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The christmas dress *

Short story By: lswiehtizoeht
Gay and lesbian

A formal christmas dinner can lead to anything, if you're wearing the right dress.

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« Could you please close that window? Do you want us to freeze or what?" she said, her eyes glued to the road, her hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel. "You have no education," she added between clenched teeth. "Ouch", thought Mel, and then " Are you going to be that way all the week end?"

  • What way?
  • The bitchy way

Carol looked at Mel with iced eyes and did not even answer.

"I certainly didn't have your precious education, but please remember that I have nothing to do with it. You want me to meet your family, and for Christmas nothing less, your mother and your 4 sisters will gladly fire to me and I am ready to take it, I am ready to keep an happy face in the middle of the battlefield, but I need you to be on my side Carol. I can't fight you either."

Carol stayed still for a few seconds and then she sighed deeply, her shoulders relaxing slightly, she looked at Mel apologetically.

"I'm so sorry sweetie, I'm out of my mind with this…encounter. I'm so tense and I put it all on you, it is totally unfair. Mel, I feel so stressed! You don't even know the beginning of what is waiting for us over there. It will be bloody, my mother will torture you I just know it! Why am I doing that to you? For once I find someone I fall head over hills in love with, I'm afraid I'm going to …

  • You're head over hills in love with me?

Carol gave her a startled look before answering, "You know I love you". Mel unfastened her seatbelt in one expert movement and leaned on Carol, whispering in her ear "oh but that's totally different" and she was slightly kissing her earlobe "what…hm…what do you mean it's totally different?" "Hmmm… you taste so good…"and Mel was gently nuzzling with her neck "Mel stop it, I'm driving here!" "You don't really want me to stop do you?" And stopping was very far in her mind when she began tracing lazy circles on Carol's thigh. "Ok I don't want you to stop but I don't want us to die on Christmas day either, Mel stop it! Please!"

Mel laughed softly and retreat in her seat. "You know you're not very often … explicit with your feelings", she said

  • No?
  • No.

Carol stayed still one minute and added

  • Well so you know I'm head over hills in love with you.
  • And I'm very happy to know that."

And once again she leaned on to kiss Carol's neck, her hand leaving Carol's knee to stroke her thigh, the inner side of her thigh…"If I had known those were aphrodisiac words I would have said them a long time ago…" "It's not to late to abuse of this newfound power," said Mel, dangerously approaching Carol's center. But Carol died the engine and Mel could sense her tensing under her lips. She stepped back, looking curiously at the woman next to her "are you ok?

  • I don't know
  • What's wrong?
  • We are arrived. This is the family house."

They were standing in front of a huge wrought iron gate closing an impressive property. Hundred-year-old trees were majestically shading the soft lawn. The house was nowhere in sight.

"I think house doesn't apply my dear

-I didn't want to scare you"

The gate opened by itself and Carol drove them to the mansion's entrance. Her mother was waiting on the steps, in a perfectly tailored emerald silk dress, and Mel thought that she was a beautiful woman, in a very sophisticated way.

She went downstairs and hugged Carol " Hello darling. You were the last one missing. How was your trip?" she said without a glance to Mel. "It was alright Mum. Please meet my girlfriend Melanie". Only then did they share a look. "Welcome Melanie", she said with a smile.

It reminded Mel of a socio-cognitive article she red about first encounters. Apparently you have a better judgment on someone in the first half second you look in his eyes than in the 10 years you live with him. If it's true, what she saw in carol's mother eyes was very clear. Despise. And welcome she was absolutely not.

"I'm so glad to meet Carol's family, thank you so much for inviting me." You know what is good with hypocrisy? It can easily go both ways.

Apparently Carol was oblivious to the underlying discussion because she seemed to relax a little, she looked back at Mel with a hopeful smile while her mother was confidently driving her into the house. "I'm going to have such a blast!" Mel muttered, following them inside.

Comfortably seated on the couch, Mel discovered several things about her within two hours. One, she had a supra-natural power. She was totally transparent. Nobody had talk to her since she was here. Two, she really loved that new dress. That fluid and soft black dress Carol was wearing was incredibly sexy. Three, she had a huge tendency to think about sex when she was bored out of her mind. So, she began by stealing a few glances in her direction, trying to behave naturally, but if she was going to be transparent, she should at least take advantage of it, and eventually she was openly staring at the most beautiful woman in the room.

God she was beautiful! And so fucking hot in this dress! Mel knew she had slipped from "sexy" to "fucking hot" because her eyes were now glued to the perfect place where the lower part of the dress was slightly moving across carol's thigh. She wanted badly to put her hands exactly there and stroke her satiny stockings with her fingertips. Then of course Carol will be aroused beyond imagination and Mel will move up with deliberate slowness, removing that magical dress, until she could feel her hips, and Carol will begin a slow rhythm, back and forth, back and forth, and Mel will see her hard nipples now visible through the thin fabric, and after that she will look up to acknowledge the waiting lips and Carol will wet this lips with her tongue and… And when Mel arrived at the tongue part she blinked several times because Carol (the real Carol, not the tongue Carol, the Carol who was quietly drinking a glass of champagne while discussing with her uncle) that Carol was looking directly at her with a dumbfounded look, her eyebrows doing that funny thing they do when she was taken by surprise.

