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Slipping away into no where, precious Hamster and Mooska take eachother into their arms and hide their kisses and other things that others would not approve of.

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Secrets in Hiding

"Do you want to go to the bathroom with me?" Hamster says to me and winks. "Depends," I say with a teasing tone. "On what?" she asks as she brushes her hand on my arm. "What are we going to do?" I ask, even though I know the answer. "You know exactly what, Mooska." I smile as she takes my hand and leads the way to the restroom. The place every girl goes when she needs to be alone for whatever reason. But our reason is a little different than most girls.

Hamster opens the door and we check to make sure no one else is in there with us. After it has been cleared that there isn't anyone else, we grab hands and press our lips together. A heat spreads throughout my entire body. My heart races as I cup her face in my hands; gently stroking her perfect skin. She puts her hands so naturally on my hips as I slid my hand down her back to her flawless bottom. It fit in my hand like a glove that one has had for many years.

She presses her lips against my neck and sneaks her tongue out breifly. I moan quietly. "Baby, you know that's my hotspot. It's impossible for me to stay quiet." I mumble the words with difficulty. My mind is more focused on how turned on I am. "Let them hear. I don't care" Hamster whispers in my ear. She bites my neck and I let out a load moan. I can't contain myself.

The only problems we have is on what the best candy is and who's going to be the one to have self-control. I always end up having to have enough for three people because we are both so passionate. This time I'm not going to stop. Let Hamster have the self-control. I take one of her hands and put it on my butt. I hear her smile as she grips it. "Are you okay?" I whisper to her as I rub her thigh. She nods, giving me her approval.

I place my hand inside her skirt and stroke her. She's already wet, I blush. 'Can this really be happening?' I think to myself as Hamster pulls up my skirt. I shrug off whatever control I have left and pull her onto the floor under me. We both let out a small laugh before we put our lips togetehr violently and let our tongues dance with eachother. I feel her grasp my breasts. I grab hers as well. How I got such a devilish, sexy, perfect angel in my arms I will never know, but I wont question a blessing. I'll take it to its full extent.

After much moans, begs, pleads, and other noises one only hears when watching X-rated material online, we stood up, put our clothes back on and fixed eachother's hair. We kiss one more time before stepping out of the bathroom and going back to our group. "Where have y'all been?" someone asks though they are more focused on the movie playing. "Just girl stuff." I reply as I look at Hamster and smile. "Yeah," she says, "girl stuff."


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