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I'm In Love With My Best Friend

Short story By: LunarEclipse
Gay and lesbian

I guess I have a small confession to make. I’m in love with my best friend. Yeah, you’re probably like “So is everyone else, what makes you any different?” You’re right, almost everyone has thought they’re in love with their best friend at some point. The difference is that I not only think, I know. Knowing is better than thinking anyways. Also the other problem would have to be that I’m a guy. You’re again probably like “So what?” Well, my best friend is also a guy…

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I guess I have a small confession to make. I'm in love with my best friend. Yeah, you're probably like "So is everyone else, what makes you any different?" You're right, almost everyone has thought they're in love with their best friend at some point. The difference is that I not only think, I know. Knowing is better than thinking anyways. Also the other problem would have to be that I'm a guy. You're again probably like "So what?" Well, my best friend is also a guy…

I guess some introducing is in order as well. My name is Mason. I have black hair that seems to have a bluish tint to it that ends right at my ear. I'm about 6'1 and I'm in the twelfth grade. My eyes are light gray and everyone always comments on them. I was never one that was really social but somehow once I met him it all changed. I began talking more, opening up more to certain people.

Now, the him that I refer to is none other than Blake. He's the one that I've fallen for. He has white hair and his eyes are a pale purple. I'm not sure if his hair is naturally white or not but I assume it is and it comes down about an inch past his ears. He's about 5'9; he's so cute because he's always saying how he wants to be taller than me. He has always been social but when he's with me he is so shy, have I mentioned that he's adorable?

Blake is a year younger than me but it doesn't really matter. In fact, it is a little helpful being taller and older. Sometimes people like to make fun of him for his hair and eyes. I'm right there to protect him from anyone out to hurt him. Of course, I guess I should be protecting him from myself as well.

Today we're going over to his house. Usually we hang out down in his living room but from the very few words he spoke to me earlier I know that we will be in his room. I know this may be my only good chance to actually tell him while alone. I think I can deal with rejection when alone a lot better than being in a crowd.

So we walk home, him in his white shirt with purple running from the collar to the end of his sleeve and a stripe going from under his arm down to the end of the shirt and his completely black pants. This is the uniform for all the junior males.

Mine is a little more complicated. My sleeves are a sandy color and have a small white stripe running down the middle of the sleeve from the collar. There's also a white ring wrapped around the end of the sleeve. My collar is white mostly with a black border with random black lines all over it. The part that would be white on the junior's uniform is black with a teal design on the front and a teal stripe going down either side of it. My pants are a mixture between black, white, and teal stripes.

When we get to his home he quickly tells me where his room is, saying that he has to go tell his parents something and he'll meet me up there. I nod and happily go upstairs. I sit on his bed and deposit my things right on the floor next to it. I grab a book from there and set it on his pillow. I then slam my head down into his blankets and begin to take in the smells of Blake.

"Hey… My parents said dinner will be ready in like an hour. I don't know if you want to work on homework or hang out…" He whispers when he enters the room, I lift my head in time to see him looking down at the floor, blushing.

"It's whatever you want to do," I say in a cheerful tone. "I'm going to go to the bathroom though before we do anything. Where is it?" I ask, not really knowing where it is on the second floor. He points to a door on the right side of his room and I walk over to shut the door.

I'm not in there very long but when I come out he's already begun to unbutton his shirt and his pants. Since we've been so close it doesn't seem strange to him as he continues to change out of his uniform. Without really thinking I spring forward, making him fall back to the ground right next to his bed. I flop halfway onto the bed, my right leg hanging off and I capture his lips with my own. I keep my eyes open and I see his eyes change from wide and surprised to accepting and lustful.

I press my tongue up against his lips and he opens the willingly, joining my tongue with his own. My hand reaches up to his shirt and pulls it to the side, leaving his chest exposed. I caress his left nipple and then grab it in between my thumb and index finger. I begin to rub, pinch and pull at it and his face turns red as he squirms beneath me.

I pull my mouth away to look at his adorable body. Blake's eyes are half closed as I continue to pull at his left nipple. I then lower my head and flick my tongue across the right one. Then I close my lips around it and suck, causing moans to flood from Blake's mouth.

"Oh… Mason, please… nnnnnhhhhh…" He whimpers, closing his hand around my left sleeve, as I become relentless. I just continue on, only raising my head to whisper only two words.

"Be louder." I ask and he does exactly that when I begin to pull his pants down with a free hand. I continue to pull until I completely get his lower half naked. He's panting now as I gently brush my hand over the hardened flesh. I slowly slide off of the bed, making sure I move both of my legs so that his body is beneath me and his legs spreading down in between my own. Having abandoned my position on his chest I grab his hips with both hands. I then lower my lips down his chest.

When I reach what my lips are searching for I don't take it in right away. My tongue darts out once more, sliding across the tip of his arousal. If it were not for my hands holding him in place he would have bucked it right into my mouth, not that I would have really minded.

I finally take him into my mouth and a cry escapes from Blake's lips. I slowly take in as much as I think is reasonable and begin to do what I've wanted to do for a while. My tongue drifts out of my mouth again, this time slipping along the underside of his arousal. It runs across a stray vein and he once again begins to buck, and this time I let him.

He slips farther back into my throat. I hold back the urge to gag as I slowly pull back up, the tip of my tongue still rubbing up against his now pulsating flesh. I don't completely remove it from my mouth, even though I know exactly what is about to happen.

"Ah! Mason… I feel…" He gasps, shudders, and then yells my name as he cums inside my mouth. I let the sweetish liquid pour down my throat before I finally pull away to look him in the eyes. His face is flushed and his eyes are half lidded.

"I'm sorry Blake… I guess that probably wasn't the best way to express my feelings. I uh really like you. I'd go as far to say that I love you… I'll go now." I whisper and begin to move away from him. Once my back is turned towards him I begin to stand up. I feel a small hand grab the end of my shirt. I turn to see him looking back to the floor.

"I don't want you to leave. I… I like you too… I love you too. I didn't want to say anything and ruin our friendship, that's why I'm usually quiet around you more than anyone else." He whispers back and pulls himself up, brushing his lips against my own. I smile at the cute Blake that sits before me and I deepen the small kiss. When I pull away he's blushing even more.

"Oh um… There's no dinner waiting for us by the way. I lied about that part. I sent my parents away to have dinner by themselves and to see a movie. I kind of was planning on tempting you, hoping maybe it would work. Obviously it did…" He whispers, looking down at the ground still. I just laugh and pull him into my arms.

"Well then, we'll go out to our own dinner but you're going to have to wait a moment. Let me take care of this," I say motioning to the bulge in my pants. "I'll meet you outside and we'll go get my car." I whisper and nip his ear. I feel him shiver and then he nods. I release him and watch as my best friend left the room. I watched as my lover left the room.


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