Not knowing how to react in such a hostile environment, Mel simply looked down into her own glass, loosing her in the hypnotizing effect of such tiny bubbles dancing in the golden liquid. After five minutes she felt the comforting presence of Carol sitting beside her.

"How are you doing sweetie?" She asked in a smiling voice.

"Well I have mentally fucked you twenty-to times and I am totally wet on your mother's couch, everything is fine thank you." thought Mel, but she said "I'm doing all right, I try to drink as much as I can, I don't know when I will be able to get a champagne as good as this one." Carol laughed softly and asked, "Were you…? Were you checking me out just 5 minutes ago?"

Mel blushed slightly "put all the blame on the new dress" she muttered, her eyes back to the glass. Laughing again, Carol putted her hand on Mel's thigh. "Are you really blushing? This is so cute!" She went closer, looking directly onto Mel's eyes " Do you know how badly I want to kiss you right now?" She whispered, and Mel could feel the rest of the world vanishing, warmly wrapped in carol's honey eyes, and she marveled at the strength of the emotions Car was stirring up. "Hum…hm" Mel cleared her throat "Honey?" "Yes?" answered Carol in a distant voice "Could you please stop?

- Stop what?

  • Teasing me?
  • I'm hardly teasing you
  • Oh but you are
  • Says the one who was mentally undressing me 5 minutes ago. The way you looked at me then? This is teasing.
  • Oh because the you-know-how-badly-I-want-to-kiss-you-right-now is no teasing material?
  • You started it
  • You weren't suppose to notice
  • I'm glad I did because it's the most beautiful thing I've seen tonight."

She's doing it again, thought Mel, I was wrong when I said she was not explicit with her feelings. She definitely is. In a subtle, elegant way. Just like she is.

"May I have your attention please?"

Everybody stopped talking, all eyes turned towards Carol's mother.

"You're all invited to move to the dining room."

The dinner was totally awkward. Mel was seated between a forty-something related who never stopped babbling about real estate, investment, taxes, and one of Car sister who openly ignored her. Carol of course was beside her mother. They were in front of each other but the table was so wide they couldn't possibly talk. Mel immediately understood that the table-seating plan was no hazard. Real estate it is, she thought, politely maintaining the interaction with her neighbor.

And then it happened. Carol's mother shouted her out. "Melanie, she said in a strong voice, I understand you work with computers?"

Everybody was suddenly quiet, as if responding to an unformulated order. All eyes were on her. "I use them, yes, I'm a graphic designer," she answered matter-of-factly. "I see. You're an artiste." She said turning her mocking smile to the guests, including them in her evident despises for art and everything related. "I always wondered how much money you can make in this field." The table was totally quiet now and Mel was at a loss for words. It was a trick question and she knew it. She turned her eyes to Carol but she was looking at her plate, obviously avoiding the confrontation. "Well, I guess it's very variable," answered Mel noncommittally. "I understand you earn a lot less than my daughter, she went on, and the house is hers. I'm really surprised, I thought that in this kind of relationship autonomy and equality were the norm," she added, smiling as if she was simply having a society conversation about norms. Mel was stunned; she couldn't stop her eyes from turning to Car again. She was very still, her eyes still looking down, she was white as a sheet. Mel looked back to Car's mother and said "Our relationship is very well balanced, thank you." Her voice seemed unsure, even to her own ears, and she suddenly felt very angry. "If you say so," answered the sophisticated bitch, pointedly looking to Car, who apparently couldn't say a word to save her life.

"John, you know Karen and Paul just bought a new boat?" She said, suddenly turning her attention to someone on her left. It was the signal everybody waited for, and everyone went back to his conversation.

After that, Mel was not really hungry anymore. She tried several times to make eye contact with Carol but she was obviously avoiding it. What's the matter? She thought, is money really an issue? We've talked about it several times. I thought we were clear. Are we? Or maybe not. Maybe we should discuss it again. Should we? She looks so pale… I've never seen this haunted look before.

The end of the dinner was a nightmare to Carol. She tried to force some dessert into her but it was more than she could stand. She was feeling sick, anxious and totally depressed. She couldn't look at Mel and a heavy burden was firmly in place between her shoulders. She left the table as soon as possible, running from the crime scene. She went directly to the minibar in the boudoir to serve herself a drink. "I need something strong, she thought, I need something strong to face her and apologize properly. Oh god! What did I do? She will never forgive me. I will never forgive me. I didn't stand up for her for god sake! I didn't stand up for me, for us! I invited her, and I let my mother humiliate her publicly. Jesus! And I'm a fucking lawyer! I know how to argue! I stand up for people, this is my job! But I let her down, the girl I love, I let her down. I'm weak, I've always been so weak in front of my mother, I knew I shouldn't have brought her in this hell! I just knew it! And now I've ruined everything. She will despise me and she will leave me. And she will find someone who deserve her wonderful love."

That's when she saw Mel coming directly to her.

