a daughter. So we went to a doner. We both ended up pregnent. We both had girl's so we decided on the name's. I was going to name mine riley-marie, And kayla was going to name her's talia-raine. We were going to have 2 beautiful baby girl's. Over the nine month's me and kayla had grown even closer. We bother were due on the same day which made me happy. The day we both went into labor we decided even if the girl's didnt look alike they'd be twin's. We had the kid's and life went on. The girl's got older and didn't under stand why they didn't have a dad. So we tried to explain that we ... to be continued..


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