"Can I talk to you?" She said without expression. "Of course" answered Car. "I mean privately," added Mel. "Here we are, thought Car, I will apologize, she will leave, and something will be irremediably broken."

"Please follow me in my father's office" whispered Carol, and her heart was heavy as a stone.

After locking the door she turned to Mel with a desperate look and began "I can't tell you how sorry I am.." but she couldn't finish because she felt herself pushed against the door and Mel's mouth suddenly devouring hers. She let herself respond to the kiss because it was what she desperately needed. In no time she forgot where she was and she took Mel's hips with both hands to feel her closer, moaning into her mouth, her eyes shut. She felt Mel's body quietly rocketing against hers and a warm wave of desire grew up inside, first in her stomach and then she felt her breasts harden, Mel's soft body was pressing harder, her tongue came inside her mouth and Car heard someone groaning deep in her throat, and she didn't know if it was her, or Mel, but god she wanted this woman, she wanted her everywhere, and when Mel quitted her mouth to attack her throat she was very near to fall down. When Mel took a hard nipple into her teeth trough the thin fabric of the dress she felt a jolt of electricity piercing right to her groin. She cried out, opened her yes widely and said in a hurry "Mel! Mel! Stop please! Mel we need to talk! oh my god! Please." But Mel wasn't really listening. She was discovering how totally erotic it was to have this woman right here, against this door, at exactly 5 centimeters from a room full of unwelcoming people. She groaned and let her hands travel up on her thighs. "Mel please, please, I can't do this, we need to talk.' But she was breathing hard and Mel knew she could have her if she was just a little more persistent. She considered one second to not answer and just follow her mood, but then she rose her head and looked right into carol's eyes. "There is no need to talk, she said in a husky voice. You are sorry, you love me, I love you, I forgive you. Now you're feeling guilty and I'm feeling alone. We need to reconnect. Don't let her win, Car, I want to win, I want to win you." Carol was quiet for one minute, then she lightly stroked Mel's cheek and whispered " You couldn't loose, Honey. Don't you already know that?" Mel kissed her again, but this time she took her time, savoring Car soft, sweet lips "I want to make love to you" she said, and Car felt her body responding immediately, strongly welcoming the idea of being properly loved right there. She moaned and kissed back passionately, claiming Mel's mouth with her tongue, her hands in the back of Mel's head to kiss her even deeper. She felt Mel's body pinning her firmly against the door, she felt her hands travelling under her dress to grab her bottoms and press her center against her hips. "oh my god honey I'm so close, I'm so close…" She was whispering against her lover's lips, having no control on her body, her hips rocketing on their own against Mel's thigh. She shut her eyes and let her head go against the door, ready to welcome the wave of pleasure she knew was coming soon. But Mel wouldn't let her come so easily, of course. In one only movement, she was biting her throat and extracting herself from between Car's thighs. Carol groaned in frustration and tried to get her lover closer but Mel wouldn't let her. "You're enjoying this aren't you?" said Mel against Car's throat. "Are you enjoying being fucked in your father's office?" and she pushed her hand inside Car panties to grab her swollen clit and lips. Car cried out and pushed back against Mel's hand to make friction but Mel steadied her. "You're so wet Car, I can't believe how wet you are…" She was whispering in her ear and her words were sending their erotic message to every single bit of her skin. Car was shaking now, torn between her need to come and her need to follow her lover's desire. "Please Mel, please, I need you, I need you inside me now." She begged. " I want to be inside you darling, whispered Mel in a low voice, I want to, but you need to be quiet, all your family is right behind this door, will you come quietly honey? Will you?" "Yes, please, yes" whispered Car, unable to wait one more second. Mel slipped slowly one finger inside her and Car moaned deeply "Quiet, love, be quiet or I will have to stop" Car bitted her lips and nodded in acknowledgment. Mel slipped another finger in and began to stroke slowly at first, and then more passionately, allowing Car to set the rhythm she needed. At this point Car was having trouble to stay straight "I need to lie down, I'm falling" she asked, her voice shaking. "I've got you baby, I've got you, let it go, I want you to come now" Car felt her head spinning, her ears buzzing, and eventually a huge wave of pleasure went splashing all over her.

She couldn't hear, or talk, she didn't even know if she could breath. She was floating in a white paradise, far away, listening to someone quietly laughing, and from a distant voice she heard "I thought you would come quietly" When she understood what was said it suddenly scared the hell out of her, she opened her eyes and asked "did I shout? Did someone hear me? Oh my god!" Mel laughed softly, the look on Car's face being priceless. "I think we are ok." "But I did shout, didn't I" "You did shout all right Miss Quiet" Car laughed and kissed Mel's lips again. " I love you, she said, I love you so much Mel, you're so good to me. I'm so lucky to have you in my life." "You would do the same for me." answered Mel. " Oh I would! I would totally fuck you senseless in your father's office. What about Easter? What do you say?" Car laughed heartedly at the sight of the shocking look on Mel's face. "What? No way! My father's office is a total sanctuary!" said Mel. "Even better" added Car and then she kissed Mel's lips softly, whispering "are you ready to leave?"

"I thought you would never ask."


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